I’m so relieved that Alexander McQueen (the brand) will continue to function after the death of Alexander McQueen (the man). He was a visionary, and his legacy deserves to be continued in the wake of his passing. By all indications, the McQueen clothing and accessories that we will see in the near future owe a considerable debt to the founder’s aesthetic, just as it should be.

Skull clutches have been a McQueen accessory signature for some time, and the brand looks to continue that tradition with the Alexander McQueen Union Jack Stud Clutch. Skulls, studs and Anglophilia were all motifs which McQueen embraced, and if this bag is any indication, they’re not going anywhere in the brand’s forthcoming work.

Before we go any further, however, it’s worth mentioning that the clutch in this photo appears to be damaged. Samples undergo a higher amount of stress and abuse than the average bag, but it still strikes me as odd that Neiman Marcus would photograph a damaged bag to be featured on their website, thereby possibly exacerbating whatever quality control concerns one may have when buying bags online and sight unseen.

From a design perspective, though, I really love this iteration of the skull clutch. The color combination of cream and gold is classic and a bit regal, but the twinkling skull eyes and punk motif create a nice aesthetic juxtaposition to any perceived conventionality. We may have seen a lot of studded bags lately, but the use of multi-sized studs to create a larger whole keeps the design fresh. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1495.

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