Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee Handbag I have to admit, I’m biased. I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag line. I’m not saying they don’t make some really weird looking stuff, because they do. They really do. But at least a few of their bags per season are really chic and wearable, and they invariably use super soft, thick leathers, which always feel much nicer to me than their sub-$500 price tags would suggest. I’m currently carrying an MbMJ Faridah hobo in ivory that I got last summer, and it’s still going strong even though it’s a very light color and I’m not very careful with my bags (read: I’m not careful at all with my bags).

I was infatuated with the Dr. Q satchel that they made last season (particularly its price tag – $498 for a bag Miu Miu would charge you $1200 for), but sadly, the only colors they made (black, grey, and ivory) were already represented in my wardrobe in some of my favorite bags (well, they also made a brown, but Amanda hates brown bags, which is a subject for another post).

I have been hoping against hope that the popularity of that bag would convince them to continue to make it for at least one more season, and last weekend, I walked in to Bloomingdale’s and saw that my dream had, in fact, come true. Not only had the remade the black and grey versions in a lighter weight, softer leather, but they had made a purple Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee Handbag. PURPLE, people! Are you listening to me? Purple!

So when I got online to stalk it and write about it for you guys after I saw it, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not a single website had it. Had I dreamt it? Was it a hallucination, like an oasis in a handbag desert? Are there really things out there to buy that can’t be found on the internet? I refused to believe it.

Early yesterday morning, though, the forum came through for me. Someone in the Marc Jacobs section had posted a link to a site that had them in stock online! So now, I feel required to share my find – the purple is beautiful, the leather is soft, and the bag is finally available to purchase. So go. Now. Because this color WILL sell out. $498 through Madison Los Angeles.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Purple bags have been calling my name lately and I really like this one a lot.

  • tiffanystar

    I love purple bags and have been thinking about getting one for ages. I really like this one and as you say good value too.

  • pursegal

    I am picking mine up today – I am very excited!! I will be sure to post pics!

  • Nice – I love the name, I love the colour, and the bag is pretty cute too.

  • Toni

    Many gals tend to snub the MbMJ line, but I prefer those bags over the MJ line. Amanda, you are totally right! The smooshy leather is tdf. I get more compliments over my Faridah and Quinn then I do on my Multipocket and Stella.
    That purple Dr. Groovee bag is now on my wish list and I thank you for the heads up!

  • sANDY

    OMG I had to get one ater seeing this post! I just ordered mine from Madison online! I can’t wait to get my hands on mine! I heart purple!

  • Sandy

    I just ordered mine! I have another purple bag, the balenciaga step which I don’t use very often… But I can see myself putting this baby to use everyday!

  • tre

    :sad: This post came a couple of days late.. I just purchased another bag but this is gorgeous and by the time I save up again it will prob be all sold out.

  • photomj

    I just snagged the matching wallet today at Saks. It is GLORIOUS!

  • valentina

    It really is a simple yet gorgeous bag. I tried getting one but it already sold out. They still have it at Barneys though, but it looks like a different purple, much more “grape” than the one pictured here!

  • Angela

    Madison is sold out. :sad:

  • Pretty bag~although i don’t like purple… :razz:

  • erika

    oh my god~!!! This is it!!! Ive been waiting for this purple bag for months!!! I even have a cut out picture of it on my wall. Hahhaaaha…obsessed i know. Anyways, i dont EVER comment on posts but this was way too important not to. Thank you so much for reviewing this bag! I have your website in my favorites..keep up the great work! Now wish me luck in finding this bag… :o)
    – Erika

  • photomj

    Nordstroms has 45 of these bags in their system so there are plenty to go around, for right now! Nordstrom’s also ships overseas! Call my Nordstrom SA, Kim Kovacs at 813-875-4400 to order one!

  • has them in stock now! Their pictures make the color look kinda different, but it’s the same bag, just odd lighting.

  • erika

    You guys i found it~!!! I bought it at Bloomingdales yesterday. Weeeeeeee! Its beautiful. I love purple. <3
    – Erika

  • Sandy

    places that has this beauty!
    Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Melrose

  • you were right, it is sold out already!

  • Marissa

    Did anyone see the new Coach bag that looks very similar? It’s only being sold in 10 stores in California (I saw it in the Fashion Valley, San Diego store) and comes in black, brown, and a pretty magenta/purple/plum flavor. The guy there said it was experimental. The price is also $498. Has anyone else seen this and can find a picture online?

  • Cathy

    I LOVE purple i want to buy one of this bag too.. i like the way it calls my name.. :grin:

  • angel

    what about the colorblock version selling at eluxury?

  • Kendra

    Purple is hott! (fb)