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  • gpc

    Would never consider buying any of these options or anything similar -no logos or monogram prints for me, ever…

    • Winn

      Agree! While there are some who may choose no logo bags for their trendiness, I think the majority are people who prefer an understated aesthetic. I certainly still see far more logo/monogram bags than discreet ones. I don’t think they were ever so much out of style, but simply not the preference of some buyers.

    • Amazona

      I prefer a bag with a no-letter logo – say Mulberry or Longchamp – over any other option. Monogram bags are a HUGE no-no.
      The only mono/logo bag I own is my 1st Guess from 10 yrs back. I’m not going to sell it but rarely use it either, despite the fact that the bag is light beige and the logo print is white; I just have no need to shout out what my bag is, who made it and then have everyone think it’s fake. ‘Cos that’s what they do when they see a chubby girl in jeans, sneakers and carrying a Mulberry bag… :D

  • shueaddict

    Someone said ‘It ain’t YSL without Yves” … and it kind of stayed with me.

    • Winn

      Aint Laurent without Yves. Pun is Saint/Aint.

      • shueaddict

        Thank you!!!! That’s the line my mushy brains could not get straight.

  • PJGambler

    I’m ready for the return of the logo, but would not purchase any of these particular bags.

    • Mel


  • e

    I like a logo bag…….It’s nice to have options……..some with and some without.

  • laura

    There’s some logo bags I like but I don’t like any of these. I kind of like the Alma but not in the color you showed.

    • PJGambler

      The Alma is very attractive in the Damier Ebene print. But I agree, this one in patent leather, not so much….

  • Daisy

    I might wear something with a logo but I’m pretty picky about how it should look. The more recognizable logo prints scream “look at me!” to pickpockets where I’m from. Also, I like how people notice my bags are quality but only pinpoint the brand if they really pay attention. It’s like keeping a juicy secret to myself. :)

  • Kim

    Um I usually agree with you on trends etc. but all of the bags shown here (except perhaps the loewe and valentino) have been around for at least a couple of years. Looking at them in a group like this does not a trend make.

    • Some of these are new versions of old bags that we’ve seen slowly gain momentum over a couple of seasons (the YSLs, etc.), but seven of the 14 are new for either this season or the previous one, or reissued because of new interest (the Chanel).

  • FashionableLena

    I actually like most of the bags pictured with exception of the Tory Burch. For some reason that one’s bothering me. Most of these look fun like the Moshino and something that I would use as a work bag like the Balenciaga and Kenzo totes. They are not very functional without a shoulder strap. The Zanotti one is my favorite.

  • SPA

    Love the blue Valentino and the red Gucci!

  • Smithy

    None of these bags are appealing. Give me a logo free bag any day.

  • kalimba

    I don’t think the bags pictured above create the best case for logo bags versace tom ford and even LV have done some really great logo bags recently that still can be considered chic.

  • Some of them look like they should come as a free gift with a perfume purchase. ????

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