A Look at the Brand New Hermès NYC Flagship

A massive space filled with delights for Hermès clients both old and new

On Monday, October 3, Hermès opened its new Madison Avenue Flagship boutique at number 706, half a block north of the previous boutique. Now at an estimated sales floor space of 20,250 square feet, the United States finally has a grand, exciting, and very worthy space for bringing together its many esteemed metièrs with a very hungry and willing clientele.

With this new boutique, Hermès is taking its savior-faire to the next level, and combining it with leisurely hospitality more common to its European roots. With beverage service on every shopping level, a beautiful and open rooftop garden (no special invite necessary!), plentiful comfortable seating inviting shoppers (and their inevitably weary companions) to stay and relax, and an extremely capable and warm Concierge, Hermès nears the end of its second century with the very best argument against the very convenient but thoroughly lacking experience of online shopping.

Four Floors of Shopping in the Madison Flagship

Details of the new boutique include –

First Floor: Scarves, Beauty, and Fashion Jewelry at the main entrance, with a separate entrance on the right for the Men’s attached two-floor boutique, which includes Men’s Scarves, Leather, and a Coffee Bar.

Second Floor: Furniture and Housewares and (on the right) Men’s Ready-to-Wear, Men’s Shoes, and Men’s Made-to-Measure.

Third Floor: Watches, Fine Jewelry, Women’s Ready-To-Wear and Shoes, Champagne Bar.

Fourth Floor: Handbags, SLGs, a Full Bar, Rooftop Garden and Outdoor Space.

Fifth Floor: Closed to the public; this is where the Craftspeoples’ workrooms are located.

Limited Edition Items for the Boutique Opening

The new boutique is offering several store-specific limited items produced just for the new flagship; these include:

  • “Hermès Party”, a joyful 100cm cashmere-silk scarf designed by the artist Tibor Karpati and produced in a colorway that can be worn by anyone;
  • Two special colorways of the “Hommage A Gene Kelly” 70cm silk, designed by Geoff McFetridge;
  • A special colorway of the cashmere GM in the “American Quilt” pattern;
  • A Store-Only lipstick in the color Rouge Grenade;
  • A Men’s H08 watch featuring a band and the numbers 7-0-6 in New York taxicab yellow;
  • A Taxi Bolide on wheels;
  • An “Hommage A Gene Kelly” Kelly bag;
  • A Jukebox;
  • A Bicycle;
  • …and a very limited HAC embroidered with NY scenes reminiscent of Tibor Karpati’s “Hermès Party” design.

Store details

Address: 706 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, Sunday Closed
Phone: 212-751-3181


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