Gucci’s Bamboo Bags Are a Timeless Classic to Wear Now and Forever

Now available in an array of colors and patterns just in time for the new year


Alessandro Michele has done many things while at the helm of Gucci. Still, arguably his most admirable talent is taking archival and iconic House codes and reimagining them for the modern-day. For Gucci Aria, Michele continues his focus on heritage elements refined with a contemporary sensibility. And one of the House’s most emblematic symbols, bamboo, takes center stage, remaining a mainstay since the 1940s.

Gucci Bamboo: an Iconic History

While today Gucci is one of the world’s most stylish and coveted luxury brands, at its core, the House is rooted in the pride of its craft. Tuscan artisans have been crafting Gucci Bamboo since 1947 when Gucci craftsmen developed a patented method to heat and bend bamboo in such a way that it would retain its shape once cooled. Gucci artisans have been meticulously crafting the iconic bamboo handles for generations, making a Gucci Bamboo bag one of the most timeless bags a handbag lover can buy.

Gucci Aria

And with Gucci Aria, bamboo, a material that speaks to the innovative spirit of Gucci’s heritage, is revived and reinvigorated from Michele’s perspective. There’s, of course, the newly re-launched Diana bag, but if you want a bag that’s a bit more classic, you can opt for the Small Top Handle Bag, which appears in stunning colors and patterns. There’s this bright, bold green, which is my personal favorite, and for the logo lovers, there’s this jumbo GG logo option. A detachable Gucci Web strap adds another pop of heritage while also allowing the bags to be worn on the shoulder. Classic, yet contemporary at the same time, and designed to be worn again and again, Gucci’s Bamboo bags are timeless pieces meant to be kept forever. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, these bags make the perfect long-lasting gift for that special someone.

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  1. ChicagoMM Avatar

    Probably one of the best Gucci bags.

    1. ROSE Avatar

      I totally agree!

  2. ROSE Avatar

    The black is beautiful and should be added to their classic collection.
    They should have just made this bag in black and white because in my opinion the colors cheapen it a little.

  3. Bon-bon Avatar

    The beautiful colors only add to this gorgeous bag! Now, which one….

  4. Meg L Avatar
    Meg L

    The green in the picture above looks darker and richer than the one on the product page. That’s a damn shame. I love the color above and this bag would have been #1 on my wishlist if it came in that color. If the color on the product page is correct, which seems likely since it’s more of a classic Gucci color, I’ll pass.

  5. Meg L Avatar
    Meg L

    The green above looks a lot different from the one on the product page. That’s a shame. I would have jumped on the dark, rich green but I don’t love the classic Gucci green.

  6. Robyn Avatar

    These bags are shockingly heavy for the size.

  7. Avatar

    Pretty bag. I want the mini size in black.