It’s been de rigueur for young, edgy, look-at-me designers to make handbags out of stuffed animals for several years now. Some veer toward the cute (Mandy Coon and her bunny rabbit), some veer toward the strange (Giles Deacon and his triceratops), and now the Christopher Raeburn Quilted Water Rat Shoulder Bag takes a turn for the decidedly, purposefully grotesque.

As revolting as the thought of a rat is to most people (especially New Yorkers), the sight of a pink rat (shaved? skinned? who knows.) strikes me as particularly nauseating. On this bag, the Xed eyes give the distinct impression that this little critter, although made of nylon, is intended to invoke a dead rat, and a dead swimming rat at that. The mere idea of a water rat is enough to keep me out of lakes and ponds for the duration, even though I’m not 100% certain that’s their natural habitat. I’d rather not find out, and these days I’m afraid to Google anything that might bring up less-than-pleasant photos, lest I find myself bombarded with this bag’s real-life inspiration.

A bag this odd requires reader input, as far as I’m concerned, so kindly pick an adjective and place it in the comments. If you’re looking for an expensive way to freak out your nieces and impress your nephews, pick up this bag for $328 via Matches.

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  • Jeloi

    for a 4 yr. old

  • Emmalini

    This is beyond whatever. It’s stupid. To price this at $328 is very ballsy. It looks like something you’d find at a joke store for $19.95.

  • lowering the reputation of the designer by far. I mean, why would he do this to himself?

  • silverxuan

    Something my cat would play with and destroy in a matter of seconds. Alas, I can find cheaper toys for her to shred for a lot less than $328!!!

    • Imgoingbroke

      LOLZ! exactly right!!

  • tagatha

    Hideous. $328? Hell no.

  • JaneH

    Kitsch gone wrong. Is this supposed to be kitschy?

  • Karin bag4bag

    is like a school craft project gone wrong.

  • chris

    Capitalism at its finest….

  • dalhlousieKid

    A joke, right?!

  • Heron

    If anyone can find where I can get this, I’m looking for one so badly. It’s beautiful. I guess the commentors don’t think so but I’ve been looking everywhere for this bag and it’s nowhere to be found.