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After the astronomical success of the Gucci Horsebit 1955, there have been other revivals for the brand as well. We’ve seen the Gucci Jackie comeback and the next bag that Alessandro Michele is choosing to revive is the Gucci Diana Bag. I’m ready for the Gucci Diana fan club to form, because this bag has so many elements that meet my perfect bag checklist and many of you have already shared how much you love it as well.

Princess Diana with Gucci Diana

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Everything about the Gucci Diana embodies classic House design, from storied elements like the bamboo handles to the shape and to the name of the bag itself. The Gucci Diana came onto the scene in 1991 and quickly became Princess Diana’s favorite bag, which is precisely how the bag got its name. In fact, she was spotted carrying it both dressed up for more formal events to casual snaps of her leaving the gym in an outfit that can only be described as a look that everyone is trying to achieve today. The Gucci Diana was one of Lady Di’s personal favorite bags and there is a color being released that is close in color to the bag she was always spotted toting (timeless cuir is the most similar color to what Diana carried).

The re-imagined version by Alessandro Michele sports a few new key elements including the removable, neon leather belts that hug the bamboo handles. These actually serve a purpose as they are a nod to the functional bands that once came with the original bag that helped maintain the shape of the handles and ensure the handles kept their shape when exposed to humidity. This element is entirely simplistic in theory, but serves a major design nod to the functional straps once included with this contemporary design.

That small element, the neon bands, change the appearance of the Gucci Diana entirely. The tote is quite functional (especially in the larger size pictured). As we spend more time getting out and offices are opening up, this is a bag that serves both fashion and function. The interior of the larger size features a zip separator pocket in the center which breaks the bag into two areas. The front has a large open area with a zip pocket while the back has an equally as large area with an open pocket. To keep the bag contents from being seen, there is a magnetic flap top that closes the bag nicely (though wouldn’t fully prevent every item from coming out, there is a small gap area on either far end). There is also a removable and adjustable shoulder strap which makes this bag easy to carry as well. Though the bag is leather, it’s actually quite light overall, which is a big plus as well.

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Elle Fanning Gucci Diana

Elle Fanning

While many are transported back to the early 90s with this iconic shape, the timeless appeal is evident. Gucci is offering the Diana in three sizes: mini, small, and medium. There is also a variety of colors from classic hues like black, white, and a timeless cuir to more formidable offerings like emerald green, bold red, poudre light blue and light rose. The colored belts are meant to oppose the main leather color, offering a striking dichotomy, and include fluorescent yellow, pink, and orange.

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