Marc Jacobs Quilted Multi-Buckle HoboI find myself sitting on the fence over the Marc Jacobs Quilted Multi-Buckle Hobo. I sorta like it – we haven’t seen this kind of buckling mixed with the signature MJ quilting before, and it’s kind of an interesting addition.

If you zoom in, though, the way that the buckles are attached is kind of awkward. Having 3 separate buckled straps would probably have looked better instead of the oddly notched setup that they went with, but perhaps I’m nitpicking. Also, the shape of the bag’s body is good, but does the handle look a bit like a tacked-on afterthought to anyone else? It looks like they couldn’t decide if the bag should be a tote or a hobo, so they made the body in a shape that could be turned in to either, and decide it would be a hobo at the last minute. Normally, I like the handle structure of a hobo to flow a bit better with the shape of a bag, but I guess we can’t always get what we want. Buy through eLuxury for $1195.

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  • shannon

    every part of that bag looks like an afterthought. eh, i’m not into it.

  • justa9url

    I think this bag is really cute, but I do not like the straps or how the straps are intact…

  • Cari

    I saw this bag in person last week and what SHOCKED me was the leather. It was not soft and supple like my other MJ bag, it was stiff (and dare I say it – cheap looking) and reminded me of pleather!!! I was very disappointed as I am a HUGE MJ fan.

  • Beth

    Okay, I’ll be the dissenter. I think it’s gorgeous! It is Marc through and through with the buckles and the quilting, just mixed in a fresh new way, and yet, it is a very classic-looking bag. I, too, have seen it IRL and it didn’t look misshapen or unbalanced in any way to me. I certainly wouldn’t say “no!” if one were offered to me!

  • Mama M

    I normally like MJ, but this looks like he took parts of his other bags and just made this one. I agree with Shannon — it looks like an afterthought. A not-too-original afterthought. I’m sure I would get at least one of those front buckles caught on something. I’d take it if someone gave it to me, but I’d ebay it in a minute.

  • hazel

    I don’t like the shape of the bag, but I love those little buckle details, they are cute!

  • fuchsiafury

    This is a “mixed metaphors” bag that simply doesn’t work. The “obi” belt at the top detracts from the edgy six buckled straps that frame the signature MJ buckle clip. And the handle looks precariously attached to the bag – much like when you punch the holes too close to the edge of a sheet of paper! MJ has done better this season.

  • me

    I really like it. I actually love what he has done with the buckles.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Not feeling this one at all unfortunately :( It’s like a true hit or a BIG MISS with MJ bags…no in between I am afraid.

  • Crista

    Mehhh… not a huge fan of quilted.

  • LDJ

    I like it. But I don’t care for the strap on the purse. It should have been thicker. R at least two straps.

  • Misa

    The shape reminds me of the MbMJ Dr. Q Hillier Hobo!

  • Kendra

    I love the look of of this one! (fb)