In the past few years, no bag has gained the quick and steady popularity of the Céline Luggage Tote. The bag reached mass It Bag hysteria in 2011 and has yet to to waiver from the pedestal everyone has placed it on. In fact, you can see this bag on the arms of basically everyone – actresses, reality stars, style bloggers and fashion insiders alike. A day hasn’t gone by in a long time in which I haven’t seen a version of the Céline Luggage Tote.

While many know the Mini version of this bag as the classic, the Nano popped up a few seasons later and gathered quite the following. I’ve already reviewed my much-beloved and little-known Celine Triptyque, and now I want to give you a look at my Celine Nano.

Here’s how my Céline Nano Luggage Tote scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings: (more…)

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Many of you have heard me mention my coveted and beloved Proenza Schouler Crocodile PS1, and I’ve long promised to bring you the story of how I nabbed it for such a great price and how much I love it.

Part of me thinks I’ve avoided sharing the story because I keep waiting to wake up and realize it was all just a dream. The truth is, I somehow scored the sickest deal known to Proenza Schouler-kind and got the one crocodile PS1 that landed on THE OUTNET. (I’ve heard it was an accident). (more…)

I’ve been so in love with the Coach Borough Bags since they first debuted, and since I added one to my collection, the bag has made its way into my regular rotation. Even salespeople at high-end stores have asked question about my Borough, and when I noticed how much attention it’s received, I realized I needed to give it a spot in our Purseonals lineup.

This bag is a different direction for the brand, but celebrities and longtime Coach lovers alike have let the Coach Borough onto their arms and into their hearts. See how it scores in our Purseonals ratings below. (more…)

Last month, I gave you a closer look at my Gucci Bamboo Shopper and promised a full review would follow. Well, it’s here. There are many reasons I want to review this bag, but one of the main ones is very simple: I’m obsessed with this Gucci stunner. When it comes to a tote, I’m never sure if I will feel incredibly strong about it, but it turns out that this tote is one of my favorite bags in my entire collection.

Read on to see how my Gucci Bamboo Shopper scores in our purseonals ratings. (more…)

Although I own hundreds of bags, I find myself hunting through my collection to find a bag that I love and will end up carrying for weeks at a time. Sometimes I change out my bags often, but when I find a great bag, I tend to stick with it. A few weeks ago, I started carrying my Salvatore Ferragamo Small Tote in Raffia and Python and since I first picked it up, I haven’t put it down. With all the love I’m giving this bag, it only seemed fair to break it down in our Purseonals series.

Here is how my Ferragamo Small Tote scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings:

I’ve owed you all a Purseonals for quite some time, and although it’s been a while, I think this particular Purseonal is worth the wait. I fell in love with Gucci all over again this fall and winter, so much so that my current go-to bag is my Gucci Lady Stirrup Top Handle Bag. Finished in the perfect burgundy hue, this bag combines a structured ladylike design with touches of classic Gucci that are familiar and well-loved. At lunch recently, someone asked me what my favorite bag is at the moment; I must say it’s this Gucci bag. So let me get into the details for you all!

Here is how my Gucci Lady Stirrup Top Handle Bag scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings:

The first bag I ever begged my parents for (and eventually started off my handbag addiction with) was a classic Coach bag. It was the beginning of what has changed my life and turned into a full-time job, so as you can imagine, Coach holds a very special place in my heart. Over the years Coach has changed, offering more and more options for everyone, whether it’s your first bag or your 50th bag.

I was so excited to see Coach re-launched the Willis, a bag inspired by one of the most iconic bags in Coach company archives. This is the first Coach bag in the past few years I knew I had to have and once it hit the site I clicked to buy. I’ve been carrying it for a couple weeks and now I can break it down to share with you guys exactly how the Coach Willis stacks up.

Here is how my Coach Willis scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings: Click to see how my Coach bag scores!

There are few bags that wow me so intensely that I smile from ear to ear just when I think of them. After years of spending my life in the world of designer handbags, a special bag that evokes emotion from me is rare, but not non-existent. If you remember, a group of PurseForum members got together a few years ago to not only order, but also help design a very special Bottega Veneta bag. This bag is still by far one of my absolute favorites in my collection and it will always hold a special place in my handbag-loving heart. I haven’t covered any clutches for our Purseonals, so here you have it: my most beloved clutch ever. Click to see how my Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch scores!

Many of you have been asking for me to do another Purseonal and trust me, I have WANTED TO. But with a lovely vacation, Fashion Week and hiring a new member to the team, I’ve been a little swamped. This Purseonals entry is a treat for you and me, as its subject is considered one of the most iconic bags of all time (and in one of the most classic combinations leather and hardware combinations possible). Not to mention that this is one of my absolute favorite bags in my collection.

That’s right, I’m talking about the 35 cm Hermes Black Birkin in clemence leather with palladium hardware. This bag was my holy grail for many years, it was the bag I kept telling everyone I dreamed of owning, and it was the bag I was lucky enough to get a few years ago. The first year I owned this bag I wore it sparingly – I was almost afraid of it. But now it has become one of my go-to choices. I am not scared of it, I adore it and use it often. This bag has lived up to many of my expectations.

Here is how my Hermes Birkin scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings: Click to see how my Hermes Birkin scores!

2011 was a year filled with Celine bags for me. I went from owning zero Celine bags to owning three Celine bags with one more on the way. While most know Celine for its Luggage Bag, my favorite Celine bag may be the under-the-radar Triptyque.

Vlad and I spent the holidays in Germany and the Czech Republic and I decided to only take one bag with me. After much thought, I decided on taking my Celine Triptyque and it turned out to be the perfect option. With ample storage space, a refined design and plenty of fashion appeal, this bag deserves more love from me. Click to see how my Celine Triptyque scores!

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