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My 2 New Handbags to Celebrate National Handbag Day from Neiman Marcus

In Collaboration with Neiman Marcus.

When we founded National Handbag Day four years ago, I was super excited to have another day on the books to celebrate bags. Granted, running PurseBlog and PurseForum means every day is a day to celebrate bags, but seeing all of you get pumped for October 10th gets me that much more excited. I’ve ended up loving the idea of adding to my collection on National Handbag Day even more than on my birthday or Christmas, and this year I am lucky enough to add not one, but two new bags to my collection courtesy of Neiman Marcus!

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Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag
$2,090 via Neiman Marcus

If you’ve been following PurseBlog over the past few months, you might have realized I’ve been quite addicted to Chloé bags. I’ve hemmed and hawed over which one I wanted, but eventually honed in on the Chloé Hudson Suede Bag. There are so many option and colors, but when I laid my eyes on this dark purple suede version, I was done. I kept staring at this bag and just had to have it.

I’m obsessed with this bag–it’s the perfect size to carry my essentials, and I can easily see myself carrying it during fall and winter for my personal items, while also carrying a baby bag for Baby D’s things. Suede can be a bit hard to keep clean, but this dark color won’t show wear nearly as much as a light suede, which is among the reasons I opted for it. The brass hardware is the perfect pairing for this hue and texture, and the horseshoe-shaped body is still incredibly stylish. I’m just all kinds of obsessed with this design, and I keep staring at it and smelling it. (Nothing beats the smell of a brand new bag!) I’m so excited to carry it.

I took a long, hard look at my bag collection and wanted to add something that I don’t have. A suede bag fits that category, but so does a saddle bag shape like the Hudson’s. Expect a Purseonals soon, but for now, here’s a first look at a bag I am thrilled with. This color in the Hudson is exclusive to Neiman Marcus, so owning it means it’s a bit more special–not as many people will have it. But I want you to have it too if you want it, so buy it via Neiman Marcus for $2,090 and we can be bag twins!

Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag 1

Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag 2
Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag 3

Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag 4

Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag 5
Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag 6

Chloé Hudson Small Suede Bag 7

Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag
$2,850 via Neiman Marcus

One of the first bags almost everyone begins their collection with is a classic black bag. You cannot go wrong. But most people stop after that, myself included; they add a classic black bag and don’t always go back to reconsider if another black bag would help their collection. Unless you’re someone who just wears black, you may be in the same position as me, so when I thought about what else I needed, I wanted to find an edgy black bag that stands out.

Enter the Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag: the perfect bag to amp up your wardrobe and make a statement, all while still being neutral and werable. I always found the Loewe Puzzle bag intriguing; it’s entirely different from anything else on the market, and during NYFW I saw it on so many stylish people that I completely fell for it. So many of my bags are similar and fit similar categories, but this Loewe bag stands apart from everything I own. I opted for the version that stands out even more, the Puzzle Zips, which features non-functioning zippers along the puzzle lines.

This bag is so cool, you guys, I’m really excited to carry it! I feel like sometimes I end up opting for the safe bet, even though I own so many bags, but this time I went for something different. I needed the bigger size to make it work for my personal needs and not look too small on my body. I plan to use the removable shoulder strap, but you don’t have to. If you’ve also been looking for an everyday bag that stands out, this may be the winner for you as well. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $2,850.

Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag 1

Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag 2

Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag 3
Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag 4

Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag 5

Loewe Puzzle Zips Leather Satchel Bag 6

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