If you follow us on Instagram, you may remember that a couple of weeks ago we posted a poll on stories asking whether or not you usually have more than one bag in your rotation. If you’re unsure what I mean by this let me explain. When I’m home I typically keep whatever purse I have packed hanging off of my coat rack ready to grab as I head out. But, and here’s where the poll question came in, I never have just one bag hanging there. Typically I have two bags dangling off the rack, out of my closet and sans dust bags ready to be used. I’ll easily transfer my stuff from one bag to the next as I head out the door, and I rotate between whichever one goes best with my outfit. Currently I’ve got my Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25 and my red Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano on repeat.

This morning I threw on olive green jogger pants with an off-white turtleneck, a denim jacket and my favorite Nike AF1s. The color palette I had going on went best with my speedy, which was already packed from yesterday, so off I went. However on Sunday when I headed out for after dinner drinks in a vintage black and white polkadot dress with tights and black booties I quickly moved my wallet, phone, and small cosmetics case into my SDJ. I’ll seesaw back and fourth like this for about a week or two until I put together a certain outfit that calls me to another purse. At that point I usually will take everything out of whatever bag is packed and put said purse back into my closet. Thus, the cycle continues.

Yes, I love bags, and I love how my purses are an extension of me, but I don’t often give them very much thought when I’m getting dressed day to day. I put a lot more thought into the details of my outfit (i.e.: Sneakers or booties? Just rings or rings and necklaces? Denim jacket or bomber jacket?) and then a handbag is my last thought before my outfit is complete. The times of which my handbag is the focus of my outfit are very few and far between, and it’s usually only when I’ve just purchased a new bag that my outfit begins with my handbag choice. There’s no right or wrong way to get dressed, and it’s not about how you get dressed rather it’s about the end result, but it’s still an interesting thing to discuss. Do you pick your handbag first and go from there, or are you like me and your handbag is the last stop before the final destination?

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