Fendi Leather Front-Zip Hobo
Let’s get straight to the point: the Fendi Leather Front Zip Hobo is a classic, understated bag that also manages to subtly touch on current trends without actually being trendy. Further proof that I may have been right back in December when I postulated that the brand may be on a bit of a handbag upswing. And there’s nothing that I love more than possible proof that I was right about something.

This bag is so simplistically chic that it almost reminds me of Yves Saint Laurent. The design is unfettered by self-consciousness and unnecessary extras, giving it the kind of “everyday” look that so many people look for when choosing a new bag.

Despite the zipper accents, this isn’t a bag that’s going to look dated in a few seasons because the designers managed to reign themselves in and simply make an attractive, functional bag instead of focusing on loftier (and more questionable) goals. Some will surely call it bland, but not every bag has to be a feat of design innovation to be a success. Plus, the price is far below what Fendi normally charges for designs that aren’t nearly as wardrobe-friendly. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1250.

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