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  • TxnGal

    4, 6, 11, 15. Gucci hasn’t wowed me until this (not a fan of what is the Marmont collection right now – to me at least they are more silly than serious). I really liked the embellished Dionysus bags, but they are too large and the chain strap is too short (not to mention I just can’t seem to get an accordion bag to work for me). The padlock bags are beautiful, but they tip over (hence the bricks inside them in the store displays). Here, I think the jacquards are gorgeous and have a bit more lasting power than the whimsical spray paint/ jewelry/ patch adorned bags.

  • Sandy

    I really like the whimsical sophistication that Allesandro pulls off. I like most is them.

  • Yukachan

    Wow, just saw the Prada show! Finally, things for younger people! Gucci is starting to be for peacock parties.

  • Yoshi1296

    Wow these are stunning!

  • Finem Lauda

    The last one!!!!!!!!!!! ;; oh my god give me

  • Nadine

    These bags are going to AGE terribly

  • Maria Johnson

    I want all that bags, are wowed and so sophisticatid :)

  • W S M

    A few of these pieces are hit and miss but you can’t fault Alessandro for bringing back maximalism in his own way. The photos almost look like closeups of paintings. I love what they’ve been able to do with the Dionysus in Pic 10. That addition of the longer chain strap makes the original chains look part of the artistic design rather than merely performing a rudimentary function. While I personally wouldn’t know how or where to wear anything Alessandro has designed, I would definitely want one or two pieces as statements to top off a more minimalist outfit.

  • Canuck65

    I know I’m in them minority here, but I think these bags are just ridiculous but then I haven’t liked the direction Gucci has taken under Michele.

  • Yazi

    I like the Chinese silk(?) bags. They’re beautiful and would be great as evening bags for a party or event.

  • Loli100

    This collection gives me an anxiety attack. It is far too busy to be practical. One would be extremely limited when pairing with outfits. It’s far too trendy and boxy to be classical pieces that will stand the test of time. Here today, outdated tomorrow. It’s a pass for me.

    • LadyB

      Thank you for that! I felt I am the only one not adoring these bags!!! ,The only people I can see pulling these bags of are twenty something heiresses, the likes of Madonna’s daughter or Paris Hilton ( or a kardashian…), with neverending funds and wardrobes….

      Thank you thank you thank you, i am not alone!! :)

  • meh

    Gucci is not stopping! Fun and luxurious all in one– that’s Italian style. Love it! Embrodiered silk and wolf heads– I’ll take then all.

  • Choogamo64

    These bags are absolutely beautiful, if I had an unlimited budget, I would procure.

  • Imgoingbroke

    The Embroidered Silk bags have my name written all over them. YES PLEASE.

  • bir

    i love Alessandro i love the way I personally can reconvert and tone down the clothes BUT HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THE 70S BEYOND GLITTER EXCESS LAST IN THE BAGS !!!! i just can’t buy bags that i know will eventually become dated this happened to me with marc jacobs at LV ……. i need innovation at gucci with a classic sense. I miss Tom Ford at gucci……

  • Can’t save $$$

    Love those collection. I would love to have few of them if I were women. But definitely will buy 1 for my GF for sure. Would be great to see her to carry for the event and special function. Funky and so cool design. Love them heaps! Cheers.

  • Casey

    These are all super beautiful, if you look at them from a purely aesthetic standpoint and not based on practicality. I hope you guys realize that Gucci still makes plain bags, they’re just not gonna put a canvas tote on the runway…

  • Gia

    Gucci is not getting of my hard earned $$$

  • Jhair

    I think mostly of the bags are made to be the star of an entire outfit, most of them would look really good in a total black combination

  • Nicole Spruill

    Alessandro has finally given a breath of fresh air to a house that was overlooked and stale in its recent past. The textures the fabrics, the lines; this is couture! This is Marie Antoinette had she lived in the 60s, 70s, and 80s! I cried when I watched the show it was just heart stopping. He is pushing the envelope on what we think an older design house should look like. Look at Nicolas Ghesquiere LV Cruise 2017 collection, not as expressive as Alessandro’s SS17 BUT playful, chic and modern as it should be. I would say the same for Fendi’s fashion week collection, people are knocking it, saying it looks like hello kitty or like spoiled (little) rich girl stuff. Why cant we have bags that are expressive, why do they always have to be in black, white, beige, greige, etc. Go buy a Birkin or Chanel Flap if you want a “classic” buy Gucci if you want to be present right now in this beautiful, divine, and excessive moment in fashion history.

    • Monica

      Totally right!! I agree.