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  • Still a no. Prada needs to stay away from Saffiano and go back to the upside down triangle logo. The bold gold letters remind me of the fake bags of gold souk in Dubai.

    • Annjborn

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  • Suzanne

    Not a big fan of anything here. Many of them seem incredibly over-detailed – I suppose that’s the trend but I keep waiting for some brand to do it well.

  • FashionableLena

    All I see is Saint Laurent and Coach.

    • Passerine

      Agree with you about Saint Laurent. The one bag looks too much like a Sac du Jour copy. A shame, because I do like Prada.

      • Bir

        considering that as it was mentioned on the post the sac du jour is a strong take on the Birkin it really comes down to what happened in another generation of bags Hermes had the bolide then Vuitton did the lama Hermes had the Birkin then YSL did the SDJ Goyard had the st. Louis so Vuitton did the neverful and then teres celine and the trapeze basically a Kelly Hermes did the trim Gucci does the Jackie and calls it the Jackie when in fact the trim was jackies most loved every day bag for decades…….. i see a pattern here and it usually satrts with Hermes doing something great and the others following…. lets not forget the HAC and the steamer the the polochon and the Speedy and i think in the end thats why Hermes does and the rest follow.

      • CarnW

        Don’t agree at all that Hermes is the only trendsetter in the bunch. That’s a very narrow and, IMO, inaccurate take.

      • Shang

        Like CarnW said, Hermes is not the only trendsetter in the group. All these labels generally create their own trend at some point. You talk as if Hermes is the only label that comes up with new designs. Remember Louis Vuitton pretty much introduced to us the bucket bag (noe). Then Hermes followed suit

      • Kate

        Periods and commas might have made this readable … Due to having given up on trying to decipher an intelligible thought in this stream of consciousness, I’m not sure if what you’re saying is that Hermes is the only trendsetter and the rest imitators, but if so that gets only a dubious chuckle from me, because no.

    • Misscheng

      I see a SDJ crossed with a Celine Boxy…

    • lavinia

      Both came after Prada and copied Prada. :)

  • kate

    They’re so similar with Miu Miu styles. I know Prada owns Miu Miu but it would be nice if there’s a distinction between the two.

  • Queen B

    some of the bags have the same structure as the chloe drew bag, i wish that prada would’ve been more original with this collection tbh..

  • Sparky


  • DayDreamer

    the first bag looks like a cross between an LV city steamer and a YSL sac de jour

  • Charlie

    It’s a very boring collection and nothing exciting. On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s a good trend to have “runway today, shop tomorrow”…

  • mparker

    In my opinion, this is a big swing and a miss for Prada.
    I agree with DayDreamer below there – definitely a little hybrid action between LV city streamer and YSL SDJ.
    Perhaps a little coach saddle bag action going on in there too.

  • lavinia

    I love Prada but to be honest it does not shine for originality this “bag fashion show”, the saddle bag is a must-have already since this season (seen and re-seen), the other bags are less or more the same leitmotiv, some of them quite boring. I see with pleasure the come-back of nylon which has been here in Italy the “it” one this winter because every single suitcase designer has finally understood that suitcase needs to be light – finally-and launched the nylon suitcase now everywhere here in Milan in our shops. :)

  • Freya

    Never been a Prada fan and never will be.

  • Amazona

    One design looks like it came straight from the Coach factory.
    I do like the bag in slide 4, but the fact is it doesn’t look like Prada at all. Maybe that’s the reason I like it.
    The SDJ lookalike is like a downmarket copy of the real thing – the shiny saffiano looks thick and cheap.

  • Sparkletastic

    What is this? A bad take on the American West? Just No. I was a Prada girl and have jumped ship. They need to work on better designs and quality to win their fans back. This isn’t that direction.

  • W S M

    The top handle totes remind me of a hybrid Vuitton Steamer/Saint Laurent SDJ lovechild.

  • L.O.

    If this is boring and every other article is boring, en what are you looking for in a bag?! Because all I ever see is the same bags over and over in the streets. Rarely do I see anything that is a runway piece or a limited collection that’s not a Neverfull with a different color strip on it walking the streets. Same bags all day, City Bag, Speedy, Prada Tote, Celine Tote… You get the point. And what makes Birkin so special? It’s a flimsy loose tired looking bag unless sitting pretty on a self stuffed to hold shape. I say good for Prada in trying to branch out

  • EJ

    I just bought Cahier two tone brown black one. It’s gorgeous.