Marc Jacobs Rana Pouch
Marc Jacobs Rana Pouch

I have kept this Marc Jacobs Bag as a tab on my browser for weeks now, contemplating my thoughts on the bag. The thing is, I spotted it on Victoria Beckham in hot pink and thought it looked ok. Then again, Victoria Beckham (love her or hate her) can typically pull anything off and is Marc’s muse right now, sporting his clothing daily and bags here and there. Over the weekend Vlad and I ran into the Marc Jacobs Rana Pouch and I actually still felt ehh about it. A big ole ‘ehh’. While the Marc Jacobs Rana Pouch gives off a different appeal, pairing smooth kangaroo leather with an oversized golden frog accessory, the bag has not set me off one way or another. What I do know is that I most likely would not wear this pouch; I mean, where would I wear it to? It could be pulled off in South Beach, and really South Florida of all places, but it does not call to me. Fact of the matter is that many parts of the pouch make sense. The shape is ideal and hard to come by, making it an easy accessory for a night out with a removable rolled leather wristlet with a leather loop attachment. In fact, this shape is so little seen and so needed, for evening events and the like. The frog itself (rana in Spanish), is a quirky addition. And if any of you know why Marc choose to put a frog on this bag let me know, for I have no idea. Dimensions are 8″x 5.5″x 6″ and the bag is available in an eye-catching acid yellow or a simple black. Buy through eLuxury for $795.

So now I need your help; Fab or Drab?

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  • Lily

    I like it, its funky and cool and i am seriously thinking of getting it.

  • chloehandbags

    Love it! Definitely fab, IMO. :smile:

  • ~bastet

    Fab! I have this in black and it’s my go-to bag for going out. It’s a bit roomier than it looks, it can hold my wallet, some $, makeup, cell phone, and keys. The frog has been my “signature” animal for years and I had to have this bag the second I saw it! The bright neon colors didn’t really appeal to me, but the classic black did, and I’ll probably use it for a long time.

  • BrennaMom

    I LOVE IT! Would get it in a heartbeat of I could!!

  • Fate

    Oooh, Megs! Tell me – is it an exotic? Wouldn’t be a KP in potiron or a box leather, would it? :wink:

  • luce

    ….i think it’s drab… :shock:

  • Gigi

    I love it but then I love frogs! Still, as much as I enjoy Marc Jacobs bags, I would not pay $800 for it as it will never be a classic. But, if my boyfriend were to buy it for me, I’d be thrilled! :smile:

  • wgs

    i dont like it. seem’s teeny-bopper-ish…

  • Donna

    I own this bag and I love it. My SA told me that the bag has special significance to Marc Jacobs. Rumor has it that he was going through something and the frog signifies rebirth and good luck. Maybe you could check into it because the bag is supposed to be full of symbolic references.

  • Chriss

    Don’t like it! :twisted:

  • Windy

    Fab, it is different!

  • Forint

    The Bag is soooo small and the frog is SOOOO big – not on the MUST buy list here.

  • Tara Sauvage

    I would never waste my money on it, but I do like the frog.

  • Rach

    LOVE it! It would look so cute and cool with the right fun, easy-going outfit. :smile:

  • catalina-josé

    i wouldn’t call it my favorite, and i don’t think it is pretty at all :shock: , but oh well, people have different taste.

  • pursechazer

    I had seen it at Nordstorm and i loved it!!!!!
    I love the frog esp the crystal eyes :grin: Great bag!!!

  • Rahsan

    Kangoroo leather? How could anyone wear a cute animal’s skin or fur? I’ll never come to understand that.

  • amanda

    I saw this at Nordies when i went with my mom a while ago. The SA tried REALLY hard to get one of us to buy it. It’s a bit quirky and cute (i actually like the big frog) but the kangaroo leather part really creeps me out and was a deal breaker.

  • Label Ho

    I think its adorable. Don’t know if I’d shell out that much for it, though.

  • Mia

    I think it’s super chic! It would be perfect to wear with a little black dress!

  • Mia

    I think it’s super chic! It would be perfect to wear with a little black dress! I love it.

  • Suki

    I don’t particularly mind the Kangaroo leather part – they’re regularly culled in Australia aren’t they? So I presume that the leather is a by-product of the culling, and I don’t see much difference in that sense between it and cow leather. That said, I think that MJ is just trying too hard to be “cool” :roll: by using it at all, and that’s irritating in itself. And I think that whilst the bag is a nice “going out” shape, I think that it’d only really attract someone who really likes frogs as it takes up the whole bag and will be all your friends notice about that bag. I don’t find them particularly interesting, so I’ll pass.

  • sugarscrub

    i like the shape… the frog??? nah… :lol:

  • Style Guru

    I love it…I would get the black because it would be more practical…but the styling is GREAT and the frog adds that bit of fun and whimsy you need in every outfit

  • amanda

    kangaroo leather was used because it was the only leather that would take in the vibrant colors, the rana is fabulous and marc is truly brilliant!

  • Lyu

    I got this bag in pink for my birthday – love it!!! What else you could you wear with black dress???
    Girls who consider to buy it , will be very –very pleased.

  • Carla Isis

    I saw both and I love the black one, it’s so cute and chic!

  • fanny chan

    does anyone know how to open this purse. I’ve pushed on the chrome piece in the middle, pushed it to each side, tried to lift it. Still, can’t open.


    • heiDi

      i got the neon yellow one and i think it’s freaking lovely!!
      it can be easily opened: just press the chrome piece towards the back of the bag will do

  • Kendra

    Why is there a big frog on there? (fb)