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UPDATE: The Highly Anticipated FENDACE Launch is Here!

Hold on to your wallets, FENDACE launches today!


The swap. It happened when the world began to open up, and friends were able to reunite after so much time apart. The FENDACE collection celebrates just that—friendship, togetherness, and ultimately, love. This unique partnership between two iconic Italian fashion houses, Fendi and Versace, made waves when the collection was introduced back in September. Today, we’ve got another new look at the collection, which just launched! Get your wallets ready; this one is really good!

FENDACE Launches Now 2
FENDACE Launches Now 4


Described as a unique moment in fashion, and it really is, this collection is more than just a collaboration. It’s an exchange of creative roles, perspectives, and brand codes. A new campaign shot by famed photographer Steven Meisel further explores what this collection means, capturing the same sense of energy and friendship Kim Jones and Donatella Versace had when designing the collection.

“It’s a swap rather than a collaboration and, most of all, it is done out of friendship. It is the beauty of togetherness after time apart and a celebration of women who have inspired me so much.” Kim Jones

Fendace is fierce, fabulous, and fun. Glamourous images ooze this very vibe, showcasing RTW, handbags, and accessories from the collection. Looks from the collection truly convey a shared vision. Prints are bold, bright, and emotive, and each House’s logos are fully embraced and incorporated into the collection.

Styles like the Peekaboo and Baguette combine Fendi’s most iconic House staples with Versace’s boldness, while the La Medusa marries the Fendi FF logo with Versace’s core DNA. Each piece, and the handbags specifically, are a clear statement of the collection’s vision to create special designs that also pay respect to each House’s history and core DNA.

Fendace launched today, May 12 through a series of pop-ups and events worldwide. These special pop-ups will be the only place to shop the collection in its entirety. In boutiques, the collections will be split, with Fendi presenting the VERSACE BY FENDI collection, and Versace showcasing FENDI BY VERSACE. Discover more below.

Shop FENDACE via Fendi and via Versace now!

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  1. Gloria Avatar

    I usually dislike collaboration and will probably not purchase anything from this collection however, I do feel like both houses mesh well together. This collection reflects both houses quite well

  2. Carrie K Avatar
    Carrie K

    This is a big nope for me and the funny thing is, I think Fendi & Versace has been putting out amazing collection recently!!

  3. Thefashionableteacher Avatar

    I love that baguette!

  4. Gayle Avatar

    Pass on the bags but il take the dress in picture 3

  5. Cher Avatar

    The patterns are dizzying but somehow they work on the simple silhouettes?!

  6. Braeden Avatar

    Finally! I can’t wait!!!

  7. MissC Avatar

    They can keep it

  8. Laura W Avatar
    Laura W

    I love this collab. I think the Fendi tones the Versace down just a touch. Its a nice meshing of fashion houses.

  9. Maureen Avatar

    It’s a beautiful collection! I love how the designs just work together. The peekaboo bag is absolutely stunning!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  10. Yep Avatar

    Looks awful. It’s the worst of both brands. Usually, Fendi is really beautiful and elegant. This looks like Miami-gone-wrong.

  11. psny15 Avatar

    i like it more than i dislike it

  12. Olivia Penzey Avatar
    Olivia Penzey

    I LOVE it! They did a great job incorporating both houses’ aesthetics. The jewelry is cool.

  13. Carrie K Avatar
    Carrie K

    I already saw a lady carried the sunshine tote with the pink Fendi print in NYC today. It’s not really my style but it’s very eye catching!

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    Download Manuals

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  15. Julia Avatar

    I don’t like noisy looking clothes, but I love this collection…

  16. Gia Avatar

    Love it!! Bought some pcs and very excited to wear them.

  17. Vivilo Avatar

    I looked forward to this collection and picked up a few pieces I’m excited to wear. I do think the way the collection is featured with the combination of rtw and accessories can be too much for the eyes. For me it will come down to how I wear my pieces separately (I’m a pretty simple dresser anyway) otherwise I think it’s too extra 😂