Let me start off by saying I am the type of person who can’t help but obsess. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, art, clothes, or of course a handbag, collecting and studying has been one my “things” since I was a young girl. As a matter of fact, I was pretty young when the Louis Vuitton Coppola became one of my bag obsessions. I was a high school student at the time and was far too young to afford it, and let’s just say that back then my parents didn’t quite get my handbag obsession either. I had actually just acquired my first Speedy 35 in a very used condition off eBay, and at that time that was a really big deal for me.

But since its debut I’ve loved this bag from afar, and as time went by it would pop in and out of my mind (as well as my eBay watchlist). Finally after a decade of admiring, and lots of hours spent lurking the “Sofia Coppola (SC) Club” thread over on tPF, I finally got one of my own! I’m not sure why I took so long to pull the trigger on this particular bag to be completely honest. Maybe it was because they were initially very expensive, or maybe there didn’t seem to be much of them on the resale market. Now that I have one though I definitely regret not getting one sooner as it has become one of the most functional, reliable bags in my collection.


The first thing I love about it is its shape. I love doctor bags, bowling bags, and top handle styles in general. They have a retro aesthetic which I adore and are generally pretty spacious (I will be the first to admit I love a big bag). The bag is also pretty minimal, aside from the typical Louis Vuitton embossing. Logo-free bags with minimal hardware make perfect everyday workhorses in my opinion, especially if the leather is hearty. I don’t like to baby my bags, and if I have to worry about the hardware scratching or the leather transferring it’s going to be a no. Living in the city is not easy on my bags (or my body for that matter) so a bag that can keep up with this sort of lifestyle is a must.

I know that to some this bag might appear a bit boring, but its beautiful craftsmanship was the only thing I needed to fall in love with it. To be honest I think any additional hardware or chains would just take away from the beauty of the leather. Also since its design is relatively simple I can dress it up or down. As a matter of fact, I love this bag because I can wear it with a band tee and jeans or with a lacy dress and little scarf bow on the handle and it still works. Another thing I love about this bag is its warmth, the Burgundy color paired with the gold hardware creates a palette with such a welcoming feeling, almost like fall. If I had to pick a single bag in my collection that feels the most like myself I think it would have to be this one.

Usability + Functionality


This is the MM size, which I’m not going to lie, is very big! But honestly that’s just how I like my bags and having a good organizer helps it not get too chaotic. My organizer makes it so that I can put my essentials in the side pockets and have the main compartment open for anything I may need. This comes in handy when running errands or during transitional periods of the year when you need to shove a scarf or sweater in your bag. It even fits my camera and some additional accessories when I have to shoot on location. I think any “Speedy” style bag needs some kind of organizational help as they can easily turn into a black hole. I have three speedy bags including this one and there have been so many times I’ve had to stop everything I’m doing to fish around my purse for something, which is just so frustrating. Also if you’re someone who prefers a more structured bag, a shaper with organization will help you better achieve that look as the leather can get pretty floppy with age.

My favorite feature of this bag is that it has a top handle AND a shoulder/crossbody strap! This is my ideal set up because it can adapt to however I feel like carrying it, especially because this bag is not exactly lightweight. For reference this bag is about as heavy as my Evergrain B35 which is lined in chèvre, though the Coppola has a suede interior. I LOVE leather lined bags so this is a huge plus for me as they’re just so luxurious, but with that being said they do usually have a common downside, they’re often pretty heavy. For me it’s worth it, as neither of these bags are heavy enough to make my shoulders sore and the quality that the leather interiors offer is just so worth it! And while we’re talking about leather, I absolutely love the calfskin that Louis Vuitton used on these bags! Its grain is kind of flat, not quite as flat as Hermès Evergrain but they do share some similar qualities.

For example, I have long pointy nails and have yet to create any permanent marks. Like Evergrain, I find that most scratches can be gently rubbed out or go away when moisturized. There are also two internal pockets, one with a zipper and one that’s just a sleeve. Even with the liner I find these super handy, I keep precious documents like my passport in the zipped compartment and receipts and other loose papers in the other — it helps me keep organized without having to actively think about it. If you’re anything like me, having to stop what you’re doing to stay organized is just not maintainable long-term. Overall I find this bag to be incredibly functional, having several carry options and being made from quality materials really makes this bag super usable, especially if you have an organizational liner. I docked it a star and a half for those who don’t have liners and for the weight.

Quality + Construction

Let me start off by pointing out that my bag is almost 8 years old and there are absolutely no signs of wear and that’s not because it’s just sitting pretty in my closet, this bag gets A LOT of use. The leather has definitely softened, giving it a nice flop factor when being worn without the shaper, but that’s more a characteristic of the leather than it is a sign of bag quality (and not something I mind either). As I mentioned earlier, the leather is absolutely fantastic! From the way it smells even after all these years to how soft it is to the touch, the only word I can come to think of to describe it is “rich”.

The color, the thickness of leather, the way it looks in the light – it almost reminds me of red velvet cake. The bag is lined in light grey suede which I know probably has one of you wincing, but to be honest I like the light interior because I can actually see what’s in my bag when looking through it. If this makes you nervous it’s all the more reason to get a liner. Since the pandemic I’ve been carrying hand sanitizer, where before I had a strict no liquids policy for my nice bags, and though I know the liner isn’t designed for stopping liquids it still gives me a little peace of mind that the interior has some sort of protection.

Despite its age the zipper runs beautifully, nice and smooth and doesn’t scratch or pinch my hands, which is one of my ultimate purse pet peeves. Of course the bag comes with the iconic lock and clochette but on this style they both come wrapped in little leather carriers which is a nice little detail I enjoy. This bag also has another nice detail on the strap that I greatly appreciate, a padded shoulder guard to help take some of the weight off your shoulder. This is a great addition considering this bag is on the heavier side. Another great feature of this bag is that it has feet, something I feel is super important but often overlooked. I’ve seen and owned a whole lot of bags and I have to say that this is one of my favorites. I credit that mostly to its thoughtful details and excellent quality, it’s definitely not your average Speedy.

There’s something I did want to note here, though it is not my personal experience with this bag. While doing some research I discovered that some of the older bags have had issues with the edges smudging and as some forum members describe it “melting”. For more information on this I highly recommend you check out the “Sofia Coppola (SC) Club” thread as our members have laid out details such as years and colors that this issue has occurred in. If you are considering purchasing this bag from a reseller my advice would be to ask about this issue before purchasing. Though this style is older I have confirmed that there are still some in stores but they can be difficult to come by. I have seen one in store as recently as January 2021.

Price + Value

This bag is so luxurious, much more so than your average Louis Vuitton bag, which is why it has a much higher price point than most of their bags, starting at about $5,100 for the MM size. Would I pay full price? Yes! Now that I’ve had time to see how often I carry it I would definitely consider paying retail if I had no other choice, especially if you’re trying to hunt down a specific color or prefer not to buy used. Can I afford that right now? No, but the good thing is I didn’t have to because I found this one on the resale market for about 1/5th of the retail price. As an ex SA I hate paying retail for anything, so saying I would consider paying full price is a huge indicator of how much I love this bag. Before I had made the purchase I had my eye on it for years, but always hesitated. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had issues with Louis Vuitton’s quality in the past, and once you go Hermès it’s really hard to go back to anything else. But this bag didn’t disappoint, and now that I have one I’m so upset I didn’t do it sooner.

While we’re at it let’s talk resale, as this bag can truly be all over the place when it comes to resale price points. Depending on the size, color, age, and condition, the Coppola could cost you anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 on the resale market. To make things more confusing, compared to other styles there’s not that many on the market to begin with. I think it’s more about what you are willing to pay, but with that being said I think if you find one in great shape for $2,000 and under you found yourself a great deal for how good the quality of this bag is. Will you get your money back on the resale market? That’s hard to say. Do I recommend buying this as a flip bag? No, I can’t confidently recommend that especailly if you’re paying retail.

Staying Power


This shape is a classic; I doubt that it will ever go out of style and I think the long-standing popularity of the Speedy proves that. As a matter of fact it’s still a shape I find myself very attracted to today — I even have three of them! Another plus of this bag is that there is nothing about it that really dates it. It’s logo-less, and hardware-less, aside from the zipper and two connecting handle pieces, so there’s nothing there that would date it either. This bag is just simple and very well made, no gimmicks, no noise, no flashy anything, and no influencer marketing (aside from Coppola herself, perhaps?).

People have stopped me to ask where I got my bag and are genuinely surprised when I tell them it’s Louis Vuitton. Perhaps that’s because it’s quieter than their Monogram styles and lately the brand has become so heavily synonymous with hype culture. My favorite bags have always been on the extreme side of the spectrum when it comes to them, either understated like the Coppola or something super fun and quirky like collaboration pieces with artists Murakami and Kusama (a bag on my wishlist currently).

Overall Rating


Like my Hermès pieces, this bag is a total contradiction as it quietly “screams” luxury. This bag’s biggest appeal is the quality, it truly is made well, from inside and out. Aside from being excellently made, it is also just really easy to wear. Having lots of carry options really works in my favor as it is flexible to my lifestyle and needs of the day. I would certainly recommend some kind of inner organization, as it makes the main compartment much easier to navigate and creates more usable space so you can maximize all this bag has to offer. The Coppola is pretty expensive full price, but much more accessible on the resale market, depending on the color and size you want.

I think your best bet on scoring this bag for a deal is to have an open mind when it comes to the color and size, especially as the smaller ones tend to go for more. I’m obsessed with this bag and I know for a fact I will probably end up with another in a different color or size eventually. This is hands down one of my favorite bags. Don’t get me wrong I love my Birkins but this bag is just way more functional and so much easier to carry. So if this bag has been on your radar I say go for it!

Shop the Louis Vuitton Coppola via Vestiaire Collective

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