Part of the idea of Want it Wednesday is writing about things that are either super expensive, unattainable, or something I would typically not buy (for a variety of other reasons). For example, Victoria Beckham’s crocodile Birkin is way out of my budget and probably very hard to track down, but I covered it and still dream about it.

This week’s Want it Wednesday brings a tote that I would not ordinarily buy myself with a bikini that I absolutely adore. With summer arriving on our doorsteps, all I can think about is bikinis and beach-y bags. So here is my latest installment, with a Fendi bag and Poko Pano Bikini.

My first item is the Poko Pano Cabana Bikini. Let me tell you something, a white bikini is very flattering on most people. Even if you aren’t tan, you appear to have a tan when you wear a stark white bikini. Not to mention it feels very Bond Girl-esque. I love love love this simple yet glamorous design especially because of the twisted bandeau top. This means less tan lines while wearing a really feminine and sexy suit. I fell in love with so many suits at All Wet Beachwear, this being one. Buy for $150.

Best news is all readers can receive 10% off All Wet Beachwear‘s collection of swimwear with the coupon code: AWBPB10. Enter at check-out. Offer ends May 10, 2010.

Next we have the Fendi Twins Woven Raffia Shopper. Welcome back this Fendi bag, we have covered it twice already. I still cannot say that I want to buy it, especially for the price. But if we were talking about being in the realm of having tons of money to spend, this would look amazing with any beachy summer outfit or even by a pool. Buy through Net A Porter for $2,560.

Oh yeah, I would also like the model’s body for my Want it Wednesday last request. Hey, it was worth a shot!

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  • I would like to skip the bag and the bikini and take the model’s abs. :-D

    • BLynnT

      I second that notion, but until that happens, I will say I love love love the bikini. I am always afraid to wear white, but it looks gorgeous! Hopefully it has a decent lining so it’s not see-through!

      • I asked lastly for her body, namely her abs as well.

        BLynn – I had a white suit a few years ago that was PERFECT and it never was see-thru at all.

    • Mary

      Let me join the chorus-the models body is amazing!

      • Tiff Chao

        Her lack of a stomach was the first thing I noticed, then the bag, then the suit.

      • Natalie

        Agreed with Tiff’s statement too…the bellybutton looks funny to me. Weird airbrushing effect?

      • MizzJ

        Maybe? I would first want her body, then that whole outfit. Skip the bag haha. Is it just me, or is this ad very Gucci more than Fendi?

  • sofia nolan

    pretty tote, and gorgeous swimming suit!

  • Alana

    Love that suit!!! The bag is pretty but too expensive

  • Maryann

    The bod and the bikini yes! The bag, only if it were a present.

    Thanks for the discount All Wet Beachwear!! (fb)

  • Mici vanterpool

    Love the tote looks highly useful and worth the buy.

  • faith24

    i could never wear a strapless bikini for the fear of malfunction :) white is definitely a great choice for a swimsuit, though!

  • Jane

    I adore that bikini, I never thought about buying a white bathing suit, but I think this year is the year. Oh yes I would like to also take the models abs. (fb)

  • Natalie

    Throw a colorful scarf in the mix and I’m all for this outfit! (fb)

  • Mochababe73

    I want to lose 50 pounds just so I could get into the bikini. If not, a great MJ Stam Bag to hid the extra weight.

  • dguerrero3

    Since it is “Want it Wednesday” then I would love all three in no particular order – the Fendi tote, the white bikini & the models body…(fb)

  • agnes

    il est magnifique ce maillot de bain

  • Alex

    I sell the POKO PANO Collection summer 2010!!! I have this bikini, so gorgeous!!!!!!
    Contact me if you are interested!!

    Thanks ;)

  • Jocelyn

    It’s not my style. (fb)

  • louis vuitton knockoffs

    I think bag is according to her standard. I will also buy it despite of its cost

  • Jane H.

    I’m no expert but is that bag Photoshopped in? It looks like it’s been slapped together with the rest of the photo with scissors and glue for some reason. Very awkward…

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    The bikini doesn’t make the bag any better IMO. (ipad)

  • Gavin Whitcombe

    WHAT BAG??????