Top o’ the morning to you. On today, this last day of March 2016, we’d like to take a moment to reflect. This month included both Milan and Pars Fashion Weeks, which are easily the two most important for bag lovers, as well as the street style that came along with them. In addition to that, Chanel released a brand new handbag collection to its global boutiques, and we consulted our tea leaves to predict which bags are about to become major market staples.

In order to equip you for the new month to come, we looked back at the posts your fellow PB readers loved the most. Get up to speed below, and remember, don’t fall for anything that seems too outlandish tomorrow.


If there’s one thing you guys consistently love, it’s Chanel bags, and literally tens of thousands of you descended on this post to scope out the brands latest wares, now in stores. (If you’re planning a purchase, the post also contains prices!)

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Everyone’s trying to get ahead of the curve in fashion, and earlier this month, tons of you were interested in the bags we’re predicting will rise to new heights in the coming months.

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Louis Vuitton did lots of new, interesting, mind-boggling things with its handbags on the Fall 2016 runway, and we have photos of all of them.

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The major global fashion weeks provide the best bag-spotting of the year, and Milan represented admirably this season.

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Unfortunately for Milan, it couldn’t quite beat out Paris. Not only did the City of Lights provide us with far more celebs carrying great bags, but more of you guys were interested in them.

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