Fendi pairs sassy with classy for a powerful and super chic bag. In fact, it speaks to me so much that I seriously want it. The last time I seriously wanted a Fendi bag was a long time ago, I actually have not purchased a Fendi bag since my Spy, which was a good 4 years ago. But now I am sitting here finding myself looking at a massive array of Fendi Peekaboo bags and getting a true and serious handbag itch. I assure you we will cover many more of the Peekaboo versions, but the one I want to share with you all right now is the Fendi Leopard-Lined Peekaboo.

I only have one qualm with the bag that will hold me back from buying it (aside from the fact that I have been trying, without avail, to cut back my bag shopping habit). The faded tan stripe down the center of the bag distracts me. It almost appears like the bag was folded over and the crease got dirty. I have seen Fendi use this on a few of the Peekaboo designs and I personally just do not get it. But if we took that stripe out, I am sold.

The body of the bag is made of milk (off white) leather. I love that hue. It is white, but not. More of a creamy, warm hue of white, hence it is called milk. And then the peekaboo part of the bag is the leopard-print haircalf lining. How wicked is that?! Fendi found a way to incorporate the inside of this hit bag to the outside world. And rather than overpower you with a total leopard print bag, Fendi just has it peeking through and set against milk leather. This is so me. So me minus that stripe. Maybe if I saw it in person I would be more forgiving, but I just find it distracting. Pre-order through Saks for $3,500.

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