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  • Cbl

    I have this bag in champagne gold and I love it so far too :) Just curious – have any of the leather pieces in your tassel separated (the way balenciaga tassels do)? Mine is only a couples months old but I’m wondering because my two little ones love playing with the giant tassel lol

    • Nope, I’ve had no issues with the tassel at all! So glad you love it so far too – I think you will continue to love it!

      • Cbl

        Awesome! Your pup is RIDICULOUS btw ????????????

      • He’s such a little ham! We adore him and he kept creeping into each photo so we decided to include him ;)

  • Crystalicious

    I would definitely agree with your review. I have it in red as well and I love it! I’m still amazed at how much it holds. I might have to get another one!

    • The red color is so good – and I don’t usually opt for red bags, but in this bag it’s perfect!

      I want another as well ;)

  • Veit Bui

    gorgeous bag! i’ll always have a soft spot for gucci.
    btw love the outfit! cute canine too!

    • You should get one – so many options!

      Brutus wanted to be in on the pictures so I included him :)

  • JaneH

    The bag is beautiful but the last photo made my heart melt! <3

  • Antonia

    Great review Megs, you look fabulous! I love your shoes, who makes them? The photo with Brutus is adorable….he is so darn cute!!!

    • Shoes are Givenchy, I love them! I know, Brutus is our obsession right now :)

  • Candice Collins

    I’m so glad you reviewed the Disco bag, I just got this bag in champagne beige and I love it! for a small bag it holds all my essentials with room to spare plus whatever ends up in my bag that day! i’m 5’11 and I found wearing it crossbody it sits higher than i’m used to so I had two more holes punched in the strap at the end, now it’s perfect :) Brutus is such a doll! thanks for rescuing! #adoptdontshop!

    • Yep, I don’t wear mine crossbody for that reason but getting extra holes punched makes sense!

  • anon

    That puppy!!!<3 How has the color transfer been (inside and out)? That's what I'm always worried about with crossbodys.

    • Crystalicious

      No transfer at all with mine. I have the red one as well.

      • anon

        Thanks! How long have you had yours?

      • Crystalicious

        Since June of this year. Wore today with white jeans and no issues. And I usually wear it cross body.

    • No transfer at all and I’ve had this bag for over 3 years!

  • Sarah

    Hi there Meg…. I have been thinking of getting the same RED disco bag.. but then i saw the rose beige.. what do you think? I want to use the purse often, pair it with a ton of outfits. what do you suggest? red? or rose beige?

    • amydwoood

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    • You can’t really go wrong either way. The red is a nice spot of color and I don’t own a ton of red bags but this always works – but the rose beige is just pretty!!

    • jeanejstewart

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  • AAAA

    You forgot to mention that one side does not have the logo. That way if someone likes the bag but not logos, or is somewhere where a logo might be inappropriate, they can just carry it the other way. This has always been an added bonus for me with my Disco.

  • Stina Sias

    I’ve never liked this bag but you make it look really cool! Starting to reconsider… :)

  • Jennifer Tiu

    This is also a favorite of mine. And I have the exact same bag! I’m not a big fan of Gucci but this bag stood out. Got quite a bit of compliments too! I agree about the monogram thing. It works out perfectly. Definitely a great buy!

  • Karen

    I purchased this bag about 8 months ago because of your pics. I absolutely love it. Actually I have purchased most of my recent bags because of this site.

    • So glad to hear that! This bag is so great, I love it! What other bags have you purchased recently?

      • Karen

        Because of your reviews, I purchased the Gucci bamboo large tote and Fendi By The Way. Love both of these. You’re reviews have proven to be very helpful!

      • So happy to hear that! As always, more reviews to come!

  • Rashmi

    Megs, I have really been torn between this bag, the Valentino Lock bag and the Celine Box bag ALL in RED. I can’t have all three in red color but they all look so beautiful to me. so i’m just stuck in a choice dilemma.

    • I am partial to the Gucci and Celine. The price difference is major. If you don’t have a problem with the price, I’d say go for Celine, but if you want to watch your budget a bit – Gucci!

  • Giselle

    It really looks like inspiration from vintage Chanel, but cool bag overall.

  • what is the price on that bag? I think less then $1000?

    • $980 – there are links above where you can buy it if interested!

      • That’s what I thought! I looked at it and was going to buy but decided on a Chanel instead. But I really like this one. Will get it, thanks!

  • I LOVE my Disco. It’s a soft metallic pink that is just dreamy. Now I’m considering buying another color as well but can’t decide!

    • I want another one too I think! There were some stunning Nubuck ones that I had my eye on

  • Jessica Brown

    I love your review. I also have the same bag in red. I’ve had it since Jan. I love it so much that I want it in black next. Great photos!

  • S

    Exactly how long is the strap? Compare this to a LV pochette. Half the price(for canvas or $685 for epi leather) Am I the only one who doesn’t like these super long straps but for crossbody?

    • This bag fits so much more than a pochette.

      Strap is adjustable with 21.6″ drop.

  • Looks gorgeous and you can’t see any wear! I love the Soho design but I’ve been wanting to find a small Gucci Soho bag with a flap and a zipper. Does anyone know of such a bag?

  • Rashida

    Meg… You are slaying in that skirt!

  • kaly

    I JUST bought this bag earlier this week and I LOVE it! The red is such a perfect red, the leather is scrumptious, it truly DOES fit much more than you’d think–I just can’t say enough about this little beauty! I know it’ll get ALOT of use!! :)

    • I use mine SO OFTEN

      • kaly

        I’m so happy to hear that! It sure does seem that anyone I talk to who has one, LOVES it!! I feel very happy with my purchase, I think it could even be a little addicting–I’m already looking at other colors!! :)

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  • Mimmy N

    I really enjoyed reading your review, Megs! Your detailed description of the Gucci Disco is very helpful. Love your skirt, and Brutus is soo cute!

  • SPA

    Hi Meg, the last photo is perfect and you are looking fab in slide 6. :)

    • I love the pic with Brutus looking up and thank you for the kind words! I don’t like being behind the lens, but I am attempting to get more comfortable with it :)

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I love the light gold metal hardware that Gucci uses.

  • Jane Elias

    I bought this bag in Aqua nubuck during the Gucci sale for $480! I wanted the black patent, but that sold out in a minute. This is a perfect sized bag – I am 5’3″ so smaller bags look better on me. This bag is really roomy and the bag itself is so light, which is a plus. It is currently competing with my all time fave bag – my Chloe mini marcy in nut.

  • Nils

    Based on the 100pg+ forum on this bag, I bought it in black and am in LOVE!!! I completely agree with what you described above. Thank you for reviewing it so well :)

  • Kelly Ortiz

    Just bought mine yesterday in the rose beige leather. I cannot wait until it arrives!!!! I think I’ll be buying another color next year :)

  • Sara

    Love your style. You let the accessories do the talking. Effortless. After much consideration and indecision, I finally bought this bag in black. Can’t wait for it to arrive :-)

  • Julia

    This post inspired me so much! I adore the bag even more now, but i cannot decide whether or not to get the black, rosey beige, or navy. Do you have any details of the bag I should know about and which colour you would recommend? Thanks so much, Purseblog is my favourite blog.

  • d1234

    How does this bag hold up against jean stains? I have my heart set on the red disco but I worry about ruining another bag with denim transfer.