Introducing...    Louis Vuitton

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monogram Colors


One of the hardest parts of building and maintaining a brand is that once public perception shifts from “this thing is great” to “this thing was great,” it’s always difficult (and sometimes impossible) to turn back the tides. The aging appeal of Louis Vuitton‘s famous monogram was one of the big reasons Marc Jacobs left the brand and Nicolas Ghesquiere, LV’s current creative director, signed on, and in his three years at its helm, Ghesquiere has done a lot to reenergize tastemakers’ love for Louis. His latest line, called Louis Vuitton Monogram Colors, is one of his best efforts yet.

Monogram Colors takes the iconic brown monogram canvas and recasts it on a trio of simple bags trimmed with swathes of leather in two or three contrasting colors per bag. All the bags currently a part of the collection are in the Tuileries family: the large Tuileries Hobo, with a single, short shoulder strap; the medium-size Tuileries Besace, with both a short shoulder strap and long crossbody strap; and the Tuileries Handbag, which is a medium-size satchel.

Prices for the bags aren’t available on Louis Vuitton’s website quite yet, but a number of close-up modeling shots of all three bags in several colorways are, and you can check them out all below.


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  1. Elizabeth Moore Avatar
    Elizabeth Moore

    Pricing is available on Vuitton’s webiste…at least it was when I was perusing this morning!

  2. missarewa Avatar

    I love these! If they don’t stick a silly price on them I’ll most likely get one.

  3. Sandy Avatar

    I like the satchel version. LV sure produces a lot of new styles per year. I am going to look into the pricing of the satchel and see if it seems in line with the look and materials of the bag.

    1. Sandy Avatar

      Satchel is $2490.00

  4. Stephanie Durham Avatar
    Stephanie Durham

    I like them!! All of them!

  5. Y Ajayi Avatar
    Y Ajayi

    I am on a bag ban but would gratefully accept one of these as a present. I don’t usually like LV canvas either….what’s going on??!!

    1. JH Avatar

      The post above is exactly what I planned to write — get out of my head (LOL)

      1. Lauren Avatar

        A bag ban is when you prohibit yourself from buying any more bags for a while. It’s for when you have done way too much damage and need to curb yourself. haha! I think we’ve all been there. 😉

      2. Lori Avatar

        Ah yes “bag ban”, been there. Down to one bag a year from two. Much better pace.

      3. Veronica Avatar

        I all on a ban too!

    2. Lori Avatar

      What is a bag ban?

  6. Laura Avatar

    $2490, $2230 & $2080 US. Not bad, considering the fact that LV likes to introduce new bags at ridiculous prices. These prices make more sense but I still don’t know if I like them. I need to see them in person to decide.

  7. Lori Avatar

    OMG, I am so in love with these bags!! And I am heading to Paris in March so will purchase one there! These are fabulous (can’t think of a better word!).

  8. PJGambler Avatar

    I like this shape better than the Speedys-it’s more slenderizing when carrying on shoulder. I’d like to have the one with black trim.

  9. FashionableLena Avatar

    I like the handbag. The satchel looks really big. Too big to be an everyday bag at least for me. The strap also appears to be very wide. I have broad shoulders, and even those things don’t stay put.
    According to the LV site, the small satchel is $2,080, the larger one is $2230, and the handbag is $2490.
    It’s a cool idea, but I will definitely have to pass. Is there anyone else like that? I oftentimes find myself liking LV bags but not enough to purchase.

    1. Sparky Avatar

      totally agree. Don’t know how many times I went into a boutique WANTING to buy but never finding something I connected with enough to actually buy.

  10. psny15 Avatar

    i like when its one color – having multiple colors is passe

  11. M Green Avatar
    M Green

    Great bags. They look really fresh and fun without the silliness of other brands.

    1. KO0926 Avatar

      I’m thinking the same thing!

  12. SisiMonster Avatar

    I am not a monogram fan and feel like LV monogram is overplayed…adding color doesn’t change that for me unfortunately.

    1. Bag hoarder Avatar
      Bag hoarder

      i agree..and the bags look heavy. I don’t believe they are classic.

  13. Isabella Avatar

    Forget the bags! I’m lovin of the shoes, especially those slides!!!!

  14. Chloe Avatar

    I don’t know if I love it but I feel like it will grow on me. For now, it reminds me of Coach bags

  15. Fawcett Proust Avatar
    Fawcett Proust

    I like the designs, but I’m just not a monogram fan anymore.

  16. Sparky Avatar

    I’m disappointed! When I read the line “LV monogram colors” I thought they FINALLY introduced the mono itself in colors. But no – they took the same baby-poo brown mono and attached boring brown/black/green leather to it. ooff!

  17. trish Avatar

    i feel like louis vuitton has lost it’s direction in the last few years. Just my opinion! i think Marc needs to come back asap

  18. pixiegirlie Avatar

    I don’t like any of the bags but I am entertained by the LV track pants lol.

  19. Corey Avatar

    I would love to love LV and just can’t. But these are cute and would make me take yet another trip into boutique; I have doubts I’ll ‘feel it’ in person like usual. I do love the pink blouse.

  20. Hazel Avatar

    I like them all! Classic but current and fun.

  21. ToniP Avatar

    These bags are fabulous! I love the shapes and the colors. I have been and will always be a fan of LV monogram bags. For me, I can do without the embellished, bedazzled, bejeweled, over-flowered bags that are out right now. I love these new bags and will certainly be buying one.

  22. MissDemeanor Avatar

    The dark green and pink is nice. I like the slider sandals too.

  23. Twittymilk Avatar

    So much money for non-leather

  24. Aileen Diaz Avatar
    Aileen Diaz

    I like the bags, I’m a fan of the classic LV monogram and is a great twist to it.

  25. Lily Avatar

    I don’t find Nicholas Ghesquiere’s style to be a good fit for Louis Vuitton, a brand which I deem to be about rich heritage and timelessness. His RTW designs are very futuristic, but also very “trendy.” I could see why he was a great fit for Balenciaga. I guess they want him to move LV towards the future, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that all his designs have to look like his models are going off into space.

    For the bags, designs look kitschy with all of the various color combinations. I like variety in color selection, but not weird random colors meshed together. Reminds me of recent Coach bags.

    The satchel, pic 4, reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Wellington bag.

    1. Patries Ferguson Avatar
      Patries Ferguson

      That is exactly what I thought! Coach!

  26. LL Avatar

    Not sure that pink and green go together.

    1. Jaime Stephens Avatar
      Jaime Stephens

      Don’t tell that to a Delta Zeta girl!

  27. Janaki Subramanyam Avatar
    Janaki Subramanyam

    I think this is a nice change from the same ole same ole LV monogram bag. It is a cool idea to change it & add color but I tend to go for the classics & have the Alma so won’t go for another monogram bag. I look at all the monograms that everybody is carrying & wonder if they are real or fake. The only LV bag that I have my eye on is the Capucinnes which I think is really elegant & different looking than the usual monogram LV bags.


  28. klynneann Avatar

    Do slides 10-12 remind anyone else of Marc Jacobs’ Wellington bags?

  29. Alegra Chetti Avatar

    loving this collection so much! the pop of color really has me wanting to purchase another LV now, was getting pretty bored of the classic monogram, esp when you have a few pieces already

  30. LindaL Avatar

    I love them all! I had a chance to see the small hobo in the green and pink at my LV store. It is really pretty but too small for me. I am waiting for the satchel to come in. I love the color combo and the shape on the satchel but will have to see in person the size. Sometimes the website has inaccurate dimensions.

  31. chris Avatar

    Some of the color combinations seem tacky, though I like the hobo with saddle brown & red trim.

  32. Kane Avatar

    Though the bag is tapered in slide 1, I believe they could ,at least, align the monogram canvas? After all, these bags cost more than my home. Craftsmanship.

  33. Jayne George Avatar
    Jayne George

    I love them, especially the larger ones. I am a big bag girl.

  34. monstertruckfan Avatar

    Of all the LVs I’ve seen, I’ve been like … meh. This one makes me wonder if I could be an LV girl! I definitely like them … I like them all!

  35. Sharon Avatar

    I would not be able to find those bags in the store

  36. Teorah Avatar

    Is this bag still available

  37. Teorah Avatar

    Is this bag still available or do you know where I can purchase the green and pink trimmed bag

  38. Nancy Dodd Avatar
    Nancy Dodd

    How do I get one?