It has often seemed as though Jean Paul Gaultier’s favorite thing to do on the Hermes runway is riff on the classics that make the brand so iconic and successful, and Hermes Spring 2011, Gaultier’s swan song with the brand, was a horse-tastic, S&M-tinged ode to exactly those tendencies. The handbags mostly stayed clear of the psychosexual leanings of clothing, but that isn’t to say that they weren’t interesting.

If I told you that the bag to the left were actually made of real, honest-to-God crocodile, would you think I was lying? I wouldn’t blame you if you did, because I’ve never before encountered crocodile skin that I could see through, but seems to indicate that it’s the genuine article. From that to picnic basket and fanny pack Kellys and tiny Birkins hanging from cuff bracelets, it seems as though Gaultier had a fine time with his last trip through the Hermes accessory archives.

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  • Celia

    Wow! A see-through crocodile Kelly? Love it!

  • Mash

    Love #2 & #3..
    See-thru croc is interesting..

  • Mika

    its ok

    • yanah

      lpz want how mach is its more3000$

  • ashleyy

    is it really transparent? i think that it`s just some kind of optical illusion, like i think it`s just the colour of the bag that fooled us..

    • It’s really transparent, the collection also had a trench coat made out of the same material and I know someone who has seen the material in person. It’s the real deal, isn’t that insane?

  • Stacy

    Wait…I thought fanny packs went the way of the DO-DO bird and weren’t coming back – for good reason…it’s still ugly even if it is “reinvented” by Hermes. On the other hand, the transparent crocodile is something to behold. Very intricate and the color is gorgeous. I could stare at it for hours.

  • Stylista

    See through crocodile skin?? I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it. Wow! I’m speechless! I’ve got to see it in real-life.

  • TXgirliegirl

    Transparent croc? WHY. I must be the only one who is NOT going gaga over these crazy bags…
    JPG has taken an iconic classic and reinvented it…and it is not iconic anymore…
    I am a true Kelly/Birkin fan..I have several….but these do nothing for me……

  • LadyxBec

    LOVE the tiny bangle/Birkin, how adorable

    • Lori

      Me too. That is the cutest of them all.

  • shiro

    So, they’re really going for the JellyKelly look huh? And I remember several years back they sued the company that made those.

  • Ping

    I have to agree with TXgirliegirl on this. I LOVE and I mean I love my Hermes collection (birkin/kelly and other hermes bags ie lindy, jige, medor etc) For some reaons, I am just not carried away or wowed by this collection as I have by his past collections. Remember the studded kelly? that was beautiful This collection seems bland to me in color and in style. While the transparent croc seems intriguing, it is not a wow bag. The wicker kelly bag looks like something your grandmother would carry and not in a classic way. The waist fanny pack is hardly practical or even that attractive. When you pay the prices one pays for Hermes, there should be a wow factor. . In all honesty, this season Chanel bags outshine this collection by miles.

  • gacats

    I’m in complete agreement with TXgirliegirl a couple of posts up.
    Why fiddle with success?
    Nothing here wows me, and a couple of items just tick me off!

  • abbi

    the kelly picnic basket idea is pretty inspired as when i think spring i think of picnics and the transparent crocodile leather is pretty amazing. I personally wouldnt want to use it but its still pretty cool. As for the bum bags (or as you americans call them fanny packs :P) and the birkin bracelet….im scared. Chanel starting pulling out this kinda crap and to me the brand lost its sheik. If JPG continues with this im going to have to beat him to death with a truely classic Kelly in my right hand and a Birkin in my left.

    • This is JPG’s final collection for Hermes, so I think it’s probably safe to say that the incoming creative director will put a bit of a different stamp on the company’s runway accessories.

      • abbi

        Oh woo! Lol re reading this i was fairly aggressive! lol sorry didnt intend on being that angry!!

  • Lori

    I must be a super boring person because I just love the classics. I like slight variations like color, material and size, but when the classics get too far out there I am usually disappointed.

    Thanks for posting these and all the other collection’s pictures. I may not like the bags in terms of purchasing, but I love to see what everyone has come up with.

  • nutella

    A transparent bag. What comes next, condoms? Of course Hermes has to cover every part of our life.

  • Hect

    What can I say I love Hermes beyond all brands .and this is just proof of what true talent artistry class and beauty are al about .The fact that the Kelly stands out more than the birkin in this collection is something I love as I am a Kelly lover sheer audacity and again artistry to create a see through croc is just beyond the imagination all I can say is it is a shame mr gaultier will no longer be there but the future looks interesting and Hermes will defiantly give us much more to see through and float through like a sting Ray ,sting us and enchant us for many years to come Hermes !!!!!! We love the class the style the look the perfection !

  • Ramin

    Really liking the wear flexibility that comes with the design that allows for hip attachment. This is no fanny pack! Small, stylish with the capability to be out of the way allowing for handfree movement. Very nice!

    Ramin Streets
    Monk Pak Designs

  • Jamie

    I was just thinking this is the first see through bag I liked.
    But See Through Croc!!!! thats Crazyyyy!
    Is that even possible?

  • Jamie

    Even the fanny pack works for me.
    The softness that wraps around the body makes it seem like its a part of the body.

  • Elly

    In the words of Victoria Beckham, “it’s not about the Birkin anymore.”

  • Jimmy

    Lagerfeld must be so jealous right now. I’ve somehow heard he has a dream of making transparent fur. With the hair on a transparent base instead of leather. Now that Hermes have found a way to make leather transparent that fantasy might not be too far away…

  • Luxmule

    That see-through bag gives me the willies!

  • Maggie

    The see-through bag is a bit odd, but I like it! Very unique! (ipad)

  • nini

    See-through. interesting! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    croc see through..
    loving it!
    but don’t they have any new lindy this year? (ipad)

  • Julia

    ohhhhh i love the kelly…especially the kelly clutch. adorable! (ipad)

  • helen

    Cute see through (ipad)

  • Jen

    Like the see through! (ipad)