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Reviewing My New Balenciaga Hourglass Bag from Italist

Snag your own Balenciaga at the European price all without ever leaving your couch

What if I told you that the bag of your dreams was available to you right now at the amazing savings offered in Europe, no matter where in the US you are? Too good to be true, right? Wrong.

I recently traveled to Portugal for an end-of-summer holiday, and of course, I did a little shopping. I was surprised by how great the deals really were, and I was disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to shop a bit more. We were only in Lisbon for half of our trip before heading south to Algarve, and I didn’t want to buy just to buy if you know what I mean.

The only other bag I had really considered adding to my collection this fall, after much deliberation and musing if this bag is really here to stay, was the Balenciaga Hourglass bag. Unfortunately, Balenciaga doesn’t have a boutique in Portugal, so it was out of the question for me, but when I arrived home, I found myself still pining over this bag.

Even though I’ve been obsessed with all things COLOR, I wanted a beige bag to pair with the head-to-toe ivory outfits I often gravitate toward in the fall. I love the statement of a chic all-beige look, and I was bummed that snagging this bag overseas wasn’t an option, and that’s where Italist came in.

Review Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Italist 11
Review Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Italist 7

Introducing Italist

Megs and I were recently introduced to the online shopping destination Italist, which boasts a selection of 1,500 of the world’s best luxury brands at the prices you’d find in Italy (typically 30-40% off), all without ever having to step foot through airport security.

Italist does the legwork for you, connecting buyers to a network of independent luxury boutiques in Italy, all of which are vetted through intense screening processes to ensure quality and authenticity. All you have to do is sit back, scroll, shop, and wait 2-4 business days to receive your item by express mail.

It’s really that simple.

Reviewing My New Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

I’ve had my eye on the Hourglass bag since it came out but was hesitant to pull the trigger thanks to the ever-changing color offerings and concerns over its staying power. After 3 years of remaining a popular choice for industry insiders and handbag lovers alike, often appearing in our Bags in the Wild Series as well as our street style snaps during fashion month, I knew the Hourglass wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When I saw this gorgeous embossed croc light beige version, I was sold, and when I took it out of the package after ordering it through Italist, I was immediately happy I waited to pull the trigger on this color. It is a very unique bag, a complete show-stopper in person, and I’ve gotten compliments each time I’ve worn it (if it’s good enough for Hailey Bieber, it’s good enough for me!)

It’s no secret that this bag is ultra-structured, and I honestly forgot what it’s like to use a bag without any give. Still, because I ordered the small size versus the XS, everything I typically carry fits just fine – a small wallet, Ray-Ban sunglass case, my iPhone, some chapsticks, and a few random things comfortably fit inside. I like the back slit pocket for keeping my debit card inside for easy but secure access. Overall dimensions are 9″ W x 5.9″ L x 3.9″ D.

I find this bag to be fairly versatile when it comes to styling options, and I’ve worn this both more casually and more dressed up for nights I’m heading out for dinners and drinks. The addition of the longer strap makes it perfect if you’ll be somewhere crowded or want to be hands (and fuss)-free. I do love the look of styling it carried by the top handle, though. If you’re a Balenciaga fan, you will love this bag, but the real star here was the price — this current-season Balenciaga Hourglass retails for $2,950 nearly everywhere else, but the price via Italist was $1,925.

The bag I got is currently out of stock, but you can shop current Balenciaga here, as well as amazing finds from Bottega Veneta, Givenchy and more.

Review Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Italist

photos by Alyssa Lester for PurseBlog


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1 year ago

I love your bag! I almost bought one but opted for the mini Neo City instead. Perhaps the Hour Glass is next on my list.