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A Review and Reveal of My Vintage Louis Vuitton Epi Pont Neuf PM

I finally found the perfect Epi leather piece from Fashionphile


I’ve had my eyes on Louis Vuitton’s iconic Epi leather for quite a while now. While I had originally wanted to purchase a black Alma BB in Epi leather on the primary market, I began to shift my focus late last year when I realized two things. Firstly, I decided that I wanted a black bag that was a bit sleeker and slimmer in profile, and secondly, the very many colors of Louis Vuitton Epi leather are so vast (and stunning) that I couldn’t imagine the first Epi leather piece I purchased be black.

After musing on and on about how Louis Vuitton’s Epi leather deserves more love, I decided it was finally time to add a piece to my collection. The secondary market was definitely the place to go, thanks to the very many options (and the sheer affordability). I began my search and ultimately went with Fashionphile because the options were endless. After scouring through an impressive selection, I had it narrowed down to the Epi Pont Neuf in Toledo Blue or the Epi Soufflot in Mandarin Orange. I think it’s obvious which bag I chose, and I’m already itching to add another Epi Leather piece to my collection. Read on to discover why!


It’s not often that I have nothing bad to say about the look of a bag, but I have nothing bad to say about the aesthetics of the Pont Neuf. For starters, the silhouette is absolutely stunning. It’s simple yet classic, and while you could use the word basic here, this bag is anything but. I adore its shape and the way it sits in the crook of my arm. The textured Epi leather looks and feels nice, picking up the bold-blue hue beautifully.

When I first used this bag, I wore it out to a nice dinner with friends and was more dressed up than my usual day-to-day. It paired perfectly with jeans and booties, plus a turtleneck underneath a blue striped button-up and my pink vintage coat. I got compliments on the bag from two of my friends immediately, but ultimately, I worried it would look too fancy with my typical dressed-down vibe. However I was wrong, and once I styled it for daytime, I quickly realized that the bag is incredibly versatile.

Usability + Functionality

I wanted to give this bag another 5 stars because that’s how happy I am that it’s now part of my collection, but the truth be told is that when it comes to usability, this one doesn’t completely knock it out of the park, but it’s near close! If you’re someone who likes the hands-free aspect of a crossbody bag, this isn’t the bag for you, and because of the top-handle body, it’s a bit difficult to maneuver in and out of on the move. However, there are two easy access pocket compartments on the front and back of the bag, which are both great spots to store things you need quick access to, like a MetroCard or your iPhone.

In terms of the interior of the bag itself, that’s where this silhouette really shines. The bag has two working zippers that open and close all the way around, allowing the bag to open up wide. There is ample room in the interior as well as multiple pocket options, and it has been a long time since I owned a handbag big enough to carry a book, my Moleskin, and a pouch with cosmetics on top of my daily essentials. A true win.

Quality + Construction

I always believed the quality of Epi leather to be unmatched, and now that I own an Epi leather bag (one that’s over two decades old, not to mention), I can attest to that. When I was comparing the two bags I had narrowed it down to, I still wasn’t leaning well in either direction, so I consulted the condition and the details of each bag. Something spoke to me about the year that the Pont Neuf was from—1998, and that odd detail was the deciding factor for me.

This was my first experience using Fashionphile personally, and even though I mostly felt at ease, buying pre-loved can still feel a little daunting due to authentication concerns. However any small worries I had disappeared when I got the bag. Fashionphile had listed the bag in very good condition, but I still was shocked to see that it arrived looking nearly brand new, at 24 years old. Each time I’ve gotten complimented on this bag, I find myself boasting the same sentiments, telling its admirer that the bag is vintage from 1998 but looks like it was never worn! Even the smooth leather on the sides of the bag doesn’t contain a single scratch.

This bag might be the newest addition to my collection, but it’s the oldest bag I own, and I recently mentioned to a friend how it may be my most prized possession.

Price + Value

This bag was $655 pre-loved from Fashionphile, and it is 100% worth the price, given both the bag’s quality and construction itself as well as the bag’s pre-loved condition. I can’t stress enough how worth it an Epi leather bag really is. And to be quite honest, it would be remiss not to mention the value of purchasing an Epi leather bag from the secondary market, especially if you’re not dead set on getting a newer silhouette.

Staying Power

It’s hard for me to really weigh in properly on staying power here since the Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Pont Neuf has been discontinued, and the Pont Neuf now has a different meaning altogether. However, because this shape is such a classic, I still think the bag deserves 3-stars. Not to mention, Epi leather is an iconic part of Louis Vuitton’s history, and it remains a beloved choice for handbag lovers to this day, continually produced in various shapes and colors season after season.

Overall Rating

Overall, I’m incredibly excited about having this special piece in my collection, and though it’s not the perfect bag for every day as it’s a bit larger than what I usually carry, it’s an ideal size for when I want to carry a bit more with me. Or, for when I want to feel elegant and chic for a dinner out. Epi leather is meant to last, and I look forward to being part of this bag’s second life, hopefully, one day passing it along to my future daughter or my fashion-loving niece!

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  1. C L Avatar
    C L

    This bag is really cute and unique! Great pick. And dark hair looks good on you!

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      Ah, thank you so much:) My first time ever with darker hair but I love it so far!

  2. Scribbli Avatar

    Love your outfit! Epi leather is so amazing, imho the only choice from LV ha!

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      Thank you! I already want another Epi leather bag!

  3. Thefashionableteacher Avatar

    I love the color.

  4. Passerine Avatar

    The Pont Neuf in Epi is one of the classic LV designs that definitely stands the test of time. Belgium-based Labellov gets them in on a regular basis if you’re looking for one. Even with customs duty, its prices usually come out the same or less than Fashionphile and similar. They recently had a gorgeous yellow example lined in purple suede, but it’s been sold ( https://www.labellov.com/louis-vuitton-yellow-epi-top-handle-ll02140-1 )

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      WOW that yellow/purple combo! Truly such a classic design, I will have this bag forever.

  5. seattleminimalist Avatar

    Beautiful bag and I love the color, too.

  6. psny15 Avatar

    Lovely color and style 💙

  7. Amy Liu Avatar
    Amy Liu

    I have one in red color’

  8. Donna Bowers Avatar
    Donna Bowers

    Gotta love the Epi. I love the epi blue and red and want pieces in it but the lack of crossbody is really the killer for me. My ancient Alma has the crossbody but by speedy doesn’t (even though I make it happen. These bags really hold up.

  9. Cher Avatar

    I have the Pont Neuf in poivre (taupe-y color) from the early 2000s and you can add a crossbody strap onto the inside of the handle hardware. Epi leather back then was the best, so saturated with color that it almost has a sheen to it, sturdy, smooth and durable. Epi on the newest designs these few years don’t feel the same, maybe it’s just me.

  10. bir Avatar

    note this is from the best era for epi leather, because at this point louis vuitton was still giving it a double color coating, now epi is very flat one color less attention to detail. back then you had the primary color as a back drop and then a coat of color or sheen over it giving epi a 3D effect i just love, this detail is more notable in the LV embossed in the corner where you can see the darker blue that is the same hue that the upper coat of color has in the rest of the bag. even in vintage black bags it had a graphite like over color, that was just beautiful. made epi softer too.

    note for care in this type of bag. keep a small screw driver at home and from time to time tighten the little screws on the metal hardware that connects the leather to the handles, this type of hardware was later changed on certain almas and jazmine maybe pont neuf too, because with time they would become loose and the little screws would fall off.

    other than, that amazing bag enjoy in the best of health

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      Wow, thank you for this informative little tidbit. It makes sense why I was so drawn to the vintage colors I saw on Fashionphile like the blue, green, orange, and yellow—just beautiful! I’ll keep watch on the little screws too, thanks for the heads up.

  11. Fabuleux Avatar

    Great choice! Can’t go wrong with Epi and this vintage look is just classic! ❤️

  12. Pkac Avatar

    I love everything about this article. The bag is stunning and I’m far more interested in reading about great vintage finds these days. I’ve just perused the latest prices at LV and vintage and preloved will absolutely be my focus going forward, so would love to see more reviews like this!

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      We will definitely share more vintage reviews! Thanks for the feedback. I know you’re not alone in looking to shop more pre-loved.

  13. J 9 Avatar
    J 9

    I have had this bag in cream for over 11 years and I’m still obsessed with it. Such good quality looks new. Def a classic I would never get rid of.

    1. Kaitlin Serio Avatar
      Kaitlin Serio

      The minute I took the bag out I knew it was special! A piece I’ll definitely have forever. I was truly in awe of the quality. Cream sounds lovely!

  14. Snibor Avatar

    I’ve always loved this bag. Great choice.

  15. Sharon Sakandula Avatar
    Sharon Sakandula

    I need this type a blue

  16. Mamma Vee Avatar
    Mamma Vee

    Where is the date stamp located?