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  • anon

    What makes the BV bag so expensive with regular leather? Is there only a small stock amount or there’s just a lot of work into making it or what? I’m curious because although BV is on the higher end of the price range, that bag’s price point goes near Hermes territory.

    • L.O.

      Work chica that’s why. Someone makes that bag by hand not a machine. Not just anyone, someone who specializes in that craft. No different from a mechanic that works on a Honda vs on that works on European cars, huge difference in price.

      • anon

        Yes, that’s quite obvious. What strikes my curiosity is the price which is much much higher compared to even BV’s higher priced bags. The deerskin leather doesn’t justify it and the craftsmanship on it is expected nor is it marketed as a limited edition item. The question is, what justifies the price behind the craftsmanship, not the craftsmanship alone.

      • The Cabat has always been really expensive and the process they go thru to make it is intense

      • Or

        Don’t think its a “Cabat” – the handles are attached differently – just a tote. Hence, anon’s question is rather valid.

      • L.O.

        Here’s the real question. Did you plan on buying it? Didn’t think so. So it doesn’t matter then.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Ouch! I guess the “booming economy” is putting money in someone’s pocket. Certainly not mine or anyone I know for that matter. Looks like the rich are getting fewer and richer with these prices. Wonder how many they will actually sell.

  • CatR

    That Givenchy clutch is so horrible it is actually scary. The shape with the dangling flaps is the stuff of nightmares. Maybe save it for Halloween.

  • DB

    I agree that the Givenchy clutch looks HORRID! Wouldn’t carry that monstrosity if someone paid me!!

    • Aliza Zibkoff

      Agreed. Cruella Deville wouldn’t even carry that.

  • L.O.

    If you want a croc bag from Saint Laurent just go into a boutique and they can get you one….if you are serious about it. The one in San Jose had a Fushia Croc Sac De Jour at 33k. I didn’t even want to touch it but it was nice

  • Mel

    The way the flaps are hanging on that Givenchy clutch look like creepy crocodile feet clawing their way out! Free the poor animal, already!!

  • FashionableLena

    That Givenchy clutch is just weird. Those loose flaps…

  • Nadine

    I’m sorry but the Louis Vuitton clutch is ridiculously overpriced! It reaches Hermes Kelly croc territory with its price but then the leather version is only 5k (which is still a heinous price IMO) Would honestly much rather get the Fendi 3Jours or the BV or Valentino if I was going to invest >30k in an exotic (wishful thinking, I know!)

  • kate

    I will take the BV Roma and the Fendi 3jours please.

  • shopper

    The BV is gorgeous and the Prada Ostrich.

    Agree with statement below regarding the LV (its not even pretty, proportions and colors seem awkward). #6 looks like the left the tail on – eek! But someone’s buying them.

  • Yoshi1296

    EW that Givenchy clutch looks like a diseased fish.

    • Diana


  • Diana

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  • Azaleafox

    these bags brings me back to my childhood on an alligator farm. I’m not a huge fan of exotics, but I’m glad I finally found out why BV Is so expensive. If i had to take my pick, it would be the Obsedia. Its gorgeous in every way!

  • mary

    those bottegas are love!

  • Sheryl Parham Watkins

    Why none of them were hitting on anything I guess anything for a name.

  • Immodest Goddess

    Could I just get the money instead?

  • kristin

    Givenchy Capsule Collection: Creature from the Black Lagoon

  • Jerri R

    A brand new car for the family or a down payment on a house is soooooo overrated…