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A Detailed Review of the Loewe Puzzle Hobo

Revealing my new Puzzle direct from Portugal

Towards the end of August, I asked you all what bags (if any) you had snagged this summer while traveling abroad. I was preparing to head out for one last summer trip before the hustle and bustle of fall and *gasp* the holidays began, and today I am here to share with you what I snagged while visiting Portugal early last month. Yes, I’m talking about my new Loewe Puzzle Hobo in Mandarin.


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I’ve had my eye on the Puzzle bag for quite a number of years now, but other bags continued to bump ahead on my list. Then, Loewe released a new version of the iconic Puzzle bag last fall, and I knew that eventually, one would be mine. Designed by Jonathan Anderson as part of his first collection for Loewe, the Puzzle bag offers a shape that is incredibly unique and eye-catching. Equal parts sleek and chic, it’s a silhouette that’s hard to miss and hard not to love.

Few bags offer a shape as distinct as the Puzzle bag, but at the same time, it remains more under-the-radar than other bags of its caliber, filling that need in your closet for a bag coveted only by those in the know. It was a bag I kept returning to time and time again, but ultimately it was the laid-back, soft, easy silhouette of the new Loewe Puzzle Hobo that sold me. It was love at first sight, and when I saw the bag in person again at the Loewe Boutique in Lisbon, I knew it was the one I would go home with that day.

Choosing a color was the hard part. First, I walked past the row of neutral Puzzle Hobos on display because I knew I wanted color. I inquired with a sales associate, who was pleasant, patient, and kind. He pulled out a bright sunny yellow, and I thought to myself, “now we are talking.” I toyed with the yellow a bit while my SA did his thing when suddenly, with one swift movement, the Puzzle Hobo in Mandarin appeared, and my heart skipped a beat. My friends oohed and ahhed along with me, and instantly I was sold.

I wore the bag out during my trip, and I’ve also used it a handful of times back in New York. The look of it keeps getting better and better, and it’s one of few bags that I think deserves a five-star appearance rating, but I did knock off a half-star because it doesn’t always sit as beautifully as it should, depending on what’s in it.

Usability + Functionality

Where this bag excels in aesthetics, it lacks in functionality, but you really can’t expect a shoulder bag of this kind to be the easiest bag to wear. Most of my bags are worn crossbody or at least have a longer strap. For the most part, I don’t own many shoulder bags, and I’m not used to wearing them, so using this bag takes some getting used to. This bag is meant to be worn over the shoulder, and particularly I noticed that this bag can feel cumbersome when you aren’t able to do so.

I was wearing a leather cape when photographing this review and couldn’t put the bag over my shoulder, so I was juggling it a bit, transitioning between wearing the bag in the crook of my arm or hand-holding it. Most other times I’ve used it, I have been able to wear it over my shoulder, and it does sit quite nicely, though it is difficult to get in and out of on the go. The back zip pocket is perfect for anything you want to grab quickly (for me, that’s a MetroCard or a debit card), and inside there is a slit pocket.

The interior is lined in a light-colored cotton-canvas material, making it very easy to see and organize your belongings. At 5.5″ L x 11.3″ W x 4.2″ D, this bag is fairly big compared to other bags I own, so I find it very spacious, but most would consider it mid-size. There is plenty of room for your iPhone, sunglass case, a small cosmetic pouch, a continental wallet, a snack, and even a notebook or a small novel (I often carry books with me!).

Quality + Construction

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Few brands boast the same meticulous attention to detail and artisanal craftsmanship as Loewe. This heritage and commitment to the brand’s roots remain in each bag’s quality. Owning a Loewe bag is like owning a piece of the brand’s history, and now that I’ve finally added one of the brand’s bags to my collection, this is evermore apparent. Jonathan Anderson has preserved the Loewe craft and art of leather-making, striking a unique balance of modernity and heritage. The Puzzle Hobo Bag encompasses all of the aforementioned, not only in its materials but also in its incredible details.

Crafted from Nappa calfskin leather, the Puzzle bag’s cuboid shape requires a precise cutting technique to create the silhouette’s distinctive geometric lines, and the bag is stunning at first and second glance. The leather quality is really unmatched, and few other bags have truly wowed me in the quality department alone. I did not knock off half a star as parts of the bag show the leather grain more than others. This is not a flaw per se, more a personal preference.

Price + Value

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Because I purchased this bag in Portugal, I have to give it a 5-star rating regarding price + value. Shopping in Europe is indeed advantageous right now for American consumers, so if you’re traveling abroad, plan ahead and budget accordingly! Currently, the Loewe Puzzle Hobo retails for $2,350 in the US; in Europe, it’s priced at 1,850 EUR.

Today, the conversation rate is .98 USD to every 1 EUR, which means that VAT tax aside, you’re already saving $500, give or take, depending on the day. Taking into account the VAT tax, which in Portugal is 23% on most goods (but an admin fee is taken from your refund), the deal is really sweet. Personally, I found the refund system straightforward in Portugal, but it varies by country. LOEWE gave me the forms I needed to present at the airport for verification. I had selected to receive the money back to my credit card, which was in my account, within 5 days of returning home. I only wish I had budgeted to buy more!

Staying Power

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The Puzzle Bag made its debut 8 years ago, quickly becoming one of Loewe’s cornerstone designs. Few bags can do what the Puzzle Bag has done; withstand the test of time and be versatile enough to somehow be considered classic/timeless and trendy at the same time. For handbag lovers and industry insiders alike, the Puzzle has become a go-to that is somehow under-the-radar and ubiquitous simultaneously. Revived and refreshed seasonally in new sizes, colors, and now, shapes too, it will likely remain a mainstay for years to come.

Overall Rating

If you’re considering a Loewe Puzzle Bag, this is your sign to do it. Overall the bag truly delights, and I’ve already found it to be fairly easy to style and wear, no matter if I’m dressed up or down. It is a truly unique piece that is eye-catching in style and quality. Whether you know handbags or not, it wows.

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  1. daveloeweyou Avatar

    For me, quality is 5 stars.

    1. Megs Mahoney Dusil Avatar
      Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I have zero complaints about Loewe quality as well!

  2. AshleyGJ Avatar

    I’d love to see a What’s in My Bag from the current PB staff. I’m obsessed with these but mainly I just love seeing what bag and wallet/SLGs people carry!

    1. Donna Avatar

      I can fit my LV Zippy, iPhone 13, sunnies in case, keys, a couple of lip pies, my inhaler, small mirror and gum. I love my raspberry Puzzle Bag!

    2. Megs Mahoney Dusil Avatar
      Megs Mahoney Dusil

      Alright – let me do one for October!

    3. Kaitlin Serio Avatar

      We sure can!! 🙂

  3. Chris1011 Avatar

    Keep the bag; I WANT the leather cape you are wearing. What brand is that cape??

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar

      It is vintage!! I purchased it at a flea market in Brooklyn…best find!

  4. Gayle Avatar

    You are beautiful kaitlin!! Love your outfit and that bag is to die for!! I want one too just cant seem to decide on the color to get as usual haha. I want the tricolor.

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar

      Thank you so much! Totally agree about the colors – the Loewe leather holds color so well it’s such a hard decision. The yellow was really beautiful in person too, but the orange just wowed me!

  5. Kaly Avatar

    This bag in THIS color is perfection! I’ve also been eyeing the puzzle but def need a longer strap version…GREAT pics, btw!!

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar

      Thank you! The color is even better in person!

      1. Kaly Avatar

        I know you mentioned there was a yellow version too, that would be a tough decision but I think the orange is a perfect all year around color! 🧡

  6. Candee C. Avatar
    Candee C.

    I just love your whole vibe! The bag, your cape, your boots…😍

    1. Kaly Avatar

      I thought the same—the whole look was on point!!

      1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
        Kaitlin Serio

        Thank you both!! 🙂

  7. Kathy Avatar

    I have been wanting that bag for years. You might have just pushed me over the edge~

  8. Queen penguin4444 Avatar
    Queen penguin4444

    What is the shoulder drop length for this bag? Thanks

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      Hi! It’s about 9 inches.

  9. SlowGaze Avatar

    Kaitlin, thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting this bag for a while now (its only contenders are the Celine Romy or even a Fendi Baguette, but Loewe is—like you said—top in quality, size, originality, colors, and under-the-radarness). Had to ask: how is wearing it on your shoulder as you’re walking? Does it slip and slide? Do you have to smoosh it against you as you walk? Thanks for the insight! xoxo

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      Hi! I liked the Romy when it first came out too, but I will say this bag is a showstopper. It doesn’t slip and slide too much. The bag is meant to be worn over the shoulder and feels the most comfortable that way I find. The leather is smooshy so it doesn’t feel bulky under the arm or uncomfortable at all – even wearing with a thicker bomber jacket. Here’s a photo from my trip over the shoulder for reference.

      1. SlowGaze Avatar

        You’re the best, thank you for sharing the pic. What a stunning outfit. And you’re right, the bag looks right at home on your frame! (love your nail polish color, too). Cheers, xoxo

  10. SlowGaze Avatar

    Also had to mention—did ya’ll see the puffer version that just came out? Swooning. They have an orange as well! xoxo

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar

      I saw it over the weekend at Loewe in SoHo! It came out after I got this one, and it is amazing! I will say I was a little bummed at first, but the orange is a different shade and I also think the puffy leather is not as timeless.

  11. susmita gupta Avatar
    susmita gupta

    So beautiful, you and the bag!!!

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar

      Thank you!! I’m glad I went with the orange – I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it already.

  12. qmanh Avatar

    I’d rather get this bag than any LV bag in the same price range. I hate the cheap metal that LV uses nowadays, feels so plasticky.

  13. psny15 Avatar

    This is a hideous iteration of a beautiful bag

  14. Pyewacket Avatar

    Thank you for covering this bag- great in orange and love the puffer alternative as well! Would love to see more alternative coverage of interesting bags like this one outside of Hermes and Chanel. Now watch someone criticize me for not being able to afford those. xxo