Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah Hobo Bag

The petrol (blue-gray) color used for this leather hobo bag is stunning. It is a toned down blue, which makes it easy to wear often. But the two turnlock fastening pockets on the front of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah Hobo Bag resemble the backside of someone wearing jeans, which is a negative attribute in a handbag. The hobo shape adds a slouchy feel and there is a zip fastening pocket at the top, one shoulder strap, brass hardware, and canvas lining. Can you look past the human like front pockets, or is it grabbing your attention in a bad way also? It is unfortunate, because I like front pockets. Just not sure they work out well on this bag. Buy through NAP for $438.

Fab or Drab?

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  • Christy

    I think this bag is DRABULAS. It’s not what I would consider to be fab, but at the same time it could be cute with jeans. I like the color and the fact it can go on the shoulder. I am not personaly a marc by marc fan. I like the Marc jacobs. It reminds me of a sporty new sophia. So it’s just “ok”

  • Jess

    Meh – I think it’s drab. It looks like something for $20 from Target!

  • luce

    i loveee marc jacobs! i think he makes some adorable bags…but i must say…this is rather drab. it’s very unfortunate looking.

  • ELW

    I thought it looked like a butt at first glance. Then you affirmed the “in the jeans” look. Drab.

  • Joan

    drab nice color but the style ruins the color.

  • obfuscated

    Drab. :shock:

  • s.j.

    this bag is a drab!!!! doesn’t have much style at all. looks like something a 65 year old woman would carry.

  • s.j.

    :roll: this bag is a drab!!!! doesn’t have much style at all. looks like something a 65 year old woman would carry.

  • Amy

    The bag’s proportions are anything but elegant; I really hate the pockets.
    I must say No!” to this stout, over-priced and under-designed sack. :cry:

  • cjl

    DRAB! just so boring!!!


    That bag looks lifeless, like a big ‘ole black trash bag sittin’ on the curb..


  • mh21

    :mrgreen: I’m going to cut through all this negativity and say that I LOVE this bag. I actually own it in black and I love carrying it around, it’s so roomy and slouchy and squishy.

    May be it looks like your backside but not mine! :lol:

  • elayna1012

    Usually one of my favorites, but I have to say he missed the mark on this one. Maybe it’s the color?

  • Christina

    I think it is the colour. I saw it in a taupey colour and I thought it looked much better. I think because it’s blue it just reminds everyone of someone’s ass in jeans, lol.

    still love it!

  • Chi

    Drab, you are definitely right about the ‘backside of someone in jeans’ description

  • Amanda

    Love!! Haha I just got this in black..that photo does not do the purse justice..I admit it looks pretty drab in that photo! But check it out IRL, I can guarantee you will like it :) :razz:

  • Michelle

    I agree this bag looks drab and boring in the picture but, I just got it in black and I love it!!!! The leather is so smooth and the shape hugs your body. Check it out in person and you might change your mind.

  • cat

    i just bought this bag in bag AND I LOVE IT! dont diss this bag please if you have actually seen it its a fabulous shape, the slouchy feel looks great on anyone, and i got the bag in black and its amazing. it dosent look very good in the picture but trust me it does not look like a target bag or something an old grandma would carry. I LOVE IT!

  • baggirl

    I bougth this bag, also in black. I have quite a ‘colledtion’ of bag but this one is by far the most buttery leather ever. Very comfortable to carry, classic, will last forever. The picture does not reflect how nice the bag really is. You have to see it and test it to understand the quality. It’s at Nordie’s now but only in brown, red, navy or green. Check it out.

  • April

    I just got this bag in grey and absolutely love it!!!!!

    This bluegray color shown is too cheap and somber for me but the grey is classy, and gives the slouchy look an elegance – I agree with the other comments “don’t diss it if you have not seen it” – I hear the cranberry is great as well-

  • Andrea

    NOT CUTE in the blue, but you need to check it out in cream. MUCH cuter and on my ‘to-buy’ list.

    • aly

      i have it brand new in cream, did you get it?

  • Michele

    Totally FAB! Got it in Grape – excellent color – perfect purple. I change my bags everyday, but haven’t yet and I’ve had it for two weeks. Slouchy enough for casual, but coordinates nicely with my suits, too.

  • Vicky

    I have this in gray and it’s my favorite bag ever! Been carrying it nonstop since March. Perfect size, pockets are large enough to actually use. I plan to buy another in black.

  • carol

    i just bought this bag in chocolate brown. with the gold zips, the buttery soft leather, big interior, it proves to be practical and chic at the same time. loooooove it!!!

  • Debbie

    I wouldn’t have considered this bag from the pictures alone but you HAVE to try it on…it’s FAB. Classy (not cheap or overdone), functional (holds alot but not too big), and looks great for casual or a professional look. Got it in spinach green and LOVE it.

  • BABY

    I love this bag… more than Jesus.

  • Stephanie

    FAB! Just bought it today in cream. I saw it online, and thought – eh maybe. BUt went to Nordstrom to look at the Baby Aidan and the Benny from Marc by Marc Jacobs, saw this and LOVED it. You HAVE to see it in person and other colors to appreciate it and feel the super soft leather. It’s the perfect size and fits over the shoulder comfortably and kind of conforms to your body so its really comfortable to carry.

  • Kendra

    Terrible color. (fb)

  • Katy

    It’s defo drab in this colour but comes in a really nice pale blue which i think makes it faaaaaaaaaaab!