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And our most serious Hermès devotees present a small parade of Birkins

Spring 2018 bags begin to filter into the mix

Also, are Birkins best for concealing baby bumps?

Bag Bugs have left a lasting impression on the industry

What can’t you stuff into a designer duffel?

But you won’t understand my brilliant wordplay until you click through

One Kardashian’s rainbow Birkin collection

Also, we have a multiple mystery bag situation inside

Plus: Check out this funky new style from JW Anderson

Their bags are no worse for the wear

Not to mention their sunglasses game, which was on point this week

Prepare yourself for some premium mid-week celebrity fanciness. You might have phoned it in today, fashion-wise, but on the internet, celebrities are eternally dressed to impress. There’s always an occasion to celebrate: a birthday, dining …