We’ve been following along with the story of Louis Vuitton’s very publicly shifting accessories strategy very closely, and each time we update you on it, you guys have a lot to say. The story and Vuitton’s attitudes toward its customers bring out a lot of opinions, both for and against the brand’s attempts to shift its focus to a more leather-centric, higher-dollar customer, but we’ve never asked you guys straight-up whether or not the shift has affected your own purchasing behavior. Today, we want to find out.

First, we figure that you guys fit into two groups: people who consider themselves current Vuitton customers and those who do not. For those who consider them customers, especially those of you who buy primarily from the canvas lines (monogram or otherwise), do you feel slighted by LV’s attitude toward its entry-level customers? Do you consider yourself an entry-level costumer of the brand? Do you feel less likely to shop with Vuitton because of its attitude, and if you do, where will you be spending your handbag dollars in the future?

If you’re not currently a Louis Vuitton customer but shop from other high-end handbag lines, this shift in Vuitton’s strategy is targeted toward you. Do you find the idea of more discreet, logo-absent Vuitton leather goods interesting? Would you be willing to spend $4,000 or more on a leather bag from the brand if you liked the design and thought the materials merited the price, or do visions of teenagers carrying monogram Neverfulls dance in your head no matter what? Will the upcoming change in creative leadership, rumored to be focused on former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, affect your opinion, or do you feel like your perceptions of Louis Vuitton are already set in stone, for better or for worse?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Sandra

    I was over the canvas LV bags quite a while ago…but with that said, I sure loved my speedy and was over the moon when I got it back then. I am torn because I see others that save and get that speedy for the first time so happy. At the same time now that I have matured, both financially and fashionably, I no longer want that monogram canvas bag. I am currently in love with Givenchy and my last several bags are from the brand. I have taken a hard look at the Capucines bag…I will wait and see but it may be a future purchase.

    • shueaddict

      Very well put … I have completely skipped the speedy ( got my start with Marc Jacobs – Ines). I like the Epi’s but LV is kind of frowned upon in my work circle – understated, lush quality, no logo is very much the norm and I like it this way. Givenchy and Le Dix … spot on !

  • kindled

    I think that the new bags look much much better and are more like bags I would buy, if I ever bought bags that expensive. Because I don’t spend more than $1000 on anything but a couple truly special bags, I wouldn’t buy these. I never liked the logo-y ones and I never understood spending lots of money on something made out of canvas, though, so I definitely never would’ve bought the older ones.

  • Marina Harbor

    Im also tired of the Canvas LV monogram bags, but I still use my Speedy Damier every now and then. I really thing changes are good and if prices rise but the product they offer has a great design and quality I don’t mind. At this moment I would not pay 4000 $ for a LV .. I prefer other brands but maybe in the future things change.. and they have the next it bag!

  • Est

    For the longest while I wanted an LV (Palermo) and each time I went into the store I couldn’t rationalize spending that amount of money on a canvas bag. It was even worse because it seems the sales associate don’t even look at me because I don’t “look the part”.

    • Edia

      sorry to hear that :(
      it seems that there are a lot of LV stores that don’t offer the service one would expect

  • Joana Richard

    Im Portuguese and here in Europe, LV Its less expensive than in USA…
    Well, In my opinion I love the canvas bags, and I have 4 (1 petit bucket-2 speedy- 1neverfull)…
    When I know that the brand will rise the prices I sweet, but then I dont care and buy the bag that I love and want!

  • Silversun

    I’m not a current LV customer and I generally like the idea of discreet and logo-absent LV leather goods. However, I think they’ve priced themselves a bit too high. For Hermes-like prices on well-crafted discreet leather items, I’d rather buy an under-the-radar Hermes bag which I know is equally good (if not better) quality, with the additional heritage/prestige etc attached to the H brand.
    For example, when I saw the post yesterday on the new clemence Alma and its price point, my immediate reaction was that I’d rather buy a H Bolide. Same shape, same materials, roughly the same price bracket – why go for LV if you can spend a little more and get H?

    • Smooth Caramel

      if you think LV has arragance, walk into Hermes

    • Joshua

      I totally agree. I can’t believe the prices are getting so much higher. Hermes bags are around $5000+ and the quality of Hermes bags are substantially better than LV since Hermes bags are hand-stitched. LV is just trying to push the use of “exquisite materials” to justify high prices.

      • Edia

        the bags are made by people in europe nontheless :3

      • Dan

        It’s amazing how many people think Hermes are still hand-stitched. Probably less than 10% of their leather products actually are (partially) hand stitched.

      • Troy

        Your incorrect Dan, please get educated. Everything made by Hermes the best luxury apparel brand in the world, is hand-made by highly trained artisans for example, each Birkin bag takes one single artisan 48 hours to create from start to finish and must have at least 8 to 10 years of experience of training by Hermes. My mother works for Hermes. Get your facts straight before commenting how pathetic.

  • laura

    I like LV for their canvas bags (monogram or damier) and that’s it. IMO, as much they try, their leather bags don’t look as expensive and sophisticated as a Prada or Celine leather bag, even if they are. For me LV will always be known as the “look-at-me-I-have-a-designer-bag” brand and they shouldn’t try to change that.

    • Guest

      And see I feel the same way about Prada….I don’t really see the distinction between the attention seeking of Prada and LV.

    • Edia

      …imho prada bags to me look as cheap as gucci. the saffiano and the craftmanship are not very good compared to LV :/

      • Troy

        Prada are not cheap neither are gucci maybe you need to get your eyes checked.

        LV quality is horrible they are not the same as they used to be, since the end of the 90s. I would not buy new LV I would only buy vintage which was the best, LV were the best before Bernard Arnault took over he was a greedy back stabbing person. The LV family have no shares in the company since. LV now are just one of many brands Moet Hennessy.

      • Troy

        Prada, Hermes and Chanel are the only two independent luxury apparel brand left. I only buy from independents.

    • Robyn Barnett

      I agree, laura. Their leather looks cheap! I’m really angry at their “greed!!!”

  • sara

    I am not a customer of LV’s and probably never will be. I personally don’t like the monogrammed look that they have on so many of their bags. I do like the looks of the newer leather bags they are putting out lately but the prices are unjustifiable.

    The company’s arrogance is THE major turn off for me and why I won’t be giving them any of my money any time soon.

  • Chiyong

    I like having more options for purchasing LV. I own both monogram and leather bags from LV. The former for the convenience; the latter for preference. I prefer more discreet bags, but I love LV. The store near me has always treated me very well as opposed to some other designers, so I like purchasing from them. To me, if I’m treated well and I like the style, I’ll buy it. It doesn’t really matter the designer.

  • Yerani_KM

    I was a consistent LV customer (one bag a year and an accessory or two to mix it up in between), but I haven’t purchased anything for two years. The price points are ridiculous for the product. I like the logos. I also like the none logos. I like it all but I don’t like that they keep biting the hand that feeds them. So I spend my money on other designers, hello Balenciaga, how you doin?

  • TurtleGirl

    As others have stated, I don’t like LV mainly because of their arrogance. I feel very welcome in other designer stores and can easily converse with the sales associates. LV makes me feel like I’m wasting their time and are not very personable.
    I also don’t like that the brand is so well known and everyone would know how much the bag on my shoulder cost.
    I think the strategy would make me more likely to buy a LV since it wouldn’t be so easily recognizable if they changed their store attitude a bit.

  • Nerdster

    I never really cared for the designs of LV’s handbags. Monograms are a huge put off for me so I’ve steered clear of this brand. Another aspect for me staying way is that LV accessories are everywhere. Where is the prestige in that?

    Looking at the handbags that they are putting out now with raised prices, I am still staying away from LV. The designs are not worth that kind of money and honestly, neither is the brand. I would only consider spending that kind of money on a classic Chanel handbag but even that is a stretch!

  • amalance

    It’s disappointing, because I just started buying LV this year. I would have considered buying more from them, but the price increases and the attitude turn me off. My friend and I have the same Neverfull MM DE, and she was shocked at how much more it cost now than when she got hers two or three years ago. It’s already gone up more than it should have – I’m sure the costs to make the bag have not gone up the same amount. If I felt that it was truly worth the money, I would continue to buy LV, but knowing that they’re increasing the prices for no other reason than to attract a more high-end consumer (and drive people like me away, who make less money but would like to treat ourselves once in a while to a real splurge), I don’t know that I could justify it. I certainly don’t have enough for their $4,000-plus leather bags, and I doubt I would buy them even if I could at this point.

  • ellavanw

    I love the Capucines bag – I think it is beautiful – but I can’t bring myself to drop $5k on an LV bag because I don’t think the underlying quality will match the price tag. When you buy an Hermes or Chanel bag, you know it will be beautifully made and will last for years. The LV bags I have bought in the past have fallen apart after one season. Without some assurance that the quality has gone up along with the price, I can’t imagine investing that much money in an LV.

  • Smooth Caramel

    i think the W bag is one of the better looking bags they have put out in years, but i was a little sticker shocked at the price with such little quality leather. I never liked the cheap, plastic accessories, so i am happy to not see more of those. I have always gotten great service at LV domestically but in Vancouver BC, they ignore you unless you are Chinese, which was really frustrating.

    Looking forward to what a new designer will do for them. I found the new Alma bag to be a little boring. Haven’t bought an LV bag since 2009 and it was a runway piece with python. I would continue to buy wallets/ect though.

    • Tracy

      hahaha i laugh when i read your experience in BC. It’s so true! stepping in a LV store in Vancouver makes me feel like I’m in China.

  • Sheila Gage

    I’m not a fan of logo canvas so I think this is a move in the right direction as far as getting ME for a customer. However, as someone else said – there are many high-end brands who do much better leather than what I’ve seen from LV so far. They should either 1) stick with the niche that they fill so well – logo canvas for the “brand-conscious” or 2) figure out how to transition properly by putting their heads down and doing superior leather products. It just feels like they’re trying to be both.

  • FashionableLena

    I own exactly one LV, and that’s a pouchette because I wanted something small to wear to church and my sons’ sports game. The main reason is that I don’t find the inside of the bags to be functional. They’re like black holes.
    I agree with Laura, that the bags are a look at my designer bag brand, and that was their bread and butter. Let’s be honest, how many truly wealthy people or celebrities do you see carrying anything LV aside from the luggage?
    The only other purchase that I will consider is one of the black damier duffle bags that my 15 y/o son showed an interest in. Obviously, it would be for something special like graduation. But like I said, it’s only a consideration.

    • edst

      Well, for one, Paris Hilton carries her Neverfull GM in Monogram.

  • dianna

    i’m a mom now. I cant spend as much money on bags anymore. i need something strong, easy to clean. and fashionable. canvas coated is perfect for people like me. i’m kinda sick of leather, especially in the winter or rainy seaons

  • Becky McElhaney

    I have a vintage monogram noe bag and also a couple of the speedys in different canvas. I liked canvas because of the price point and also the lightness of the material to carry around. I have been buying other bags in leather as I do not have the disposable income to purchase a $5000 bag,especially when the bag is just not justified. Their snootiness is a big turnoff and I am continually turning to new brands.

  • ladyash

    I’ve purchased second hand LV so far and both are monogram. I would not pay full retail for their canvas bags because I just don’t get how they can charge so much for something that is not full leather. I absolutely love what I have seen that is leather in store however, but I just don’t have the disposable income to purchase something at the price points they are placing their leather goods at. I think for the price I would rather save some money and go with Prada leather since the price point of the saffiano leather bag I love from Prada is $1570, while the LV empreinte leather bag I love is $2650 which is too much in my opinion. If they plan to increase prices even further it’s just going to be way too ridiculously priced for the average shopper to be able to purchase what they love and they may stray to other brands with lower and more justifiable price points.

  • Averil

    I just ordered 2 Capucines so…. I like it!

    Never cared for canvas bags with monograms or big in-your-face logos from any brand anyway, so LV deciding to focus their attention on beautiful, well-made bags with top-quality leather is perfect for me.

  • Sarah

    I’ve only come to like LV since the more discreet pieces were added to their lign. I think it also made it more special to wear a neverful with monogram than before. I think we passed the era where all kinds of people wore fake monogram bags bought on holiday in Turkey. We can now appreciate the LV monogram again. At least I bought the discreet neverful in indian rose, the in your face monogram neverful for shopping and the next one up will be a more discreet piece from the michel williams collection.

    • Hastyfar

      I love bags. I have several brands Celine, LV, Prada. I’m considering not buying LV anymore

  • Angel Sabin

    I have had a horrid experience with the customer service at Louis Vuitton. My husband recently purchased the Azur neverfull as an anniversary gift for me. I wore the bag for one day and got color transfer on to the bag from wearing a black dress. I went back the next day and was treated with belittling attitude from the store. The sales lady smirked a comment saying that it is common knowledge that color transfer will happen if you wear a white bag. It is absolutely ridiculous they treat their long time customer this way. My husband was able to get an exchange after multiple complaints to the Saks GM. It was Saks that worked with us. Not LV. For that reason, I may never purchase another lv again.This is a company that will NOT stand behind their products!

    • Edia

      well it is common knowlede that youll have colortransfer on white bags though…

      • Elbe

        I didn’t know that

      • Smooth Caramel

        i got a suede light grey bag from them and my jeans rubbed off on it and ruined the corner :-( be careful

      • Pudenda Shenanigans

        I got my black dress all over my white LV. I tried everything I could but the black never came off, I even used Mr Clean Magic Erase and Kaboom!

      • sara

        It seems to me that if they know this is a problem they should do something about this to fix it. Put a leather sealer on light colored bags. Or at least a warning tag on the bag itself for when it is first purchased. (This could be inside the bag/along with the price tag, etc.) The only way a person would know about the color transfer issue otherwise is (1) it happened to them or someone they know or (2) they saw/read about it somewhere. Neither of these are good. If the color transfer happens to a customer, the customer is not going to be happy. Unhappy customers do not = repeat customers or good referrals. At these prices for them to act like everyone knows about this issue or it is ok is ridiculous.

      • Lars

        The bags come with a care card. What do you think a sealant will do? It’s not an invisible shield. People need to be realistic. If you walk on a white rug would you have the nerve to return it?

      • sara

        A sealant might not solve all possible problems, but I think it could help. What would it hurt? Especially if LV knows this is a problem. Personally, if I were to purchase a white rug, I would assume that it could get dirty if I walked on it. If I were to purchase a white/light-colored bag, I would not assume that any dark clothing it rubbed against would mark it.

    • ReneeO

      The product was not defective. White bags color transfer when worn with dark garments. I hate when that happens. : (

    • Frankie Orozco

      This was not a bag defect though. I can understand if the bag had ruined a dress by transferring its color,in this case I would not want to keep the bag fearing it could ruin anything it came into contact with (clothing, car interior,etc) but in this case the dress ruined the bag. Saks was very generous, but I do not fault LV for not taking the bag back.

      • Angel

        The root cause of the problem is the quality of the bag. I have worn my white Dior bag with the same black dress multiple times with no color transfer.

        I don’t worry about transferring color on my white leather couch. Why should I worry about wearing dark clothes carrying a 1000 dollar bag. It’s ridiculous!

  • FashionistasDaily .com

    I buy all high-end bags from CHANEL, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Celine, Fendi… but Louis Vuitton’s monogram bags really makes me feel it’s too much LOGO and why am I paying for a bag that only at the strap is made of real leather and the wallet lining, was like a paper thin leather backed with some mesh fabric so it’s not even a so to speak “Real” leather. I feel the LV monogram line is just gaudy & tacky! I buy a bag for it’s quality of leather, designs and workmanship. that’s why when I buy an LV bag, I usually go for the “Epi” , “Mahina” , “Naxos”, “Nomade”, I think their new “Capucines” collection featuring Michelle Williams is a good direction they should go. minimal logo but give us luxurious leathers in different colors and good designs.

  • Kellie Cameron

    vinyl coated combed cotton has never been worth the prices they charge. nothing is as ugly as that baby poop brown and yellow monogram line. might as well get a fake, they are probably made in the same factory. Leather will always be a better bet.

  • jason

    I am a LV customer.. just put it this way, every time there is a new LV product, my SA calls me to see if I like the bag or not and if so I woll purchase it on the spot. So far with the number of calls increasing.. there have been less and less big brown bags following me home. I guess the need for a quality LV leather bag is just not worth the money.. except for the Empriente Keepall, which I qlready have.. :/

    The price of the W for exam ppl e can get ne a Celine Phantom so I would rather get that instead. I think it is time I move on from LV and go to a different brand, bring on the orange fortress!!!

    • Edia

      hahahaha XD “bring on the orange fortress”

      • Smooth Caramel

        i have bought two celine bags whereas before i would have bought LV. lots of other brands are coming in with a splash and staying around. better price points (under 3k) and better design, and not vinyl.

    • Lindylouwho

      Louis Vuitton and Celine are owned by same parent!

      • michelle LaFayette James

        as is gucci and fendi

      • Troy

        Fendi is, not Gucci. Gucci is owned by Keyring a french company. Prada, Hermes and Chanel are the only two independent luxury apparel companies left. Our family only buy from these three we only buy from independents.

  • viennaprinzessin

    I will never buy LV. They sold their name for short term gain. And now they have lost their original base customers. Keep making the canvas bags with logos in China.

    • Edia

      …better check your facts hun

    • Smooth Caramel

      they do not produce their AUTHENTIC bags in china

      • tess

        Actually they do and attach the handles elsewhere so they can say they are made in France, Spain etc. Read the book “How Luxury lost it’s Luster” by Dana Thomas. Also all luxury/couture goods are priced preventively (ie to prevent the average person from purchasing them). The wealthy want items that the average person does not have and the only way to ensure it is to overprice.

  • ReyS

    I love the LV canvas monogram bags. I’m a traditionalist.

  • PhilanderingMoustache

    I will no longer be purchasing LV. I only like the Damier pattern, and I feel that LV is not so subtly trying to tell me that I’m tacky because I only like and buy the logo bags!

  • Eun

    Frankly, it’s a little too late. In my opinion, LV has cheapened themselves far too much as a brand. I’ve outgrown their entire line and I’m only in my early 20s. Not jumping back on, for that price range, I’d rather get a Celine/Prada/Chanel

  • lovemybags54

    I recently purchased the Capucines bag and I love it! i own bags from many designers and this bag is beautifully made. It’s understated and elegant. I took a break from LV for a few years because I was tired of the canvas and monogram everywhere but when I saw this collection I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Love it!

  • Kett

    I am not an LV shopper, but I do own other high-end bags, and I would probably not buy an LV. The monogram kind of ruined the brand for me, but beyond that, unless the price increase also brings a quality increase, it is a bit too much of a marketing insult to want to participate.

    That said, if Ghesquiere was on board I would literally buy everything they ever made just because I miss him so much and never want him to go away again. So I guess the only way to get a fashion-obsessed shopper like me in the door is to give me some Ghesquiere as incentive. That would definitely upgrade the brand image.

  • David

    i could totally get on board with the new leather bags if i wasn’t stifling a yawn every time i saw them..

  • Beth

    I am not a current LV customer but do like their canvas line. I was planning on buying a neverful as my first LV purchase but their sales strategy has turned me off. I would be an entry-level customer that they don’t want business from. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  • Kema

    I’m not an LV customer but I’ve looked at their bags over the yrs and I prefer the more discrete ones. I get so sick of seeing fakes everywhere. First it was anything with the brown monogram, now it’s Damir everywhere. If I see one more plastic neverfull or speedy I think I’ll scream. And the sad part is that even if someone decided to buy a real one it looses it’s luster when you see 8 other people with a fake that looks just like yours. If I ever decided to buy one I’d have to buy the more expensive one just to feel better knowing I won’t see 10 fakes just like it before I even get it home. Oh and I think it’s laughable increasing prices to compete with the likes of Hermes.

  • Edia

    There are fakes to every brand in the book. just because most people wont recognize a fake hermes doesnt mean they dont exist.

    I feel as though the LV quality really is not comparable to what it used to be.

    Still compared to other brands LV quality is very good.

    I understand how people can feel that there is too much monogram around, but srsly…its like everybody and their mom has a chanel flap. and everybody and their mom who cant afford a chanel carries a prada plastic-like looking saffiano bag…so whats the deal? its not less under the radar than LV thats for sure.

    price increases though…UGH no more for any brand pleeeaaase!!!

    • xmascarol

      Totally agree. Lots of fake Chanel Gucci Prada and Goyard. Plenty of imitation H bags out there.
      I actually kind of like the canvas monogram print. I own one, it’s super easy to carry and I don’t baby it like my Chanel. I think the quality is great. LV is more “common” – which I like. It doesn’t make me look like I’m trying too hard. If I walked around here with a Birkin that would be over the top, like I’m trying to impress. LV is attainable and relatable.
      And I’ve found their sales people very kind and welcoming.

  • iszn

    I do love the monogram LV and its my starter bag of my designer bag collection..but I have move on from LV and Gucci with all the logo.
    I do believe that LV is more known for their canvas monogram bag than the other model of LV bag..So the price increase of this monogram bag will make people shift to other brand. For me if I want to buy another monogram bag I will buy a Goyard bag instead although its not as well known as LV.

  • Maya

    About the same, which is not at all… Not a huge fan of logos unless they are discreet… Plus everybody has LV bags, which makes them a little trashy…

  • Anjum Hameed

    I am an LV fan, have been buying their bags the last 14 years, regularly.. I have at least 25 of their handbags, and am waiting to get the Alma Taurillon MM in black now.. I love their monogram line, and will keep buying their items for as long as I can

  • CharmedByH

    I like LV canvas bags because the quality is pretty good and the price is moderate. I use it for my workhorse bag so I don’t have to worry about staining it or accidentally getting it wet. But I would rather buy Hermes bags to wear for dinners and parties, especially for the price tag that new LV bags come with.

  • EliseRonan

    I consider myself a LV customer. I love their monogram bags and have even bought a few epi leathers over the years. Do I feel slighted? Somewhat, but the truth of the matter is that the full leathers have always been very expensive and this is nothing new. Will I buy the leathers? No. Will I stop buying monogram if I like the purse and can afford it because I can’t afford the leather? No.
    LV was always a luxury brand. Nothing to see here. Or if it bugs you that much and you don’t like what LV is doing, instead of buying a $1500 purse, give your money to your local food bank or soup kitchen.

  • Mal

    Current LV customer, I only own 1 bag which is the Speedy 30 DM, which I love. I know everyone and their mother has one, but it was my first “designer” purchase almost 3 yrs ago. It suited my life style better back then much better than it does right now though. I am contemplating purchasing the Neverfull because I need a good everyday bag that can fit my files, laptop etc.I like the lightweight of the canvas as I own many leather bags, but they are just to heavy, I notice this more when I’m travelling. I do not like the monogram print, I feel it screams, but I like the DM print, much more subtle. I’m looking for a lightweight, functional, good quality bag. I have looked at other brands for a tote, but I just don’t think I have found any that fits the bill, so Neverfull might just be it for me.

  • Astrid

    The only problem I have with LV is the price increase every year with approx. 10 to 15%. What is their explanation ? Not only LV……..

  • Memphisjt

    …this is fashion, not who can make a bag via exclusive hand craftsmanship. As a former industry designer, bags can only cost so much, no matter the materials and labour. This is also true for quality. A well crafted design’s determined value is in the rarity of design, and its marketing, not craftsmanship.

  • Nancy G. Vassilakis

    I only buy LV if it is vintage. The LV’s of yesteryear were so much better.

  • Lucy

    I’m also a mom now and can’t spend as much on handbags as I used to, but even back when I was working & purchasing Chloe bags (and the occasional Dior) I have always been completely turned off by the in-your-face logos adorning LV bags. I live in NYC and I feel like I can’t walk ten feet without seeing one, and so many are on very young girls and probably fake. As many others here have already said, I would rather spend the money on something well-made and discreet – and function (lots of interior pockets) is more of a consideration for me now too. I would NEVER spend four figures on an LV bag, even though I do like the newer ones; I just think their brand is cheapened beyond repair. (I should mention that when I was 18 and went to Paris I did buy a monogrammed LV wallet – and teenage me thought that it was QUITE the status symbol! – but now that I’ve matured I’m totally turned off by obvious logos.)

  • Proud2bblonde

    I am a current LV Customer, but find myself looking to other brands. LV has not changed styles for me much over the years, and there is only so many ways you can out the LV logo on a bag. I like the direction they are going in now. The price points are getting to be a bit much for me though.

  • Sheila

    Aw. You are breaking my heart! I have a total of 4 LV bags, 2 in monogram and 2 in the Damier Azur, each with lots of accessories. I bought them second hand because I could never afford new ones. When I opened my first one I cried, just because it was something I had always wanted, and to have achieved my goal was awesome! Now I am over it. But I carry my beautiful LV’s all the time. I may never buy another bag. Because these will last a lifetime.

    • Amanda

      No, you are not “riff raff”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and many people enjoy the canvas bags because they are well-made, can take a beating, and are “timeless”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those reasons.

      I think a lot of readers/commenters on here don’t necessarily think before they speak. To call any of the designers mentioned on this blog “cheap” is kind of insulting to people who either can’t afford them or who just appreciate the style.

      I’m not a fan of the huge price hikes in order to alienate a certain customer base. I own and enjoy LV products – both monogrammed and Epi. They’re different styles and both have pros and cons. I’ll never be able to afford a bag over $2000, let alone $4000, so all I can do is admire the new styles from afar. I am happy with my bags and consider myself lucky enough to have a life where I can enjoy these luxuries.

  • Edia

    OK you guys:

    Since today was the price increase in Germany, Im here to tell you that the Speedy 30 is now at 635Euros…

    it used to be 615Euros.

    Im not sure if 20Euros will keep you from buying a Speedy. I highly doubt that 20Euros is too much for an entryprice-customer.
    So would everybody just chill out already?

    Thank you.

    • seresy

      The same Speedy 30 was 550 euros 2 years ago. The 20 euro increase was just the twice a year small price hike. We’re all used to that.
      Everyone’s upset because a huge chunk of their loyal market is now being told we’re not their ideal customer and they intend to price themselves out of our market.

      • Edia

        yeah, but the thing is that 2 years ago everything was cheaper.
        Labor, materials, rent. In the same way the bagprices got up at LV people working for the brand got higher wages.
        Louis Vuitton only races prices that much.
        With Chanel we had prices hiked by 500Euros just like that, almost regularly. I dont feel like the ~5% LV does are that much of an insult everybodys trying to make them out to be.

        Actually Chanel hiked their prices saying they didnt want the bags to be available to “everybody”. And everything worked out just fine.

        Also I remember how ca 3years ago my local store was sold out. completely. and it took them months to get some products back in. Everybody was complaining then. Now that they try to have most of their products available most of the time people complain about the quality. And yeah I know its not the same it used to be and we all have a problem with that.

    • QuelleFromage

      Hmm…I disagree. I bought a Speedy as my first “designer” bag when I was maybe 23, about 12 years ago. It was 310 euros. I remember this quite distinctly. It is now more than doubled.

      • Edia

        how is that disagreeing. its a fact. also that would mean a rise in price by ca 27euros per year. thats even less of an insult to their customers

      • QuelleFromage

        Dear, I think I know if I am disagreeing with you! I think nearly 700 euros is way too much for a small bag mass produced from canvas.

  • QueenHakim

    I would rather spend $5000 on Chanel or Hermes, plain and simple.

    • QueenHakim

      …and I am a current LV Customer. My husband and I both have a large collection of LV bags and clothes. We are VERY good customers of LV, and several other Highend designers. When I spend more than $2000 for a bag, it better be luggage, Chanel, or Hermes.

  • Andrea DeRosbil-Chatman

    I am a former LV customer, but lately I cannot in my right mind justify spending thousands on a bloody handbag that’s only going to be out of style next month or is just more coated canvas. If LV is purposely trying to weed out the lesser common people, that’s just fine with me. My LV purses and accessories will continue to spend their lives in their dustbags while I shower my orYANY, D&B & Coach bags with LOTS of love.

  • Traci

    I’m not a LV customer and probably will never be.

    Decades ago, when I was looking for my 1st designer bag, I was interested in Gucci & LV. However, I always liked discrete leather bag at reasonable price. So during a summer trip to Italy, I got my 1st Gucci – a beautiful, non logo, all leather bag on sale for $200. Two or three years ago, Gucci reproduced the bag for $1500! However, I didn’t stay with Gucci very long. Because most of my closet are Burberry, I bought a lot of Burberry leather bags for style & color coordination. But once in a while I would buy a Gucci wallet or belt when I fall in love with.

    Now I am at the point done with bag collections – I own a few Chanel & BV bags to cover most occasions. I might add 1 or 2 more H bags but that’s not necessary. LV didn’t catch me from the start.

  • judy

    I am an LV client and have purchased some beautiful leather bags. In no way have I ever been mistreated by any SA at any Louis Vuitton boutique. In fact, a few weeks ago, I went to a store where one of my favorite SAs works and asked for him. The SA who greeted me, said he was away on vacation and would take care of me. He would give my SA the credit. I told him I was just looking and probably wouldn’t be buying that day. Yet, he showed me bag after bag knowing I wouldn’t buy. I am also treated like that in Hermes. But I am done with Hermes. I went back to LV because I think their bags are built like iron and last forever. Unlike someother comments, I have experienced nothing but lovely customer service from LV, even having replacements on damaged products.
    My motto is be a decent customer and the SA will be perfectly decent to you.

  • Deetzi

    I don’t like LV at all. I don’t think the designs are particularly good and the color range in the leather isn’t appealing either. When I first started my bag phase I had an Epi Alma and a Damier Speedy but as my taste evolved I moved on to more interesting designers. Now most of their bags look “officeish” to me- like you’d expect women in dress suits to carry to their bank or law firm. Now I wouldn’t keep an. LV bag if I got it for free – I would exchange it for a scarf or shoes. If they really want to change their general perception and appeal to the higher end I think they need to 1. Reduce (or even eliminate) their use of canvas 2. Improve the color and texture choices in their leather handbags (all that hard stiff leather or that glossy patent ugh) 3. Get a new design group and scrap a good 50% of their existing collection (the extent of their current range makes them more like Coach) 4. Reduce the number of outlets they have
    LV is mistaken if they think all it takes to make their bags appealing to the discerning high end buyer is to increase prices!

  • Cherryorchard

    I think LV should leave the prices of the canvas bags to a starter level and do something about their overall quality so that a price raise for the leather goods would be in line with what the customers are getting for their money. I feel like they’re thinking about “right now” and forgetting about the future – you have to start somewhere and for many, the 1st designer bag is a canvas LV. You never forget your first designer bag; it’s a memorable moment and also builds a sense of loyalty towards the brand. A happy costumer will return to invest more money in their products.

  • cchan2009

    I would say “less likely to buy LV”. Just better options out there and I rather spend my money on a Chanel or Hermes than on LV. I think the recent quick price hike is too rapid. Price hike should correlate with the prestige and longevity of the product. It cannot be done overnight.

  • Lillian

    I’ve stopped buying from LV the last 3 years because I felt that too many young women/teenagers are buying the brand, especially the monogram ones. It somehow “lost” it’s exclusive-ness and practically everybody can be seen with a LV monogram bag. The brand to go for now is Chanel, Botega Venetta, Hermes or a Loewe.

  • Handbagsaretheperfectdrug

    I´ve never liked monogram bags. I have about 20 designer handbags i´ve always go after the classic, elegant styles. I own an Epi electric leather black GM Alma handbag and i love it. Just today i asked my boyfriend to go to the LV boutique in Cancun and ask for the Capucines bag. The price there is more than 5,000 dollars. I think its too expensive. I rather buy a Chanel handbag or couple of Prada handbags. We went to Italy for the summer and i bought a New Bamboo bag for much less. Anyway i think the reason i buy high-end designers handbags is because i LOVE the design and craftmanship involved. So, if a bag doesn´t seem to offer you enough quality for the price you´re paying … don´t buy it. Any brand has the right to reposition their products.

  • lisa

    I respect all your opinions. But just so you know to all the people saying that they prefer the quality of Hermès more than the quality of LV or that Hermès is better than LV. Just so you know Hermès is owned by LV. :)

    • M Green

      Hermes is NOT owned by LVMH.
      LVMH owns 21% while the Hermès family owns over 60%. LVMH has no say in the way Hermès conducts its business. There are, in fact, completely separate companies. It’s only a financial stake in the company.

      • Aelf

        Owning 21% of a company is more than enough to demand at least one seat on the board, realistically 3 depending. It’s naive to say that LVMH has no say at all in the running of Hermes.

  • Mario

    Now that we’ve lived the beginning of this shift, I must say I’m moving away from LV.

    I have one epi leather bag, and used to want damier graphite and geant bags to match my accessories. Now, because of the price increases, $1100 canvas bags have become $1800 bags, $2500 leather bags have become $4000 bags, and LV has made it clear that they do not want to cater to a $1000-$1500 bag market because “tasteless aspirational paupers” are ruining their image.

    If I were in charge of LV I would market more damier, re-issue popular monogram canvas LEs (like aquarelle), and produce canvas-chip-prone bags like artsys exclusively in leathers like empreinte, mahina, etc.

    I also wouldn’t price the bread-and-butter aspirational upper-middle-class consumer out for the sake of the 1 to 5 percent. They’ve moved on to Hermes, Bottega Veneta, etc. and are less brand loyal in general.

    LV has a horrible history of pushing expansion for profit and holding those customers in contempt. It started with Western stores queueing up traveling Asian customers into separate entry lines, etc., and rushing them and limiting purchases ridiculously (3 item maximum, no identical models), and this contempt has shifted to financially stable North Americans who appreciate their heritage.

    I’m currently selling my canvas accessories, of which I have many, and buying solid leather Coach boutique men’s bags and peppering it with supple woven nappa Bottega Veneta accessories, and not looking back.

    I’m glad the mono/sig craze that ruled the 2000’s and drove ‘it bags’ is dying, but I didn’t think that’s its putrefaction would stink so much of classism and elitism.

  • Lisa

    I love my monogram and damier bags as they signify LV – adding leather is fine and should just be considered another choice in purchasing a LV bag. I was dissatisfied when they raised their prices to try and limit their customer base. No matter the price of a bag, if someone wants it, they can find a way to save and purchase it. If they are not wealthy, they can still exude class by walking around with their coveted LV bag.

  • M Green

    I own many Louis Vuitton bags and travel pieces. I started with a Greenwich GM in Damier and a Bobby Monogram Glacé. Since then, I built up my collection with many other bags. Why? Because the quality of LV bags is absolutely fantastic and the bags (leather or canvas) are extremely well made. Now, I worked for several years for the direct competitor: Gucci and Bottega Veneta (which are the same company under former PPR). I can tell you that the difference in quality is huge with Gucci. On the other hand, the BV leathers were phenomenal (truly like Hermès) but the woven leather construction made the bags sag very quickly.

    Many of you criticize LV boutiques as providing an unpleasant shopping experience. That’s a problem with select employees or manager, not the entire company. In any store, if a SA is acting like a pretentious b#@ch, I move on to the next one!!! I specifically request another SA. It’s that simple. Just last week, the men’s department Gucci SA in Paris was condescending: I asked him to call someone else and told him I didn’t feel comfortable with him. JUST DO and it will calm them down! This happened once in an LV boutique in Dallas, other than that, I have always been taken care of very well by LV employees.

  • Theresa Zeits

    I’ve been a customer of LV for two years now and while I do not like the price increase I still love their items. I stick to the monogram or the damier. I’m not a fan of all leather bags. I feel like they can’t be “beat up” for daily use. I saw some comments about the sales associates and I never ever have issues with my LV store. They’re always welcoming and friendly even if you’re just stopping in to look and not buy. my sales associate and I keep in touch via email and she drops me a note every once in a while just to say hi and I’ve only spent $2000 in their store. I’m in no way a VIP or high end customer but they treat me like one! I will have to slow down on purchasing LV is the prices raise anymore!!!

  • Dela

    If you pay over $50 for anything guess what…. You are paying for then public recognition that you own the product. Whether or not it is out loud obvious or not; If you don’t want to pay for the item then just don’t buy it. Fashion houses want you the customer to know their label, so why hide it? No matter what you have you will be judged. No shame on buying what you want because you’ve earned it. I have luxury goods, I go on vacation and I never worry what others think just because there is a logo. No one here should either. Everything has a logo or else you wouldn’t need a name for anything.

  • Bruce

    I am glad they are taking this approach . It reaches the more high end sophisticated customer, rather than the “entry level ” wanna be.

  • miranda

    What is it with all the monogram bashing? Yes it has been overexposed, over copied, but what is it with everyone turning up his/her nose and saying it is done and “I only want to carry subtle no initial bags.” I think it is time for a backlash to the backlash as they say at New York Magazine. Monogram has a certain something — it goes with everything, it’s durable, it elevates a simple outfit. Now having said all that, even if I could afford new, I would never buy a new monogram. The pieces from the eighties, nineties and early 2000’s were higher quality. I have two that were both made in 2003. Really no comparison between the older ones and the newer ones. I do think Vuitton has taken several wrong turns along the way. But older monogram pieces in classic styles are pretty nice.

  • Troy

    As most people know, Hermes is the best Luxury apparel company in the world. And produce the most expensive pieces with the best and finest quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. Chanel is second to Hermes. Hermes and Chanel are the best. Hermes, Chanel and Prada are the only two independent luxury apparel companies left. Our family only buy from these three. We used to love LV but they are the same anymore since, they were taken over by Moet Hennessy, Bernard Arnault, LV has not been independent since June 1987. The Vuitton family have no shares in LV since 1990. Quality is not the same any longer The best LV was the vintage.

  • DEE P

    I don’t. To each its own. Buy it if you can afford it and if not, go for the knockoff …

  • DEE P

    I don’t understand the point of being understated when you could walk in to Walmart and buy an understated boring bag. I like LV. Quality needs to come back up, I have to admit.

  • DEE P

    Why is everyone blaming LV for cheapening themselves? How is it their problem that China knocked out fake bags?