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  • FashionableLena

    I was at the LV boutique on yesterday to look at their SLGs, and the Petite Malle was front and center as soon as you walked into the store. I really liked that it was soft but looked structured. Not much room in it though, and the color looks better in person. Not willing to spend $3600. I’d rather have an everyday handbag.
    I’m not sure why there are some want LV to get rid of their monogram. It was created by Louis Vuitton’s son in 1896. I would venture to say that it’s not going anywhere.

  • justa9url

    As gorgeous as the Petite Malle is, I would more likely get the Alma, so I could wear it more often and carry my world in it. But I’m loving the Monogram Infrarouge.

    • Uptown23E.weebly.com

      Believe it or not the Alma’s don’t fit all that much. I have one and it fits the basics with little room for anything else. I think it has to do with the shape of it.

  • I’m not much of a monogram person at all, but I LOVE this color combination. If I had a bigger bag budget, I’d pick up the Petite Malle without a second thought, even though $3,600 is objectively kind of steep.

    • TexasST

      I haven’t been very interested in the standard LV monogram the last few years but the Monogram Infrarouge and the different color leather trim (e.g. Coquelicot and black) on the Retiro are definitely peaking my interest again!

    • HA!!! I meant to add in the text that I knew this had your name ALL over it. Wish they offered it on some other bags as well, maybe they’ll expand the offering

  • Sandy

    I like the color combination, but I think they are too pricey for monogram canvas!

    • Lori

      I totally agree with you. The prices would reflect 100% leather bags in my opinion. At what point are these bags going to price themselves too high and lose sales?

  • Karli

    I think I’m the only person that hates it. It just looks so ugly and not at all luxe. Remember, just because it’s Louis doesn’t automatically make it “stunning”. Imagine if this was coach, black bags with red C’s all over them, everyone would be saying how it’s “not their cup of tea”.

    • shakins

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    • Sparkletastic


      I agree with EVERY point you made. These look horrible. Somehow the pattern / colors come across as cheap.

      And, as you said, if another, more moderately priced brand offered this with their logo, everyone would be screeching. People would be rolling their eyes if this was Dooney & Bourke.

      I don’t like busy monograms all over a bag and never have. And, I refuse to buy canvas, coated canvas, vinyl, or cloth bags from these designers for thousands of dollars. Bring me well crafted bags of rich leathers, suedes, furs etc. or keep it for those price points.

    • jhionmerry123

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    • s

      My immediate thought it yuck! Then I saw the price tag and I disliked it even more. No way.

    • wuwu

      I completely support your opinion. IMO it’s a hot edgy design. I would want the Petite Malle for myself.

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  • Canuck65

    I think this new monogram is going to look dated very quickly.

  • Or

    These look like fake bags manufactured in a sweatshop

  • Regina George


  • Aly

    LV prices have just gotten out of hand. I would much sooner buy a Chanel at this price level vs. LV. Ridiculous…

  • E Cooper

    Uuuuh, no.

  • shakins

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  • klynneann

    I saw the Alma in the store the day after it came in and I thought it was gorgeous! If I wasn’t already picking up another bag that day, I definitely would have bought it. As it is, it was gone by the next weekend. :( It’s very lightweight and I love the zip on the front.

  • Eric Barnes

    I do not like it…. however… id love love love the Malle in brown monogram canvas with natural cowhide leather… to bring forward the look of the actual vintage trunks…

  • julie

    Yuck on the new design. However several of you are wrong. They are leather, not canvas.

    • mba

      The LV site actually states they are made of canvas trimmed in leather. The site could be wrong, I haven’t seen them IRL.

    • Winn

      Parts of the bag, like the trim or handles, are leather. The monogram portion is canvas. Always has been.

  • Rashida

    I am not a fan.

  • ajpenn84

    I like the red & black combo but just not in these particular styles. Maybe a Speedy or Neverfull with either the classic vachetta trim for contrast or with red or black leather trim.

    • Nylamomma

      I agree!

  • Joules

    Oh dear, what’s happened to my beloved LV

  • Dee Dee

    Throw on a pair of ripped jeans with a Monrow black sweatshirt and carry the petite malle. Perfection.

  • Gia

    If u bought me one I would use it.

  • BF

    Agree with previous poster, not my idea of design and overpriced for quality. Most consumers don’t realize this is coated canvas with leather trim. I will not elaborate where this was made but I can assure you that many designers in the USA can make a custom exotic skin bag for the same price. American consumers should look at small manufacturers and designers and thus pay hommage to the numerous small designers/ateliers and artisans instead at looking at the 3 big brands for overpriced product.

    full disclosure: we are a small custom atelier but also get numerous bags in for repair.

    • Giselle

      I’d love to order custom bag, what’s the name of your atelier?

  • Kiddo

    I love it! I love everything about these handbags especially the silver hardware..am on the opposite end. I love it and if I could afford it I would buy it! Some of you need to seriously need to take a chill pill…they are just handbags and if some of you do not like them…take your two cents somewhere else. They are not unattractive handbags…some of you are unhappy because you can not afford it simple as that. Fashion is about being bold and taking risks. Plus the handbags are expensive because it takes a lot of work to make them…some of you wouldn’t understand that though because some of you are not artists and do not have to make a living in that particularly profession. Some of you want the handbags however some of you do not want to pay for the labor that is involved…very pathetic.

  • Giselle

    I fell in love w this combination since spring show. I wish they had more variety and the price matched the canvas.