Chloe Croc Paddington Satchel

Continuing on the bags that cost a small car, house, college tuition, etc, luxurious croc skins play a huge part in pricey bags. For an expensive handbag that states ‘I’m everyday chic but the real lux deal’, gaze at the Chloe Croc Paddington Satchel. An combination of the Paddington style that has permanently been etched into our brains and exotic chocolate crocodile, this handbag can easily work for daytime or evening wear. Golden hardware and studs accent the delicious chocolate croc. There is the signature padlock closure but I do wonder what this Paddington version is lined in. If this bag is merely lined in cloth, like the regular leather version, I will be beyond disappointed and utterly disgusted at the price. But the price! At just under $13k, this bag rivals that of an Hermes Birkin plus an extra $5k treat on the side (Hermes Kelly perhaps?) For the price, I am not sure the Paddington in any exotic is worth it. But if your money tree is growing nicely or you are just the biggest Chloe fan in the world, snatch the bag up quickly for a mere $12,880 through Saks.

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  • PJ

    For me, it is probably the best Chloe Paddington bag I have ever seen. (I still think so after I see the price!) Looks absolutely luxurious. The chocolate brown color is divine. It is probably more structured than many other Paddingtons as well, which I like.

    Shame about the price…

  • Julia

    I would always and forever choose Hermes over this bag,specailly for that money!

  • jiji

    love love chloe~~~

  • stacie

    :roll: im not sure bout dis bag nice but a wee bit differ

  • BUM


  • Jai

    I love this bag – absolutely devine!! I can’t afford it, but if I could it would be mine in a second!

  • EFT4MeDebi

    As much as I adore gorgeous bags, I detest price gouging. Yes, it will scream “Look at me everybody, I have ARRIVED! Sadly it also sends a more subtle message. Here in the US many of us live better than 90% of the worlds population. Are we so shallow that we’d lug a bag that could have: 1. Fed 10 homeless people for a year…
    2. Paid for 12 ($1K) college scholarships in a Loved ones name…
    I could go on and on…Personally, I would be embarrassed to carry
    it. That’s just me.

  • Naggy

    I think it looks its best in the regular leather that they use. (ipad)