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  • Stephanie Durham

    Oh how I love vintage looking, ladylike, classics!!! The frame style is definitely for me. Now hopefully someone will make one practical enough that can fit all of my necessities that I absolutely need everyday!!!

    • We’ll be on the lookout!!

      • CatR

        I think the time is ripe for Marc Jacobs to reintroduce the Stam!

      • Imgoingbroke

        That’s not a bad idea. If reintroduced, I certainly hope the shoulder chain weighs a lot less than the original!

  • Kate

    Louis Vuitton’s monogram is literally older than my great-great-grandmother. It is a fixture of fashion iconography. It’s just not in the same class as other monograms and shouldn’t be judged by the same standards.

    • It may be a classic, but it’s subject to many of the same whims of the fashion market that anything else is. The difference with it, though, is that it’ll never go away, like most things will.

  • Passerine

    I wish Prada would re-issue, even in a limited edition, the frame bag that Meryl Streep/Miranda Priestly carried in her first scenes in The Devil Wears Prada. It’s a great bag and I’d love to have it in the same color. A few other other bags that appear in the movie’s desk montage scenes are also great; don’t know who made which ones, but I’d like to see those as well.

  • Sparky

    Good to see Prada bring back the Tesuto – IF its the same quality as years ago. That material is indestructible! Withstands rough use really well.

    • Imgoingbroke

      “IF its the same quality as years ago”
      I’ve gotta agree with you, Sparky. The recent Tesuto is a far cry from the original.

      • Sparky

        oh no!

  • FashionableLena

    I still have some Prada nylon. That stuff is indestructible.

  • W S M

    Love the Mansur Gavriel and Celine frame bags. On Mansur’s Elegant bag I prefer the suede version rather than the smooth leather.

  • Vasudha

    Is this going to have a long run though. It all seems to scream look at me (apart from the frame bags).

  • Really excited for the comeback of all of these…. had to laugh at the “college going out” reference to the wristlet – that’s exactly what I think of when I think of wristlets! Everyone had the Coach print or Vera Bradley!


  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Love the Nylon trend. Functional and easy to clean to boot!

  • Rachelle Kebaili

    The Céline clasp bag is gorgeous! I def need that! It’s so classy! ?

  • Totally obsessed with that Louis Vuitton mini backpack!