Just when temperatures begin their nosedive to frigidity in most areas of the northern hemisphere, we get a nice, fat reminder that none of us are going anywhere interesting for vacation this holiday season: Resort collections. And when I say that “none of us” are, I mean that I’m not. It’s sort of like the “royal we,” but with no people. It’s the “royal none of us.”

But for all those people that are taking the chillier weather as a sign to get the heck out of Dodge and down to the St. Barts, designers see fit to give you your very own between-collections collection of clothes and accessories that are appropriate for warm weather. These are often my favorite things of the year – it’s warm in my neck of the woods for such a huge proportion of time that I get a lot more use out of things suited for high temperatures than low ones. Still, seeing something like the Gucci Jackie Raffia Shoulder Bag at this time of year is more than a bit startling.

Gucci Jackie Raffia Shoulder Bag

Despite the generally balmy climate here, I can’t help but look at this bag and think, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not so fast.” I know that fashion is an industry that is constantly looking six months ahead, but I’d like to enjoy my cold weather and hot cocoa and bags made of thick leather for at least a little while before I have to think about picking out anything made of straw. I will say, though, that this is probably as luxe and subtle as a straw bag can get (but it’s also priced much higher than I’d pay for raffia). Buy through Saks for $2995.

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  • papertiger

    I like it – but not as much as the all leathers. The iridescent grey/lilac or green New Jackies from this season will still look good in the sunshine…and then there is the classic white too, which with a tan and floaty dress or cut off jeans/T for day or LBD for eve would be only bag you would need on vacation. Just IMO but I’d still rather have the all leather.

  • Handbag Lover

    Don’t like this one at all.

  • pixelcat

    what a terrible material to happen to such a beautiful bag!! my personal favorite is still the orange/red leather. And this wouldn’t look so awful if they had used a cream/beige leather trim instead of that shade of brown…

  • Rachel

    oh my :s….what did they do.

  • rachelguccilinks2

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  • Annz2009

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