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What Bags Are in Your Fall Rotation?

Plus! My top tip for rotating your bags more...

Rotating my bags more has been a constant battle since moving to New York City five years ago. In those five years, my collection has doubled in size and changed drastically, as I’ve sold or traded a handful of bags that no longer fit my style. Finding the space to store them all has been an ever-present challenge, but over the summer, I moved into a new apartment with a large closet unit built into my bedroom.

There’s a top shelf, which, though it needs to be accessed with a step stool, is perfect for seeing everything I own and visualizing each bag while I’m putting together an outfit. Before, everything was stored in bins; half the time, I would forget what I owned or where it was, making changing my bags a hassle.

Since moving in August, I’ve been rotating my bags a lot more, which makes getting dressed way more fun! If I notice I haven’t used a bag in a while, I’ll revert back to my trusty outfit formula and plan my look based on my bag.

A Pro-Tip

Additionally, I purchased a coat hook that I hung in my entryway, which is not only great for putting my bag down when I enter my apartment, but it also allows me to keep 2-3 bags in rotation — and they aren’t bad to look at either ;). I mentioned last year that I wanted to get something like this for my bedroom, but I’m glad I waited since I ended up moving. This hook is perfect for small spaces and fits perfectly in my entryway.

What Bags Are in Your Current Rotation
My Fall 2022 Rotation

Playing Favorites

This fall has been super busy for me, so it’s been all about grabbing and going! I’ve mostly been using one of two crossbody bags, my Celine Cuir Triomphe Bag which is small, but mighty, fitting just the essentials (yes your iPhone will fit!) and my silver Bottega Veneta Cassette bag which seems to go with everything I put on lately. For dinners and drinks out this fall, I have been obsessed with my latest addition (more coming soon!): the Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7 in Pistachio. The color is absolutely stunning, and I am so glad I sat on this one a bit before pulling the trigger, as I originally was eyeing it in black. I now completely understand why Hailey Bieber owns this bag in so many colors, and truth be told, if my funds were unlimited, I’d be snagging another one too!

Which bags are you favoring this fall?


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