chloe betty wallet

I’m the person who carries her wallet as a clutch many times. So it does matter what my wallet looks like, because it is not hidden in my bag, but out visiting the world. Vlad treated me with a stunning Christian Dior wallet, which still looks like new, but I think it may be time to add another wallet to the collection. Chunky hardware and funky leather straps and rings defines the Chloe Betty Leather Wallet. Chloe leather is known to be ulta-durable and even heavy, but that is perfect for a wallet. Petrol leather, a blue color, makes this wallet chic while the gold and silver hardware is typical Chloe style. On the inside you will find space for notes and cards and on the outside you will find a zip fastening pocket. Kinda funky and cute: $435 via Net-A-Porter.

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