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What Handbag Goals Did You Hit This Year?

And which would you like to hit next year?


It’s late in December, Christmas is just ten days away, and as I sit here writing this post, I am truly in awe that we will be ringing in another new year in just a couple of weeks.

As I do every year, as the pages on the calendar tick by, I’ve begun to reflect on everything that has happened this year, how much I’ve changed, what I accomplished, and what I need to continue to work on next year. The end of the year can feel stressful, and I’m not here to add to it and ask you about those resolutions. Instead, we’re here to discuss the fun ones! Yup, I’m talking about those 2022 handbag resolutions.

Goal Getter

Last year I wanted to get better at shopping my own closet and rotating my bags, and I can most definitely say that it was the goal I checked off. As luck would have it, I had to move unexpectedly and ended up in a new apartment with a built-in closet and shelving system that allows me to see all the bags I own.

In fact, I’m looking up at them sitting in their dustbags right now, and I used almost all of them at least once this year. I even checked off a goal and purchased a hanging hook rack for my new place, which has been a tremendous help at keeping 2-3 bags out and in rotation.

A Collection Overhaul

While I did get the Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 bag I was dreaming of, I didn’t exactly check off one of my resolutions. I didn’t snag it in black even though I swore I needed a classic black bag last year. However, I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve learned a lot about my carrying style, what works for me, and what I use. I realized that I didn’t actually need a black bag in my rotation.

That said, my collection has changed a lot this year. I sold my Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano a couple of months ago. While I still love this bag and may eventually buy one in another color, I simply wasn’t reaching for the red as much anymore. When I first bought the bag, I wore far more neutral colors, and that bag was a pop for me. Now, my outfits are the pop, and I don’t wear enough colors that it goes well with.

I also traded my Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette for the Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag in silver using Rebag’s trade program and I’ve been using that bag so much. It works as a neutral for me, and I’m really happy with my choice.

I used to be so nervous about selling bags, afraid I would miss them or regret them, and while at times I do think about them, it’s more missing the time when the bags still brought me joy to style and use. I’ve learned to attach less emotion to selling off bags, which has helped me. I can honestly say that I haven’t missed either of the bags I parted with this year. I guess getting 3 newbies (my stunning Loewe Puzzle Hobo, Saint Laurent’s Le 5 à 7 and the Hourglass) has helped fill any possible voids.

My 2023 Visions

At the moment, I can honestly say that I am pretty content with my collection, but I am starting to have that “what’s next” itch, and this year, I’d like to explore what my ultimate bag buy would be and if I’m ready to start saving for it. I would like to add my first Chanel piece to my collection soon, and I’m definitely leaning towards vintage or at least resale. I think something colorful and fun, but I’m not set on what. I’m also looking to sell my Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 30 – it’s the only bag I didn’t use once this year, and I’ve wanted to part with it for a bit as the size is a bit too big for me. I think this is the year.

What are your 2023 handbag resolutions? Let’s hear ’em!


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  1. Sandy Avatar

    Not buying any new bags and enjoying my collection.

  2. FashionableLena Avatar

    I only really had one handbag on my wishlist-Burberry small Banner bag. Didn’t get one. Got distracted with other bags.

  3. Londoncalling Avatar

    No more bags. Completed

  4. Brandy Avatar

    Add a Loewe Flamenco

  5. Gayle Avatar

    Ooohh this is exciting…ive added a tricolor lady dior celine nano luggage and soon a chanel iridescent woc…hopefully next year will be a picotin and finally a kelly…i think ive sold 6bags this year haha hopefully no more next year

    1. Gayle Avatar

      Oohhhg by the way be careful with that hanging hook rack…i am using a coat rack for my cheap bags has 14 hooks and all of them are filled plus multiple bags hanging on each hook…hey it did not look full haha so i lost track of how many bags i had i just kept hanging and hanging…i just cleaned it up so now its down to just 1 bag hanging on each hook

      1. Biogirl Avatar

        I hear you! I try to keep to 3 on a hook.

  6. N R Avatar
    N R

    I FINALLY got my dream Chanel bag that I’d been dreaming of since my teenage years.

  7. Christofle Avatar

    My dream Himalayan croc bag

    1. Londoncalling Avatar

      Several brands carry croc bags in what is called “Himalayan”. It’s just the natural color of the animal.

      1. Hervé Avatar

        “Himalayan” is not the natural color of the animal. LMAO. It’s dyed to look that way.

    2. Sam Avatar

      An Hermes Birkin?