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  • Dominic Leto

    Love the Puzzle Bag. How do all the zippers work? Are you able to “peel” back the patches and let them hang away from the body of the bag?

    • Zippers are just for decoration – they are not functional and they don’t ‘peel’ back as far as I can tell!

  • National Handbag Day sounds like my favorite holiday. Why didn’t I know about this??? That Chloé Hudson Suede Bag is to die for.

    • It’s every year for 4 years now on October 10th!!!!

      And yes, it’s the pretties color suede I’ve ever seen!!

  • Sandy

    I like this version of the Puzzle bag, edgy cool! Great choice!

    • I know! This version is so cool – I really love this bag but once I saw this version I was set!

      • Pamela

        In the spirit of transparecency- So is neiman sponsoring the post or did they pay for the hand bag? VERY cool either way.

  • The Loewe bag is so unique, love it!

    • That’s why I got it – it is so stunning! Can’t wait to carry it and I’ll have a further review soon!

  • Gennifer Bradshaw

    Such a gorgeous puzzle bag! Thank heaven I can’t afford it, the bags in my closet can be such jealous bitches.

  • C

    The Chloe is gorgeous and REALLY makes me thirst for a glass of red wine.

    • I know!!!! I’m not a wine lover (I know, I know), but when I take this bag out, I think of red wine too!

  • ElainePG

    Happy National Handbag Day, Meg! Congratulations on your new prezzies, especially the Loewe Puzzle Bag, which is a real gem. Such beautiful leather, and the zippers are standout.
    In honor of the day, I’ve just treated myself to a new-to-me sweet little Balenciaga coin purse from Yoogi’s. Holidays are to be celebrated, right? (giggle)

  • JHH

    Love the Chloe bag. I have it in black leather and now I am thinking about getting a suede one. Your bag is beautiful.

  • TexasST

    Congratulations on two new gorgeous bags!! The color of the Chloe is so yummy and I absolutely love how edgy the puzzle bag is, the construction is to die for!

  • Dave

    The Loewe Puzzle bag is a hand craft wonder from JW Anderson made in Spain. Hundred of pieces stiched by an artisan to create funcional art.

  • Kim

    Shhhhhh…..I love that Loewe Puzzle Bag is a relatively under the radar stunner! I’ve been lusting for a moment but wanted to see it in person. Recently got to while visiting San Francisco. Love love love the zipper puzzle but chose the coral (non zipper) puzzle as my first and have no doubt I’ll be grabbing the zipper in short order! I can’t wait to get it in!
    That burgundy Chloe Hudson is amazing too!

  • beebee

    Chloe bag lands on my Christmas shopping list. Love this burgundy suede!

  • psny15

    everything about that chloe bag is just perfect megs!

    • Yep! And this bag/color combo is exclusive to NM!

      • psny15

        very cool, since you are back in the city – have you guys visited Short Hills Mall or Woodbury Commons (the stuff you get there is pretty phenomal)

  • KaysGramma

    Liked this bag much better when Marc Jacobs did it in lambs leather and larger hobo shape (and the zippers on his bag WERE functionable, so you could change the look of the bag every day if you wanted!). Don’t believe me, google 2010’s MbyMJ Flash Leola & see for yourself.

  • Pamela

    I really like the loewe bag!

  • Brooke Resnick

    Megs, I was going back and forth between the Chloe and a blush Valentino (because I can’t say no to blush) but this bag has my heart! I cannot get enough of this burgundy color for Fall. I’m in love and you may have a bag twin soon!

  • W S M

    Love! I have the Red Zip Puzzle on my wishlist. But I’m still torn between red vs black. Thoughts?

  • Kim Ergin

    Love this color and the Hudson of course. I have the black mini and is great for travel but is small so I switch my wallet out. The small Hudson is much better in size and I adore the suede. I am wondering if there could be any problems with dye transfer to clothing? Proenza Scholler told me with their suede bags they can’t guarantee it won’t happen. Anyone familiar with this potential problem?

  • Jess

    I love the puzzle bag and it’s on my wish list. I also own a Hudson in the suede tan, and in a dark red in leather. They’re so stylish and beautiful. I would happily have a Hudson in every single colour!