When I think of Paco Rabanne, I think of drugstore perfume bottles, but that’s because I’m only 25 years old. Decades ago, Rabanne’s company was revered for its innovative techniques and forward-thinking costume design for movies as famous as Barbarella. After years of drugstore residence, the brand is trying to remake its public image and restore some of its former glory.

The Paco Rabanne Le 69 Icon Bag is part of that attempt, but I doubt it’ll help the cause. Although part of Rabanne’s signature was piecing garments together with rings, this bag looks like it was made from the little bits that fall to the bottom of my recycling bin, including plenty of pop-tops from Diet Coke cans. That’s why it’s the subject of this week’s Fill in the Blank, and you won’t believe the price – $10,400. Yes, you read that correctly.

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  • Sandra Rowley

    purchased by a quirky girl with more money than brains.

  • Nico


  • Hellow


  • lintmag

    super easy to make a knockoff of if you really wanted one!
    I am fascinated if anyone actually bought this.

  • Nyzinga

    You’ll never get through airport security with this bag. Can you imagine all the icky stuff that will get caught on all its projectiles?

  • Lorie

    taken apart and all the stuff returned to the junk drawer.

    Razor blades? Are you kidding me?

  • rose60610

    included with Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book yurt. It’d appeal to the same buyer.

  • bb

    Thrown in the trash. What a mess!!!! I can’t imagine how my snags your clothing would receive!!!!!!! :(

  • suz

    $10,000 plus???……I just spit my tea all over my computer….hilarious. Never underestimate the tackiness money plus insecurity will create.

  • marinaharbour

    a bad joke!!

  • Jackie

    a joke. Does that really say “Icon bag” or do I need glasses? I don’t think they are trying to make a comeback because even the most foolish would understand that this is not something to come back with unless… this is their way of getting some attention before being serious with going high end.

    Well I still wouldn’t want this if it were free.

  • emcooper


  • Lori

    beaten against wood to give the wood that “aged” look. Then thrown in the trash….

  • Jan

    Should be dropped into the nearest trash compactor it’s just plain ugly….

  • Bir

    It’s robocop meets barbarella. I think that says it all !!! But it’s the genius that once worked and won’t again like Cardin. Tyat said I do hope that some day they break away from the “licensed brand” image like many have done and come back together with Pierre and oleg!!!!!

  • Anjum Hameed


  • Eda_nkb

    a joke! but not a good one..


  • Earmuffs


  • rizalogy

    i can’t believe this!…the chain handles are like the ones that you find on an old version flush toilet!…hmmm…

  • Sil

    a cat toy

    and i can’t believe that price either!
    bad altogether

  • JeriB

    Banned by all self respecting handbag retailers.

  • Lulu

    a school project? lol

  • Beauty

    destroyed :D

  • kelly

    purchase when it is at 99% off at the Christmas sales…

  • zuly

    ..kept in the sewing box where it belongs.