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  • Rachel

    I like to imagine the people who are the ones selling their bags. Are they really rich and just got sick of them? Where do they live? Do they own a private island? Are they selling these bags to help pay for a private island? Have they gone bankrupt and need to sell them to survive? Are they ironically being sold out of an underground market to support a socialist revolution? So many questions!

    • Finem Lauda

      No shhh don’t talk about my purse based femme queer socialist revolution ;~; you’ll ruin everything!!

    • If there is a private island, we should all be invited. With private islands come private airplanes, that is how we’ll get there. PurseBlog meet up 2015!!!

    • ahhhsoneo

      RAchel…you just made my day! hilarious!

  • B

    They are ridiculous. $23,000 for a preowned non exotic Kelly. That’s not even realistic for resale.

  • Mythings&

    “If you´re not buying recycled products, you´re not really recycling.”

  • Finn

    not realistic

  • Fiona-Brasil

    Although the prices were very inflated there are only a few for sale at the NM site…Just checked!

  • FashionableLena

    The prices seem to be astronomical compared to other resale sites.

  • Amy1307

    please delete if not allow.. im looking for sell my Hermes Birkin 30 Etupe Togo – Stamp I if anyone interested please email me on

  • Nice Collection.My favorite handbags shopping!