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2022 Handbag Resolutions? Let’s Hear ‘Em!

Saving for a holy grail? Planning to revamp your collection? We wanna know!

It’s hard to believe that we’re only 10 days away from a new year, especially when it feels like just yesterday that I asked you guys how your 2021 handbag resolutions were coming along. But believe it, you must, because 2022 is just around the corner. This year brought with it the first full year living through pandemic times, and through 2020 changed things for so many of us; 2021 was eye-opening and full of its own set of challenges too.

2021 began with a massive campaign to vaccinate the public, which led to restaurants, museums, sporting events, boutiques, and more opening back up to the world. There were more opportunities to see the ones we love, socialize, and of course, actually carry our bags. It was also a hard year for so many, and we would be remiss not to mention that. However, without a storm, there would never be a rainbow or a clearing in the sky, and it’s always a good idea to look back at the year and find the good, whether big or small. Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way let’s get on to the good stuff, the light and fun part of it all!

Shop My Own Closet

This year, like last, I’d like to continue to shop my own closest. To me, that means switching out my bags a lot more and pulling out some of my lesser-used bags when I feel the itch for something new. Part of my issue is that my bags are stored in bins and boxes at the top of my closet, and they’re not the easiest to get to. Oftentimes I can’t even remember what bag is where, so I end up using the same 2 in constant rotation. Since I don’t have room for shelving in my NYC apartment, I want to get a wall hanging with hooks so that I can not only display a handful of my bags but keep more than 2 out for use. This will help me use more of a variety of my bags. I ‘m eyeing the one below, but Anthropologie has a slew of other choices too.

Milo Hook Rack
via Anthropologie

Buy a Classic Black Bag

I’ve streamlined my collection a lot more this year and the end of last. One of the bags that I ended up selling was my Gucci GG Marmont flap bag. It was one of the only dressier black bags that I had. I do use my Black Prada Nylon Belt bag a lot, but it just doesn’t fill the same need. This year I’d like to get a black bag that isn’t overly trendy as I don’t want to fall out of love with it (again!). I’ve still got my eyes on Saint Laurent’s Le 5 a 7 Hobo, but as I’ve gotten really good at shopping more mindfully this year (a 2021 resolution!), I’m thinking long and hard about it. If you have any other suggestions for me, please send them my way!

And now we want to know:

What are your 2022 handbag goals and resolutions?


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