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  • FashionableLena

    I have been looking at vintage Dior bags for about a year on various sites. Finally got a saddle bag. So, I definitely recognize some of these. I like it when creative directors pull from the archives and make the designs modern. Keeps things fresh while still acknowledging the past.

  • psny15

    why are we spelling DIOR out? it cheapens a bag
    the charms and the carnage says Dior elegantly!

  • No. Please new person don’t ruin Dior for me. And please don’t release 2500 new bags like Gucci.

  • Fawcett Proust

    Love love love the heart clutch. Not crazy about the Dior logo, however.

  • Kate

    Oh, gosh. The screaming “DIOR” and CD logos are really, really cheap-looking. This isn’t the direction I want to see a house like Dior go. I think you can have more fun with some labels, but Dior is supposed to be elegant.

    • Tang


  • Stephanie Durham

    Dont get me wrong, I actually like Moschino. However, I also like Dior and not a weird hybrid of the two. Some of the designs are nice though.

  • Gigi

    Looks like they were inspired by Gucci. I’m not a huge Dior fan but these aren’t bad :)

    • tia maria

      me thinks too! these remind me of Gucci and Valentino – it’s like a mix of both worlds…i kinda like the vintage vibe to it. i’ve never owned a Dior bag and was actually thinking of getting a Be Dior…and then saw this post – my, oh my…glad i waited! i want to have that bordeaux croc ladylike purse, the black Kelly-shaped one, and/or the box bag a la Mark Cross – i want them all!!!

  • TheModMazza

    This reminds me of tacky Moschino…. an epic failure.

    • psny15

      totally agree

      • sam

        on point! this is terrible

  • Rama

    What’s new or exciting here?

  • Y Ajayi

    I don’t like the Dior logo on these bags, looks ostentatious.

  • Sparky

    HORRIBLE. Just horrible. They look like $10 fakes from sidewalk vendors. Especially #31. Cross Dior off the list along with Gucci – until the next creative director comes along.
    What’s that in #28? A waffle maker?

  • Sam Son

    good collection

  • GH68

    They look old. Literally! The Queen might like one … I love the current bags – Diorama & Diorever. I love their shield clasp. I do not love the new CD clasp. Please try not to lose the progress recently made with Dior bags!!!

  • abigail

    yikes….these are hideous

  • lara

    Nobody makes me believe slide 24 is a Dior. Also that guitar straps looks very cheap. I don’t understand why all designer brands copying others. Dior as pinnacle of fashion industry should present something unique, shouldn’t it?

  • mollypete

    My SA has shared some of these with me but I had no idea how bad it really is. She’s even changed the charms the Lady! And that fringed piece of trash in #30? CD is rolling in his grave. I have 12 Diors and am about to take delivery of another bc they’ve all been recalled to the factory. It’s a good thing I bought when I did. She’s ruined the brand; I’ll never buy another at this rate. It’s ugly, cheap looking, and that giant name stuff looks like Canal Street.

  • Bella

    WOW. as a huge fan of Dior i cant believe what i just saw. Slide #7 is exactly like the Gucci bag that everyone has right now, Slide #11 is pretty much a moschino rip-off, and the rest look like valentino and celine bags. This is tragic.

  • CarrieK

    All the good things Raf Simons did in the past few years has be undone…so sad…every single one of these bags are ugly & cheap looking.

  • Tang

    Very not Dior like. Scary how a new designer in charge can undo dior’s image (elegant classy lady) into moschino-Gucci-grungy look.

  • tika

    it’s clear that the brand is trying to get attention of a very young gen. Also, why do people buy DIOR if they don’t want others know that it’s DIOR…hence the logo

  • Jen

    I miss Raf, is what I think

  • Vasudha K

    Umm.. No! The logo stamped on every bag looks very crude. And is it just me or have the charms on the lady Dior been changed as well. There will be an uptick in sales in people rushing to buy the older ones me thinks!

  • LL

    Love it. Reminds me of their line from several moons ago (Saddle bag, anyone?). I may just have to whip out my Dior Boston Bag to use again. :)

  • Vicky

    Some of these look nice, but I’d rather admire from afar. I’m not a logo person. I like Raf’s vision much better and that’s the bag I’d buy,