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  • The Alma BB Python is by far the sexiest bag I have personally ever seen!

  • Dylan Propst

    I detest any exotic besides croc/gator (lizard is too delicate, Python is the definition of tacky, ostrich is disgusting looking). Love the Volta and the Vivienne, the Sofia Coppola, the Dora, and the Doc. LV is talking a step in the right direction.

    • Ben

      Python is tacky? so is your taste

      • Dylan Propst

        I don’t think so, but you’re entitled to your opinion. But, yes, to me, Python is tacky. It makes me think of something a Pussycat Doll would carry. On the Alma, it looks nice, but I just don’t particularly like it. If that makes me tacky, then so be it.

    • shopper

      I really like python and I do agree there is an element that can be defined as “trashy” or “tacky”. However I see it as edgy and fun, especially when in colors. Works well with jeans and a tee shirt. By coincidence today I bought a pair of red python shoes (moccasins) but I wouldn’t wear them to a business meeting!!!

      • Dylan Propst

        Python just isn’t my thing. I’m not a huge fan of exotics in general.

  • Stina Sias

    Unethical, won’t buy bags made from animals killed exclusively for their skins, etc. wish the industry would develop standards re: the treatment of these animals so people like me could buy without guilt.

  • Canuck65

    I am curious is the quality of these exotics as good as some of the other houses (thinking primarily of Hermes here). And can a brand do both such expensive high end exotics and at the same time offer monogram canvas at the mass production level?

    • FashionableLena

      I would venture to say that the bags are produced in completely different factories for lack of a better word. The exotics are more than likely being constructed by hand with artisans that specialize in constructing bags made from these hides. Probably not that many even being produced.
      As much as LV may hate it, the monogram canvas is their bread and butter. The women purchasing those bags are not going for the $40,000 exotic.

  • kate

    Love the matte croc!

  • Marina

    Wow Louis Vuitton is really stepping their game up. Kudos to them.

  • anna

    usually I love crocodile skin but on louis v it looks cheap and tacky:/ disappointed

  • CeceliaMGast

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  • Adefees1959

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  • Unapologetic

    I am not an exotic fan. I like the Malle. Everything else is just tired looking. It would be nice if LV had some fresh designs. I mean the same bag in different materials gets old. I am not a fan of the LV Chanel flap bag either. I want LV to be a trend setter not follower.

  • M Green

    I think they look great! Ignore the haters! These are beautiful bags.

  • Jason Wan

    I am one for exotics, like the ones that Chanel and Hermes does looks really good, even Celine and Saint Laurent’s croc embossed skin looks great (and also at a cheaper price), but for some reason the croc that LV uses looks like plastic, looks fake… Especially the Doc BB and for that amount of money – its not worth the while…

  • ThomasEPalmer

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  • kindled

    Some of these are really lovely (mostly the capucines) and some are just so, so bad with WAY too much going on in a tiny bag.

  • Kiely

    I like exotics and can afford them, but would never purchase them. I watched a documentary showing how crocodiles necks are cut and their spine is brutally removed, at times before they are dead. Many are raised on farms and killed at 3 years simply to use their underbelly for bags. I cannot condone this practice for these purposes.

    • melissa

      this breaks my heart in to a million pieces

  • StephanieCCarr

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  • Abbi

    I used to be a real big fan of exotics but after seeing a new PETA undercover expose video on the treatment of crocodile and alligator farming i feel really sick about it :(

    Honestly i urge everyone to watch the video – the one they recorded was the Hermes farms…

    Look im all about farming animals and leather is a natural product weve used for thousands of years and i prefer leather over plastic but there needs to be more care and thought for these animals – even if they end up inanimate objects they dont start out that way.

    It really opened my eyes…sorry for the rant but i feel it should be more widely covered and i feel this blog is the perfect place to have a discussion about it.