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It’s easy to build strong associations between a designer and her most popular pieces when they’re so iconic to her brand. When many shoppers think of Prada, they think of Saffiano leather and the Prada Double Bag or Prada Galleria. But Prada’s accessories world extends far beyond those bags, and its newly released Prada Corsaire Bag deserves the attention of all handbag lovers, not just Prada lovers.

The Prada aesthetic has changed over the years, just as all brands tend to, but Miuccia Prada always ensures “the modern woman” is always taken into account. The new Prada Corsaire Bag is edgy but clearly fits into that idea of modernity. There’s something very raw and alluring about this bag, and now that I have seen it in person, I can assure you it’s the type of bag your fall collection needs and my collection wants. There’s nothing better than adding a bag that stands out but doesn’t feel too trendy, and the Corsaire bag fits the bill. It will amplify your fall and winter wardrobe, and its classic enough that you’ll be able to use it for years to come.


Prada Corsaire Bag in Terracotta+Black

The Corsaire Bag (which means “pirate” in English) was first spotted on the Fall 2016 runway. When you open the buckle-fastened front flap, you’ll see the gold ring-embellished fringing which peeks through when the bag is fully closed. This is such an edgy touch, but if it’s too much for you for daily use, you can pare back the look by removing the gold-ring fringing, which is attached to a leather strap. The interior has a magnetic snap pouch that sits under the fringe and fits an iPhone 6+, and that’s where I’d put my phone. From there, you’ll find the two main compartments, which are thoughtfully organized with a pocket in each.


Prada Corsaire Bag in Black

The long shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried cross-body as well as on the shoulder. While the dimensions sound compact, the bag is well-designed to allow for plenty of internal storage. The back of the bag offers a zipper pocket as well, so even for the modest dimensions, there is a spot for everything you need to be separated and easily accessible.

Often I find myself thinking bag designs are predictable, but this bag is anything but. I love the idea of fall coats in hues of camel and red and green pairing with one of the many colors and material combinations of this bag. I adore the saddle bag shape because it always gives a bit more of an everyday-wearable feel to a designer piece. The calf leather that makes up the majority of the bag is supple yet durable, and the top flap is made of the covetable Saffiano leather. Buy via Prada for $2,440.



Prada Trick Agenda in Caramel+Chalk, in Begonia Pink+Black, and in Astral+Black

Of course, you can always amplify this already stand-out bag with one of the cool Prada Tricks of the season. I found myself drawn to the Prada Notebook Tricks that were seen as accessories to the bags on the runway. Not only do the Tricks look like notebooks, but they have a small notepad inside that you can use if you’re in a bind and need some paper to write on. Of course you won’t be able to use it for longer thoughts and lists, unless you have the tiniest and most skilled writing ever, but you can use the pages to jot things down, and that feels like a hidden gem to me. Buy the Astral blue via Prada for $595 and the Begonia pink and Caramel via Prada for $480.



Prada Trick in Bronze+Palladium & Prada Trick Amber Bird

Another accessory of the season is these cool Prada Key Tricks, which you can add to your bag or your clothing. The runway showed the Tricks paired with coats and bags alike, but I’m not sure I’m cool enough to pull off the trick on my clothes. I am down with carrying it on my bag, though, and I love the little bird and mouse. Buy via Prada for $310.

While I still love the Galleria and Double Bag as much as the next girl, it’s time to realize that Prada offers so much more, and the Corsaire is a perfect example. This bag is a standout, an attention-grabber, and the next bag I want to add to my wardrobe that differs from the usual suspects; isn’t that what a well-rounded handbag collection needs?

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Prada Corsaire Bag in Terracotta+Black & Prada Corsaire Bag in Military Green

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  • Guest

    It would be so beautiful without all of those rings. sometimes less is more

    • Tinsley Proust

      They can be removed!

    • Yes, you can remove them! It’s one of my favorite aspects of this bag – the rings are really cool and add a lot of style, but you can remove them as well if that makes the bag feel more like an everyday bag for you :)

  • Beth

    It’s funny how you know Prada is no longer relevant anymore when they keep buying ad space herez

    • We work with a variety of partners and Prada is one. Not every designer or every bag is for everyone, but we only work with brands that we feel are a good fit and all editorial is always written by us and not dictated by the brand.

      This is a bag I truly love and would carry myself.

      • psny15

        this is a cool bohemian bag and will have a limited audience! Well done post!

        is collaboration same as a sponsored post @PBMegs:disqus

      • Yes! We are working on a page that explains partnerships like this. We are always transparent and want to be sure everyone knows when a post is sponsored and who it’s sponsored by and why we partner with different brands!

      • psny15

        Cool, thanks Megs!

    • c.Miller

      I disagree, Gucci buys ad space on Purseblog and is extremely relevant!

      • Rama

        Agree, first comment is unnecessarily snarky. This site has been wonderful for people researching handbags to get, why wouldn’t big labels work with it?

  • Sarah

    I actually really like this bag then again I like Prada in general. I think it’s cool you can take the rings off, seems like Prada was thinking ahead knowing it could be too much for some of us to be on the bag all the time.

    Great photos guys!!

    • I love that you can take the rings off if you want to – really cool aspect!

      I love the photos too – Vlad did a great job!

  • Biogirl

    Love the coat featured here–where can you buy it? And do you have any interior shots of the bag?

    • It’s Prada! Let me get additional info for you – it’s seriously the most gorgeous coat ever!

      Let me see if Vlad has any interior photos to share!

  • TexasST

    I like the mixed leather, I am a little over saffiano but I like that on this bag it is only a cover for a more beautiful leather underneath.

    • There are some other iterations as well, quilted nylon paired with leather. The calf leather is really nice on this bag and since the top flap gets the most wear, it’s nice to be in Saffiano so it won’t show use as much

      • Jennifer

        Megs did you happen to see all of them in person? Not a saffiano fan so was leaning towards quilted nylon. Any opinion? I thought the velvet might limit me to just fall/winter use.

  • Sandy

    I think this bag is interesting but doubt I would purchase it. I like the keys and rings, it makes this bag stand out from other saddle bags….maybe, if it does well I would consider it.

    • I think we’ll be seeing more of this bag – I really love it, truly :)

      • Nishita

        It really reminds me of those MBMJ bags. I have one with the birds logo, and it looks very similar to this. This post reminds me I got to take it out of storage and wear it around town again.

  • Gloria

    All those rings… I would believe it’s Chloe if anyone tells me so… The notebooks are cute but $500?!?!?!

  • gt66

    I saw this bag last week at the store, and it is beautiful. I love that the inside has a few compartments to keep me organized. Also I remember seeing it in all calf leather, I think, which was a beautiful look as well.

    • The majority of the bag, aside from the top flap, is calf leather and it’s so beautiful! Let me see if we have an inside shot to add to the post, the interior is amazing!

  • JH

    I only like this bag in black. The rings could become annoying. Can you leave some on but take others off or is it an all or nothing thing? I hate the contrast between the leather of the bag and the strips that connect the rings. I hope that you can also remove the keys. All of that being said, usually I don’t like Prada but I am going to get it in black because it looks like a fun bag.

    • The Keys are sold separately (price and link above). The rings are in the center of the bag and there are some on the handle, so you can remove both or either or!

      Def get it, which one are you thinking? has all of the options – I’m digging the quilted Nylon one as well :)

      • JH

        Quilted Nylon.

  • ElainePG

    I love that this bag is a mix of edgy and practical. I really, really, REALLY thought I was finally “bag-content,” but this post (and the terrific photos) have me daydreaming!

    • You should check the bag out, it really is so good! I saw it and got to play with it while shooting and working on this feature, and I was HOOKED too!

  • Britt

    Thank you for sharing something other than Double and Galleria bags from Prada, there’s so much more the brand offers! Photos are so good too! Vlad take them?

    • Yes, Vlad took them!

      Glad you like this post – the bag is really good!

  • FashionableLena

    I’m more interested in the coat. It’s very cool.
    The bag itself is yet another interpretation of a saddle bag which is everywhere. Pass.

  • klama torby

    The rings on this bag are actually a far echo of the real thing – hunting bag straps/game hangers for carrying shot fowl/rabbits, etc. What you did was pass the strap through the ring, form the loop, pass the feet of fowl and it dangled from the bag. Everything was practical once;-)) Look here:

    • Super interesting and I never knew any of that!! Thanks for sharing!

      • klama torby

        They (the hangers) do carry this pirate mood nicely, you know – always on the way, all necessary praphernalia with you all the time, part useful part jewelry, not able to predict what will come handy. There is also a faint idea of chatelaine behind it:

        The shape though, that people often call a saddle bag, is usually more appropriately a hunters’ bag. Saddle bag is flatter I guess. Or mayble in some places of the world hunters hunted on horseback :-)

  • Katia

    I like the shape of the bag but hate saffiano leather in any form

  • Imgoingbroke

    I love the suede version and the olive green quilted nylon. I will own one of those two by January 2017!

    • Ah! I love both too – tell me which way you’re leaning, I feel like adding one of those two as well!

      • Imgoingbroke

        I’m leaning towards the olive green quilted bag. I could really use that bag and not have to worry about rain ruining suede or leather this winter.

  • chae

    Nice photos. However the bags…. meh…. I’ll pass.

  • Beth

    I’m so happy you’re covering Prada more, this is a bag I can get behind! Going in my Christmas wishlist now!!

  • Dwightinha

    As everything Gucci these days, Prada obviously also have had a deep dive into their old files. Personally I am old enough to be able to pull out the exact same styles from the 70ies and 80ies. These saddle bag oriented styles were never really that attractive. Both Burberry, LV and Gucci produced them before, but I can see how they must seem “new” and relevant to all the young bloggers out there.

  • Val

    I saw this bag in person and it is gorgeous! The one I saw was black and the flap was velvet. Wow

  • Passerine

    This is the first Prada bag I’ve seen in a while that I truly like. I looked at it in their Milan (Galeria) store last month and was impressed — but only in black and in a mix of materials (leather and suede etc). FWIW, the Inside bag seems to be definitely “out” — even at Prada itself.

    I would like Prada to get back to producing more bags in cervo or vitello daino — I like those leathers much more than saffiano.