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  • twoturntables

    Does anyone know the coat that Jada is wearing?

    • Sparkletastic

      It’s stunning? Isn’t it. Far more interesting than the little boring grey bag.

    • Karina

      Looks like a Maxmara coat to me. I agree it looks fab!

  • Maya

    L.O.V.E Jada’s Margiela bag!!!

  • Smithy

    Thank you Iggy’s bag for reminding me that I need to make an appointment for a bikini wax.

    • lmao!

    • Sparkletastic

      ???????????? LOL!

  • Sandy

    Thank you for the laugh!

  • c.Miller

    It looks like the women behind Amanda is wearing a Pandora as well! LOL

    • Sara

      I noticed that too! Lol

  • Love Fendi . And the Chanel velvet bag.

  • oui

    Forget the Pandora.
    What’s in that humungous La Duree bag? My sweet tooth covets it!

    • Jerri R

      Was thinking the exact same thing :)

  • W S M

    Can anyone id Margot’s sunglasses?

  • Marianne Mattson Paloncy

    Anyone have any idea about Neelam’s necklace?