Gucci G Wave Large Leather Tote

It’s a testament to a bag’s inherent beauty and good design if the color it’s featured in is baby puke brown and I still absolutely love it. I’m opposed to all forms and iterations of brown and tan, but the Gucci G Wave Large Leather Tote is easily beautiful enough to shine through a color choice that I may not particularly care for (and that a lot of people may really like).

When Gucci gets something right, they get it right, and this bag is all kinds of right. The leather looks absolutely touchable and soft, but still thick and a bit rugged, which is perfect for Gucci’s slightly exotic aesthetic. Not only that, but the bag looks utterly functional, and is probably not too showy to use as a work bag, as long as your office isn’t particularly conservative.

But my favorite part of the entire design is the details. When details are bad, it can sink the whole bag (and, quite frankly, lessen my opinion of an entire brand), but the details on this one are so spot-on. I love the braided details, which appear to be an emerging trend across the handbag landscape, but obviously my favorite aspect is the crocodile trim. I wish more brands incorporated exotic accents into their designs – it’s a great way to add texture and visual variation to a bag, not to mention a note of luxury, with a relatively minimal expense (compared to making an entire exotic bag, of course). Gucci gets it exactly right with this one. Buy through Saks for $2900.

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