Alessandro Michele was promoted from head accessories designer to creative director at Gucci just before the Fall 2015 collection was set to debut. Many eagerly awaited the debut of Gucci’s new direction, and Michele did not disappoint; his debut was full of 70s glamor and relaxed luxury.

We were intrigued to see what the former accessories designer would do with when it came to the handbags, and Michele chose to introduce one new runway bag and offer a variety of options. The Gucci Dionysus bag is the brand’s biggest bag of Fall 2015, and we took some photos of our favorite versions of this new design to give you a closer look.

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag, $2,400 via Gucci

With his deep understanding of the archives, Alessandro Michele created the Dionysus to combine a peek at the past with a new touch. The bag features GG Supreme Canvas with the standout tiger head spur closure. The bag is finished with a sliding chain strap that can be worn multiple ways, easily transitioning between shoulder bag and top handle.

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Print Shoulder Bag, $2,400 via Gucci

Above, you see the Blooms print, which was a common theme in the collection. This version of the bag is my favorite; it provides a feminine touch that breaks up the GG Supreme Canvas, which flows into the antique rose suede detail that peeks out. The Blooms print starts on the top right hand corner of the bag and carries over to the entire back. The rose suede detail is a stunning hue, and the bag feels sexy and playful all at once.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag, $2,900 via Gucci

While printed canvas isn’t typically my go-to, I’ve found the finished product to be beyond beautiful. Gucci knows how to combine its monogram and change it up to make it modern and lust-worthy. Each bag has either suede or python trim on the flap closure and sides of the bag.

One of the reasons I’ve been such an avid Gucci fan over the years is both the outside and inside of the bags are beautiful and well-thought out, and that continues with the Dionysus. The interior of the bag has a zip center compartment, which gives it three areas: one zip and two open, all lined in GG canvas and suede.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag, $3,400 via Gucci

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag, $3,400 via Gucci

Another standout of the bunch is the Gucci Dionysus bee-embroidered bag, for which Gucci artisans used brass thread wrapped in silk, hand-embroidered the bee on to a panel of silk and then applied it to the front of the bag. The combination stands out and grabs your eye immediately, offering a very playful and nature-filled touch to the bag.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Bee Embroidered Bag, $3,400 via Gucci

The Dionysus comes in two sizes. The larger size is 12″W x 8″H x 4″D, while the smaller has dimensions of 11″W x 7″H x 3.5″D. I like both of the sizes because neither fells too big or too small when it comes to carrying a bag for daily use; which one you choose depends on your personal needs and preferences.

The major difference between the two sizes is the large shows more of the tri-fold gusset on the side of the bag, while the small bag looks like the interior is just one compartment, though there are three areas in the small bag as well. The larger size also offers a slim slide pocket on the back of the bag, which I always adore.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag,

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag, $2,250 via Gucci

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag,

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag, $2,250 via Gucci

The antiqued silver hardware compliments the earthy vibe of the bag really nicely, and I love the spur closure. Another nice touch that Gucci offers is complimentary personalization: Dionysus bags can be accented with your initials on the interior leather trim to create a special heirloom, free of charge.

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag, $2,900 via Gucci

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Python Shoulder Bag, $2,900 via Gucci

Gucci may be under new leadership and moving in a new direction, but I like where it’s going. Gucci Dionysus proves Michel’s understanding of the brand and its customers, melding a touch of the past with a present day sense of allure and beauty. The bags are all available via and range in price from $2,100 to $3,400.

Gucci Dionysus GG Bags

Gucci Dionysus Bags, purchase via Gucci


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  • Stina Sias

    This is so beautiful!

    I don’t know a better way to reach out to you and ask this but I would love if you did some coverage on the Loewe Puzzle, I am intrigued and want to know more :)

    • Will totally cover the Loewe Puzzle bag for you!

      Glad you like this post! Aren’t the pictures lovely (clearly I am biased!!)?!

      • Stina Sias

        It is a beautiful bag, I loved seeing all the variants :) Thanks for all you do!

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  • Nene

    Loved the photos and love Gucci. Will be shopping for Gucci in Italy. Any hints regarding shopping abroad?

    • No major hints other than to make sure to get the forms to get your VAT (tax) back when you come back to the US!

      Which bags are you interested in?

    • Sparky

      To get an idea of the price difference before you go, do a quick online price comparison. Go to the Gucci site and check prices on the US site then switch your location to “Italy” and note the Euro prices. I don’t know if the online prices in Europe include VAT. I have a currency converter widget on my computer for easy calculations in multiple currencies.

      Some brands have very little price difference while others are huge. There is a HUGE price difference between Valentino in the USA and Europe. Using this price comparison model I discovered a lock bag that’s $2300 in the USA is about $1700 in Europe.

  • Megs I love the floral one too. I kinda think I need it thanks to you!

  • Sarah

    Great pix Vlad!! I love the floral one too, adding it to my lust-list. Thanks guys!!

  • kindled

    I think this bag is lovely and I’d love to see one that’s all leather/no logo, too.

  • C

    Were you able to see them in person? Are they heavy? They’re lovely bags (even despite my aversion to the canvas logo print), but they also look heavy empty.

    • Jerri R

      Yes the metal clasp alone looks heavy.

      • BabyDietrich

        I tried them at the boutique & did not feel they were heavy at all!

    • I had these bags for a week to play with them – they are not as heavy as some may think, I actually thought it was pretty comfortable. I’d say the strap was similar to a Chanel Boy bag if that helps with reference at all

  • Sparky

    I don’t understand why designers keep revisiting the 70’s for inspiration. I can only assume they were not born until AFTER the 70’s. I grew up in the 70’s and believe me – there was nothing “glamorous” about it: Roller disco. Leg warmers. Richard Simmons. Leisure suits. Pet rocks. Sideburns. Debby Boone. The Hustle…. eeeew.

    • Antonia

      It’s the 70’s with a modern take. Leg warmers were popular in the 80’s, so was Richard Simmons-LOL!

      • Sparky

        late 70’s early 80’s crossover.

    • Lily

      I seriously doubt Leisure Suits will ever come back. However, the 70’s do offer some nice inspiration for accessories. Equestrian style purses are classic, as long as they do not have bulky exterior pockets.

    • Pet rocks!! Now why wouldn’t you want that to come back?! ;)

  • Violet

    The photos are lovely, no doubt. But a few weeks ago, I saw these bags in person during a business trip to Hong Kong. I cannot explain why, but I did not feel compelled to even go near it, even after multiple visits to the store! I saw it from afar as I entered the shop. I knew it was new but for some reason the clasp threw me off. It looked so fancy. I immediately assumed it was something that will look dated easily; and something I would not wear often.

    Instead of eyeing these up close, I made a beeline for the disco bags. They have about eight colors and display, side by side and I really spent my time holding and modeling different colored Disco bags in the stores I went to.

    This is just my experience. I felt that the photos are far more “wow” than the actual in-store impact.

    • You can’t go wrong with a Disco bag!! So many colors and it is a personal favorite bag of mine!

      • GOUGOU

        Indeed, and the new Marmot wallet on a chain / clutch is also ideal for when small pieces take on big roles. We now need to push more fragrance brands to create even smaller bottles for travel or disco bags…

  • Naleesha

    I’m usually a big fan of Gucci and under Frida Giannini it was one of my favorite brands. I was pretty excited about the appointment of Alessandro as creative director, but when I went into my local boutique to have a look I was severely disappointed. The bags don’t look very special in my opinion, they don’t seem very sophisticated and I preferred the Frida’s elegant version of Gucci over Alessandro’s over embellished vision. I know some people like it but it’s just not for me…

  • I understand where they are coming from. This is an attempt to renew the Gucci heritage whilst adding the embellishments which are doing the rounds everywhere. Regrettably this doesn’t come off and the result is rather like putting lipstick on a (very) old sow. Why couldn’t they come up with something completely new with subtle reminders of their storied past? These bags look like the interns have been let loose in the design studio!

    • GOUGOU

      SS16 has really resurrected the original codes of Gucci and its iconography. The collection did not disappoint, and lots of great new bags will bring Gucci to the new direction it is craving.

      Alessandro Michele is a genuinely intelligent and driven creature who will morph and transform Gucci into the phoenix of fashion, rather than just a butterfly from its Chrysalis.

      If we look at his progression at only (just over) six months in the role, his frolic through the 70s; his love of Gucci’s history – and his take on craftsmanship… we are about to see a true star in the making.

      Gucci is set to soar! I am loving this more than Frida, whose work I also preferred over Tom Ford… Gucci is a European brand, and only an Italian creative director can truly give it the sense of “La Dolce Vita” that it truly needs.

      Warm, Mediterranean passion and luxury will truly justify the means to the end of these collections, and beyond.

      If anything, the embellishment of the latest collections serves to further justify Michele’s respect and love of nature. The Bee, in particular in Greco-Roman history symbolises nature; life; productivity; energy and strength… we are being shown that these values truly underpin the resurrection of the Gucci brand.


      PS – I get very verbose and passionate about bags and fashion, so I apologise about this “essay” that i have let loose. :)

  • guest

    These are gorgeous pictures but I don’t like a single thing about this handbag. I think I’m truly in the minority because I think it’s downright ugly.

  • ECooper

    I think this bag is gorgeous. I especially like the Bee one. I like everything about the style and it seems to have versatility in the way you could carry it. It does look heavy though. Do you know if the Bee comes in the smaller size?

    • It isn’t as heavy as it appears at all. I played with all of the bags and they are much lighter than I thought it would be. I don’t believe the Bee comes in a smaller size, but the floral one does!

  • laura

    Lovely pictures but I’m not impressed with the bags.

  • Love all of them. Is the canvas coated? Gucci won’t clean my vintage web boston so I don’t think I’ll be doing any more canvas unless it is coated.

    • These are coated canvas!

      • I’m so excited! Love the one with the Blooms print!

      • Daisy Fields

        That’s awesome! I only do coated canvas.

      • GOUGOU

        … not to mention that they “ghost monogram” the suede panel with up to two initials, to really create the sense of personal pleasure. My little baby is heading up to the Sydney store (a whole 700 miles away)- to be monogrammed, and truly his daddy’s boy… especially since we both share GG initials.

    • GOUGOU

      … One of my SA’s at Gucci told me to ever-so-gently use a pencil eraser to help restore a cleaner finish and lightly remove stains from the web. Gentle strokes being the operative word.

  • Imgoingbroke

    As per usual, Vlad, exceptionally nice pictures and you nailed the lighting. I tried on the Dionysus Bloom a couple of weeks ago at the Gucci Boutique in Bloomingdales. It is stunning in person, and on your shoulder. Nothing about Dionysus Bloom looks 70’s, I don’t understand why people are saying that. It’s not heavy either. The buckle is substantial but not heavy. It’s not an everyday bag, but it sure is gorgeous.

    • I think people should see this bag in person to really get an idea of what it is like. The bag looks like it could be heavy, but it isn’t heavy and it is striking in person.

      I think the photos are stunning, glad you like them too!

    • GOUGOU

      The idea behind the Dionysus, just like the Chanel Boy bag; the Miss Dior; the Chanel Flap bag, amongst more famous counterparts – is that you can wear it as an everyday bag. It is all about choosing accessories to either blend in, or stand out.

      Since i bought my Dionysus, I struggle to want to use any of the other bags in my collection, and that is a major comment.

      It truly can go with everything, and can be seen as a neutral (depending on the suede trim) – just a the classic Monogram from LV can work with practically anything…

      It is all open to interpretation, and we should feel empowered to write the rules….

  • W S M

    I really want to like it but something is throwing me off. Perhaps, the proportions of the larger bags? I just don’t know.

    • Thanks for the compliments on the photos – I think Vlad did an amazing job too!

      • W S M

        I can’t wait to see future shoots! :D

        Have you see the Arabesque Dionysus? I’m trying to recover, they look so beautiful!

  • chris

    I think you should cover Loewe because JW Anderson is a big influencer. Also Loewe needs it’s own forum.

  • BabyDietrich

    I don’t know, I don’t normally like Gucci bags, especially their canvas bags- but I like these. Especially python one. I would buy that. I love the tiger head clasp.

    And yes! Beautiful photos!! ;)

    • The python one is gorgeous. There is something that Alessandro did here that combined the monogram and a new-age touch in an ideal way :)

  • Jdii Mughal

    you have nice
    collections please chekout our Handbags collections.

  • Immodest Goddess

    I’ve never been a big fan of Gucci but must admit these look beautiful, unique and seem surprisingly versatile. This may be the update my wardrobe’s been needing.

    • Which one do you like best?

      • Immodest Goddess

        Surprisingly, the python, even though I loathe anything snakelike so I would never buy it. But to be honest, I like them all you know. The more I look at these, the lovelier they seem. I’m intrigued by the bee!

      • The bee is outstanding in person!!

  • Pookie

    They won with this bag – it’s really gorgeous in the suedes they did for men. You should post it on man bag Monday :)

  • Giselle

    I really like the bag design and shape, does it come in leather?


    I am totally blown away by Micehle’s work for Gucci. As a huge fan of the now ex-creative director, Frida Giannini – it was time to see with bated breath what would become of one of my favourite brands.

    Michele did not disappoint. He artfully melds house codes in such a modern, timeless and spectacular manner, it is becoming all-consuming, and the only thing I can talk about!!!!

    I purchased the Dionysus yesterday, and I am obsessed. It is the second Gucci bag in five days. (I recently purchased the Marmont wallet on a chain/clutch in red just a few days before…)

    I now have 155 bags in my collection, and the Dionysus is far and away one of my absolutely favourite pieces, if not, THE favourite.

    Next, I want (and have reserved) the upcoming “Webby” in Brown leather.

    Sigh, the agony of waiting. ????????????????

  • Newyorking

    Ugly as sin. I hate dull monograms and the Dionysus is too bulky and doesn’t work. The shapes are not at all feminine. Ugh, I hate it.

  • josephine
  • Anamaria

    I’m wondering if the Dionysus bag is an everyday bag Why is there so much suede? I know suede is in trend but surely suede isn’t for everday. I was in the verge of buying the canvas with the taupe suede combo but holding out for a canvas and plain leather combo for durability because from what I know suede bags look worse for wear after a short period of constant wear. I can’t believe I’m saying I want canvas…I LOATHE canvas including anything from LV (please don’t shoot me ) bu something about the Dionysus has me sold! Gucci do the canvas with leather soon please !!!! Lol.

  • stephanie houston

    The Dionysus bag that Beyonce wore is sold out EVERYWHERE but I have one that I am parting with. Check it out on ebay if you are interested!