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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Sandy

    It’s a great way to personalize your bag…but I agree that you should purchase your own scarf setting your bag apart from all others.

  • justa9url

    I’m more interested in how the bag is using black hw but I was hoping you’d tell me that they were also selling them a la carte. Shame.

  • Charlie

    Never liked the scarf on the handle look, it’s very old lady-ish to me

    • nita

      Never liked the whole “charms” thing either. Especially things like the fur balls or the stuffed animals hanging off the bags. It’s very 12-year-old-girl-ish to me

      • Denise

        Same here.

      • Judyjbogar3

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      • Rcmv

        Totally agree

    • Sparkletastic

      Yes! I never got the appeal. Functional to protect handles? Ok. But the style screams dated and fussy. Blech.

    • Sparky

      Same here. Fussy and prudish – and expensive. Price for SDJ increases $140 for what looks like very cheap fabric. For Hermes you’d have to buy TWO Twillys setting you back $320.
      Obviously I’m not the buyer they are marketing these to.

  • anon

    Pass. The scarves look kinda cheap and messy.

  • Kate

    I don’t find these scarves in particular aesthetically pleasing, so I would definitely pass. I like the SDJ, and I like seeing ladies wrap colorful silk scarves around their bag handles, but these are not for me. I also agree that choosing one’s own scarf and injecting personal style into the look of a bag is much more appealing.

  • Henry A

    My girl didn’t like the scarfs on the top handle either, kinda looks childish too. Not fashionable if you ask me. See recommended top handle bags my girl really likes – http://fashionwomenbags.com/

  • Jerri R

    Never understood the wrapping trend. What happens after the wrapping gets dirty or worn out? Same with dangly bag charms trend either. Especially if the bag already comes with ornate zipper pulls or clochettes, that’s too many dangly dangles. And don’t get me started on the multi charm bag charms.

  • J

    How come the Baby SDJ has an internal zipped compartment on the pictures on FarFetch? I thought this was only in the Small size, is it a new feature?

    • L.O.

      Yes, along with a new adjustable strap as well

  • Sofia Papastamelos

    I agree that it takes away from the personalization of it all. However I’m not sure why everyone is hating on fun bag embellishment. I love bringing some flare and my own personality to a classic bag by changing up the charms, etc!

  • I appreciate the idea of protecting the handles, but I almost never wrap or tie scarves to my bags. Buying with one attached does take away the fun in finding a scarf you really love

  • Yijing He

    I just got one with handle scarf. Looks nice, not cheap at all. I agree the price increase for more than $100 is not appeal….but if you come across a sale, it worth to look at it.

  • pink

    don’t care for the scarfs on handles weather they are self attached or buy a handbag maker. they seem tacky to me.