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  • Fawcett Proust

    That Olympia Le-Tan is stunning.

  • Kate

    Good grief, the new Dior bags are so ugly. I just can’t find anything redeemable whatsoever about them.

    • Irene

      That pattern is a redo from the early 2000’s.
      Not much effort or creativity on their part imo. Wonder if they think nobody would notice? Or if they even care

      • TheModMazza

        Apparently, the early 2000’s are now considered vintage/retro…. *eyeroll*

  • Kristen

    the mini bag trend is over

    • Sara


  • Smithy

    I have spent so much money over the years on bags. This was an obsession of mine for quite some time and when I think of the thousands of dollars wasted, I am ashamed. Sure they’re fun to look at (that’s why I’m here) but I am so glad to be over the hump of having to have a great bag. It helps that I now live in a major city without a car and public transportation does not lend itself to carrying around an expensive bag.

    • Monica

      I’m in the same stage now. I decided to finish the collection when I’ll have all color nas sizes. But it is still sth new and sexy…

    • Sara

      I get you. Your wallet is safe when you realize that the bags you have in your wardrobe or the ones you have previously owned are nicer than anything else in the shops and online.

  • FashionableLena

    Love the Dior in the vintage monogram. I’m surprised to see the bags in slides 3 and 5. Are they the Best of the Most Ridiculous?

  • Sara

    Love the Longchamp

  • Irene

    Not usually of fan of Longchamp but this one could sway me to become one

  • tbestes

    Love the Longchamp bag. Details on when it will be available?

  • superb trendy bags

  • alice

    curious this coming back to the old logo (Dior 9, really awful). They said not much time ago the logo was cheap, it was for poor and now look at all this coming back to the logo!

  • Dave

    Great bags!!!! Loewe Midnight bags in different sizes are amazing and desirable.

  • Imgoingbroke

    I am digging that Lanvin black python a lot. Must find out more about it.

  • vrgal0813

    Did you say the WORST bags of the week?! Except for the LV and the blue Valentino, the bags are so ugly. Wow!

  • Sparkletastic

    If th de are the best, my wallet is VERY safe this season. Just no.

  • chae

    I am not a fan of neither mini nor big bag trend. Balenciaga’s extremely large bag is just utterly hideous.

  • Conz

    Love that Valentino and Dior!

  • Diana Moulder

    I’m loving the Longchamp. Can’t wait to see in other colors. Never jumped on the mini bag train and really glad that train has left the station!

  • mary

    when is that Longchamp will be available to us peasants?