If it felt to you as though Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags had become a bit stale over the past few years, you weren’t alone; Marc Jacobs felt the same way. In advance of his company’s much-rumored future IPO, Jacobs brought in Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley to breathe new life into the once-powerful contemporary brand, and we now know more about the duo’s first line of bags for the brand. (more…)

While Marc Jacobs was practically printing money at Louis Vuitton, things at his own line, especially his handbag line, got a little bit…stale. After the brand enjoyed huge success with its hit Stam Bag in the mid-2000s, little in the way of a true hit materialized to take the brand into the post-It Bag era. Now that Jacobs has left Vuitton to bolster his own brand in advance of an IPO, its handbags are being overhauled, and that starts with Marc Jacobs Resort 2015. (more…)

When Marc Jacobs stepped down for his spot atop Louis Vuitton in October 2013, it confirmed rumors that had been swirling for months; not only was Jacobs’ 16-year reign at the top of the world’s biggest luxury leather goods brand over, but it was ending so that Jacobs could expand his eponymous brand, perhaps in advance of an IPO. The Marc Jacobs Leather Duffel is a strong indication that the men’s market is among Jacobs’ first expansion targets. (more…)

Christina Ricci recently greeted fans outside the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios while carrying a sleek, black Marc Jacobs The 1984 Satchel. Christina is a huge friend/fan of Marc, and seems to carry his bags almost exclusively. For your information: “The 1984″ is a tribute to the year Marc’s collection originally debuted. You can pick up Christina’s glazed leather bag for $1,495 at Neiman Marcus.

Christina is doing press for her upcoming Lifetime movie, “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe”, a grisly tale of the 19th century woman who was tried and acquitted for the gruesome axe murders of her father and step-mother. Christina also recently put her modest (by Hollywood standards) Hollywood Hills abode on the market. If you’d like a peep inside, pics can be found here.

Now that Marc Jacobs has said goodbye to his sixteen year career at Louis Vuitton in order to focus on his eponymous line, it’s exciting to see just what Marc Jacobs has up his creative sleeve for his own brand. With someone who has as much of an intuitive gift for fashion as Jacobs does, who knows what to anticipate. What I didn’t anticipate was the pattern-clashing extravaganza happening on this Marc Jacobs Polly Mini Glossed-Elaphe and Leather Shoulder Bag.

This shoulder bag just has way too much going on, even for me. Many of Marc Jacobs’ designs are playful and not always meant to be serious, but when they’re good, they still evoke a sophisticated, urbane cool. The main drawback with this handbag is that the print and color combinations are too overwhelming for the size and shape of the bag. When I’m intrigued or interested in a bag, there’s always a focal point that draws me in, and with a bag like this, there is too much to find one thing to focus on. If you look at the front of the bag alone, the two overlapping neutral patterns of the black and camel and black and white are workable. These prints are neutral enough that together, they maintain wearability. However, when you add the pink and white gingham print around the bag’s edges, that’s when things get a bit out of hand. I may not be an admirer of this particular bag, but I’m still eagerly awaiting what Marc Jacobs has in store for us now that his eponymous brand is his primary focus.

Buy your Marc Jacobs Shoulder Bag for $1,395 via Net-A-Porter

We’ve got some sad news for those of you who remember the mid-2000s It Bag heyday fondly: the Marc Jacobs Stam Bag, which has been produced continually since it first debuted in 2005, is going the way of the dodo bird. Along with it, all of Marc Jacobs’ quilted handbags and accessories will be meeting their demise at the end of this season. If you’ve been contemplating buying a throwback Stam or you want a quilted wallet or minibag in your life, now is the time to buy them up; you won’t be getting another shot.

We first got wind of this news in Friday’s PurseForum Roundup; some of our Forum members have been chatting about this development for the past few weeks after being told by their sales associates at their local MJ boutiques. This development lines up with Jacobs’ exit from Louis Vuitton, which was advertised as an opportunity for him to refocus his creative energies on his eponymous brands. It looks as though the shakeup starts immediately; this is the first sign that Jacobs’ sometimes-stale accessories line is on a quick path to major change in the near future.

Even though every bag gets discontinued eventually, the end of the Stam seems particularly notable. It’s the last of the three major It Bags of the era to be produced continuously since its birth – the Chloe Paddington and Fendi Spy Bag, although arguably more popular at the time, ended their initial runs far sooner. (Although the Paddington has been zombiefied by Chloe on a number of occasions, most recently earlier this year.) It often seemed weird that the bag, which is so heavily tied to a bygone fashion era, still made the rounds every season, but apparently it sold well enough to extend its life well beyond most of its contemporaries.

The black Stam was one of my first designer bags, bought all the way back when I was in college. So long, old friend!

If you want to pick up one more Stam or some of Jacobs’ quilted accessories before they’re gone, the Stam can be had for $1,395 via Neiman Marcus, which is not much more than what it retailed for in 2006 – $1,295, if I remember correctly. An impressive selection of of Jacobs’ other soon-to-disappear quilted bags and accessories can also be found through our friends at Neimans.

Wednesday’s news that Marc Jacobs would make his Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 show his last as the creative leader of the brand was a lot of things, but it wasn’t exactly surprising. Rumors had been swirling for months that talks to extend Jacobs’ 16-year tenure at the brand weren’t going anywhere, and in the days before the show, news outlets like Women’s Wear Daily reported that the decision had been made that Jacobs would leave to focus on expanding his own brand, in which LVMH is a major investor. It’s a major move that has a lot of implications across the fashion industry, starting with the rumors about who will take over at Louis Vuitton and what it means for the brand’s bags. (more…)

Marc Jacobs is pretty good at subverting expectations, but he might have outdone himself with the Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 show. He lead everyone into a cavernous (and sweltering) beach scene, and then instead of showing the deconstructed swimwear the scene seemed to imply, we got tapestry, tassels and high-neck lace dresses. The only thing the runway was missing was a Victorian-style, full-coverage swimsuit. Maybe next year. (more…)

Unless you became a Louis Vuitton collector literally decades ago, you probably can’t imagine the brand without Marc Jacobs, Vuitton’s creative director of 16 years, who revolutionized the brand’s handbag business, started an industry-wide trend of artist collaborations and positioned the company firmly at the nexus of fashion and pop culture. Yesterday morning, though, Fashionista reported that industry rumors and its own anonymous sources indicate that Jacobs’ long tenure as head of the brand may be coming to an end when his contract runs out in 2014.

Vuitton and Jacobs are currently still in negotiations to renew the contract, and if Jacobs left, it would be of his own volition. After all, he’s presided over a decade and a half of record sales and profits for the leather goods company, and despite LVMH’s recent desire to take Vuitton in a direction that’s more appealing to the highest end of the market, the brand seems to be comfortable with the idea that Jacobs is still the man for the job. He may have other ideas, though, and in his absence, rumors indicate former Balenciaga chief Nicolas Ghesquiere might be the heir to the throne at the world’s most important luxury brand.

Jacobs recently appointed two high-profile names, Kate Hillier and Luella Bartley, to revamp his Marc by Marc Jacobs brand, admitting that it had fallen behind the burgeoning contemporary market. With the pressure of overseeing four full collections a year for three distinct brands, perhaps Jacobs thinks its time to scale back his responsibilities and focus on the lines that bear his name. In recent years, the Marc Jacobs brand has also fallen behind some of its competitors, especially in the uber-profitable accessories and shoe businesses, even though Jacobs’ shows are still among the most influential in the world. It’s been since the Stam Bag, in the mid-2000s, that Jacobs’ flare for accessories brought his own brand an overwhelming hit.

Although all of this is just gossip, it makes a certain amount of sense, considering the timing and strategies of all the brands and designers involved. The only real question I see involves Ghesquiere; although his motorcycle bags sold well at Balenciaga, his designs, no matter how beloved by fashion people, were generally not retail gold. For a company like Vuitton, that just won’t fly, even though he is unquestionably the most gifted free agent on the design market right now. With the devoted Vuitton fanbase and Ghesquiere’s artistic talent, though, commerce might not prove to be a problem, should these rumors turn into reality.

If you’re a fan of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs or Nicolas Ghesquiere (which might be all of you, actually), let us known your thoughts on these prospective moves in the comments!

Here’s the virtually ageless Winona Ryder, carrying a sleek, black Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel around Manhattan. She and Marc are real-life pals; she did an ad campaign for his brand back in 2003, and they once shared a spread in Harper’s Bazaar. If that doesn’t indicate a close, personal friendship betwixt celeb buddies, then what does, exactly? I hope that Marc gave her a serious “friends and family” discount on this sporty leather satchel, as it’s currently priced at $2,295 at Net-a-Porter.

You know who I wish I saw more in films? Winona Ryder. For the last decade, she seems to have subsisted on barely-there indie films and teensy bit parts in giant Hollywood blockbusters. (Remember her as Spock’s mother in the last Star Trek movie? Or as the scary, past-her-prime ballerina in Black Swan?) Did people just get sick of her big-eyed, damsel/ingenue schtick? I loved practically everything she did in the ’90′s. She’s now 42, but she barely looks 32 – can we get her a juicy movie role, please?

Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-4 Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-1 Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-2 Winona Ryder Marc Jacobs Antonia Satchel Black-3

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