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Fendi Partners With Versace on FENDACE Collection

A look at bags from this unprecedented ‘partnership’

Don’t call it a collaboration.

Two powerhouse luxury Italian Fashion Houses have joined forces in a move that is not quite commonplace just yet, but that has been done before (it seems like just yesterday we were introducing you all to GUCCIAGA). Official language for the collection, dubbed Fendace, stated that the partnership is not a collaboration; rather, it’s a marrying of creative minds. A creative dialogue stemming from friendship and a true, mutual professional respect between designers from both Houses.

Fendace is presented as two collections, wherein Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi swapped roles with Donatella Versace. Jones and Venturini Fendi present their take on Versace while Donatella Versace interprets her vision of Fendi. Iconic elements of both Houses are seen throughout, and VERSACE BY FENDI explores the idea of opposition, marrying Fendi’s FF Monogram with Versace’s classic Grecian motifs and storied Medusa symbol.

Meanwhile, FENDI BY VERSACE takes on a punk-rock aesthetic, featuring Versace’s safety pins melded with Fendi’s House signs and symbols. Chain mail juxtaposes with lace and crystal while denim and shearling add a more playful, rebellious feel. Iconic silhouettes like the Fendi Baguette, Peekaboo, and the Versace Medusa are seen throughout. View bags from the collections below.


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